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Speaking of obscure AOR/Pomprockbands. This band released one very hard to get LP in 1980. Do not confuse this old TOUR DE FORCE with the same named American band that released two wonderful AOR/Melodic rock CDs during the mid 90s.

There are 7 songs on 'Dreams of rock'n'roll'. The music is very much in the Pomprockstyle of STYX during the late 70s, while also influences of other bands are clearly notable. The LP starts with "Tour de force", a pure late 70s Pomprocker like SPY crossed with STYX. Next track "Revenge" is even more Pomprock, with a lot of great synthesizers and this song reminds me of ROADMASTER and some BLUEBEARD.

"Cosmic sleuth" is very 70s Pomprock a la STYX, nice song though. "We're a rock'n' roll band" is simpler ANGEL influenced 70s Rock'n'roll, with not much Pomp influences. Side-B has some good and bas surprises. The good news is the song "I refuse to call you names". This is pure Pomprock. The keys at the start (and in fact the whole song) is in the style of bands like LE ROUX, SUGARCREEK, ROADMASTER and also like our new discovery PEACE AND QUIET. A killer song of Pomprockfreaks.

But side-B also features a filler in the shape of "You're the one", which has nothing to do with Pomprock. This song is 60s influenced and reminds me of BEATLES/KINKS. Happily, closing track "The storm" makes it up, because this is an epic Pomp/Progressive Rocksong a la STYX. A very long song that has a lot of breaks and is split up in 4 parts. A dream if you have bought (and of course liked) the latest album of Canadian Progressive Pomprockers MYSTERY.

Concluded, this album is a collector's item and very hard to get. But very much worth to look for if you're into STYX. Only not as good as that band, still nice to listen to. Negative points are that there are not many songs on the LP, including two songs that have nothing to do with Pomprock. So, you can also take this release as a mini-LP release.

(Points: 8.0 out of 10)

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