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  1.        Forever  Kiss
  2.        No easy way out Robert Tepper
  3.        I see you in everyone Survivor
  4.        Love isn't easy The Storm
  5.        Don't you know what love is  Touch
  6.        You don't want me  Franke and the Knockouts
  7.        Lovesaver Stingray
  8.        I can't hold back Survivor
  9.        Hard heart to break Mark Free
10.        I don't wanna lose you I-Ten
11.        Hold the line Toto
12.        Heart over mind Van Stephenson
13.        More than words can say Alias
14.        Dyin' for your love Mark Free
15.        The search is over Survivor
16.        This could be the night Loverboy
17.        Sound of a breaking heart Prophet
18.        Only make believe Intruder
19.        Look at what you got Drive She Said
20.        Could this be love Signal
21.        Open up your heart Preview
22.        When you close your eyes Night Ranger
23.        Sidelines Arc Angel
24.        High on you Survivor
25.        Can you hear me calling? FM
26.        Tell me what to do Wrabit
27.        Three nights running  Harlan Cage
28.        Someday you'll come   
             running to me 
Mark Free
29.        You made me believe Beau Coup
30.        Above and beyond  Fake ID
31.        Set you free Safire
32.        You've got to believe in love Van Zant
33.        You're gonna miss me The Storm
34.        Carrie why? Franke and the Knockouts
35.        Hard to love Harem Scarem
36.        When I'm with you Sheriff
37.        Tears in the night Valentine
38.        Thrill of it all Fortune
39.        You're my girl Franke and the Knockouts
40.        Seperate ways Journey
41.        Does it feel like love FM
42.        Spark and flame From The Fire
43.        Waiting for love Alias
44.        With a little love Harem Scarem
45.        Popular girl  Survivor
46.        Crossfire Avalon
47.        I belong to the night FM
48.        Surrender Agent
49.        In good faith Survivor
50.        Into the night Dakota
51.        Can't hold on forever Bernie LaBarge
52.        In the night Autograph
53.        Love you one more time Under Fire
54.        When you love someone Sunshine Jive
55.        Tonight Franke and the Knockouts
56.        Too many crossfires Thrills
57.        One more chance Alias
58.        Someday Roadmaster
59.        How much love Survivor
60.        What ya doing tonight? The Storm
61.        The one that really matters Survivor
62.        Breakdown Stingray
63.        Danger zone Tane Cain
64.        All night Preview
65.        Think of me Message
66.        Running away Thrills
67.        Rebel son Survivor
68.        You're all that really matters Franke and the Knockouts
69.        Smile for the camera Donna Cristy
70.        Nothing could stand in your 
71.        Jackie don't go Survivor
72.        Hearts on the loose Intruder
73.        Annie Tandym
74.        All the time China Sky
75.        Hard fall Stone Soup
76.        Crazy without you Sheriff
77.        The dream that died FM
78.        Where are you now? Roxus
79.        Breakin' my heart Network
80.        Only you Shy
81.        Crying Jeff Paris
82.        Surrender Norway
83.        Maybe I'm dreaming Ron Bolten Band
84.        Someone like you David Roberts
85.        When God came down Faith Nation
86.        Now or never Axe
87.        Why don't you make it easy Thrills
88.        Endlessly Joe Lynn Turner
89.        Hold on to love The Promise
90.        Let me be the one Witness
91.        Suzanne Network
92.        I don't wanna see you Michael Morales
93.        American girls FM
94.        When I look into your eyes Firehouse
95.        Give it a chance Thrills
96.        Another love Frontline
97.        Reason to live Kiss
98.        Watching your moves Toys Of Joy
99.        Desperate lover Witness
100.      Night dreams Norway

Well, now you all know what the favourite songs of all times are of the editor of this site. Let me know what you think about it and any comments are welcome to be posted on the messageboard. A few comments now from myself, you will be surprised about the number one (KISS), but remember that this was a pure AOR song of the band that was co-written by Michael Bolton who probably would have recorded it himself if the guy hadn't turn out to be a wimp in the 90s.

I made up this top 100 AOR songs of all times every year (since 1986 I believe) and that KISS song has been on the number one position ever since it came out in 1989. It's one of those songs that you never forget and I guess the title says it all. Many AOR fans don't know this KISS song and think of KISS just a simple rock'n'roll band. But in the 80s the band made a couple of beautiful AOR songs (the Paul Stanley tracks) and one of them was "Forever", the best semi-AOR ballad ever made in the music history. "Forever" reached the top 10 US Billboard charts 10 years ago.

O.K. KISS is a simple rockband, but in the 80s they had an eye for good AOR songs, because besides "Forever" also "Reason to live" (another big hitsingle) is a superb piece of AOR. Nevertheless I could go on and talk about the rest of the bands/artists in my top 100 AOR songslist, but I dare you to react on this list and add your comments about this on my messageboard.

If you have got your own top 10 or something of AOR songs of all times, print it on the messageboard and see the reaction on your list. Last note I would like to add here is that in the next upcoming month there will also be placed my TOP 100 AOR ALBUMS OF ALL TIMES, but more about that later. Hope to talk to any of you soon through the messageboard about this list.