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Produced by Russ Kirkland

Original line-up:

David C. Brown    - Drums
Kerwin Hickey     - Guitar
Kristy Hickley       - Vocals
Dennis Roberts    - Bass
Glenn Winslow     - Keys

This ain't the URGENT that released 2 albums. This also ain't the URGENT that released 1 album. This is the American female fronted URGENT that released 1 mini-LP in the mid 80s. The mini-LP contains 5 tracks and starts with "Not ashamed of love". Right away you can hear that the weak point with this band is the female vocalist Kristy Hickley. Her voice makes it sounds so weak, because musically this song is a nice uptempo 80s poprocker like SCANDAL. But vocally it is far below the level of SCANDAL.

Following track "No secrets" is midtempo poprock, nothing special. "Hand from heaven" closes side-A, this song is pompy AOR with some nice keyboards. Side-B starts with "I don't run". This is one of the better songs on this average mini-LP. "I don't run" is uptempo aor/poprock like ZZYZX, SCANDAL and early PAT BENATAR. Closing track of the mini-LP is "Counting the days", an average poprocker like ELLEN SHIPLEY at her worst songs (she only had a few bad songs on her debut).

Concluded, you can easily forget about this URGENT. Only interested for the die-hard fan of female-fronted rock.
(Points: 6.5 out of 10)

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