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We're getting pretty underground with reviewing this album of the American (?) band THE BLITZ. Don't confuse them with all the other bands called THE BLITZ in the metal/punk scene. This BLITZ is playing pure AOR/Melodic Rock froma very high quality. In fact, if you listen to (let's say) JOHNNY LIMA's new album and then to this album, you must admit that not only musically they are pretty similar to each other, but also the sound and production of 'Get it on' is as good as the new JOHNNY LIMA release.

On some songs, the band is sounding exactly like what JOHNNY LIMA is doing nowadays. But there are many more influences on their LP. The LP of THE BLITZ contains 10 tracks. Musically it is a mixture between AOR and Melodic Rock in the best 80s tradition of bands like BON JOVI, SURGIN, TORINO, DANGER DANGER...

Opener "Live it up" is a nice uptempo melodic rocker sounding like a mix between AUTOGRAPH and the first DANGER DANGER. Next track "Angels" is pretty good 80s uptempo AOR/Melodic Rock and reminds me very much of bands like TOBRUK (circa their first LP), BON JOVI (the first two albums) and SURGIN. This song has some nice hooklines and wonderful keyboards.

"Rock steady" is a good uptempo melodic rocker that could have been on the new JOHNNY LIMA CD! Next track "Untouchable lady" is uptempo 80s Melodic Rock like TORINO/BRITTON. Then we get to hear the best track on this LP, namely "Playing to win". This is classic 80s Movie-AOR rock with a wonderful sound, lovely keyboards and a memorable chorus. If you enjoyed the INTRUDER CD on Escape Music from last year, then this song is yours, because this THE BLITZ song sounds very similar to the INTRUDER CD. Definitely the best track on the LP.

Side-B of the LP is less interesting as the music is getting a bit simpler and heading into average Melodic Hard Rock. Still, there are some nice tracks, such as "Rockin' the night" (cheerful uptempo melodic rocker a la AUTOGRAPH/DANGER DANGER) and "Take me to the top" (Melodic Rocker a la JOKER). On the other hand, the last two tracks are forgettable tracks, because "I need love" and "She's ready" are both simple average MHR songs.

Concluded, this LP has some memorable tracks. Besides, the fantastic produciton and professional sound of the band is as good as most major label recording bands of the 80s and 90s! The lead vocals (and also the music) reminds me of JOHNNY LIMA, so if you like his music, then you must really search for this album. Also if you like melodic rockbands such as SURGIN', TOTAL STRANGER, BRITTON and the early BON JOVI. It will only be very hard to get, but like many other LPs, worthwile to have in your collection.

(Points: 8.5 out of 10)

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