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Who said Progressive Rock was dead? Progressive Rock is alive and well, and especially here in The Netherlands many new talented bands have released awesome CDs the past few months. I am talking about great Neo-Progressive rockbands like SINISTER STREET, RICOCHER, FLAMBOROUGH HEAD, NICE BEAVER and several others, such as this TIMEXPOSURE. This is one of the best 'unsigned' bands at the moment playing classy Neo-prog a la IQ, JADIS, PALLAS, PENDRAGON... I had an interview with them, let's see what they have to say...

Please introduce us your band, when did you form TIMEXPOSURE and did any of you play in bands before TIMEXPOSURE?

We are TimeXposure from Sneek, witch is a small town in the northern part of the Netherlands. The band has been formed in 1985 during a session night in the music centre "het Bolwerk" in our home town. Henk,Leo and Foeke started jamming that night and because of the success the three decided to go on as an instrumental hard funk trio.

Can you tell us all about your recordings and your fantastic debut demo CD?

Our cd is recorded at a small studio north from our home town called the "Sing Sing Studio". It is run by Milan from Yugoslavia and thanks to his excellent guiding it only took three days of recording and another two days

I heard you first played a different music style back in the early days, when did it change into the classy
Neo-prog/Sympho-Pomp your band is now playing?

Until Andre joined the band 1989,they had been working with two female singers and the sound was heavy funk. The keyboards of Andre changed the style in to a more symphonic sound. With Mario joining the band in 1995 the sound became what it is today.

Are you popular in your area?

Unfortunately the band is not that popular in our area. I have to say that the the classy neo-prog/symphorock is not that popular in the Netherlands.

What are you favourite albums at the moment?

There are not really favorite albums but our interests are going out to bands like Symphony X, Dream Theater, Kayak, Kansas ,Queensryche and Rush.

When you write your songs, what are they about and are there any interesting stories to tell about them?

The songs are mostly written by Henk or Andre. Sometimes they are about the things in live and the feelings we have. Sometimes it's just a story we make up like the one in Winds of Change, this one is about a young man in
the 17th century who decides to become a sailor and ends up on an deserted island. Dreams is about a proud young soldier dreaming of victory. Stations is about choices and the struggle for happiness. We think that music is open to the fantasy of the listener because we all feel different.

How did you get your bandname TIMEXPOSURE ?

The name TimeXposure is coming from a Stanley Clarke album. Long before the band existed, Foeke thought that this was a perfect name for a band.

Have you been working on some new material yet?

Henk is always working on new songs and at this moment the band is almost finished with his latest. Andre is working on some new songs and we hope to start after the holidays.

What are the plans for the next coming months? Any label contacts yet?

We just had two gigs, on the 22nd of june at a farm festival and the other was at the fourth of july in our home town.There is one label contact here in the Netherlands and one in Italy. We have had some other offers from Italy for the distribution of our cd and some contact with radio stations in France, Brazil and Mexico.

Finally, do you have anything to add to our readers?

If someone of the readers ever visits our country, stop by our home town and have a beer with the band.