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This album is really obscure and I don't think many of you know this album and it will also be very hard to trace a copy of the CD. This Christian AOR band SURRENDER has nothing to do with the same named Canadian AOR/Radiorockband from the early 80s that featured Alfie Zappacosta and released two albums. This SURRENDER comes out of North-America (not sure if it is Canada or the USA) and released this independent CD probably around 1991.

I don't know the reason why nobody knows this album, because this album is full of high quality AOR and should be in most AOR collections! There are 9 tracks on the CD which was produced by Mick Carey. "Never" opens this CD and rightaway you will hear the high quality sound of this band. "Never" is a hookladen cheerful uptempo AOR rocker in the best 80s tradition, just listen to those lovely harmonyvocals. Same goes for next track "Claire".

And how about the fantastic semi AOR ballad "Sunrise goodbye", a must to hear if you dig bands like JOURNEY, FRONTLINE, SURVIVOR! "Nikki" is taking the extremely high level of the first couple of tracks a bit lower, this is a nice keyboard based AOR song that strangely enough reminds me of the old SURRENDER! Next track "Feel & burn" is again a fantastic semi AOR ballad a la JOURNEY and early STRANGEWAYS (especially the keyboards!).

"Last time I say goodbye" is probably the best track on this super AOR CD. This song is as classic 80s AOR based as you can get. "Last time I say goodbye" is uptempo AOR with a calm start, but then the chorus has it all to make this song a winner for every AOR fan. The killer AOR chorus captures beautiful harmonyvocals and further there are the hooklines and keyboards to make the pure AOR song complete. "Last time I say goodbye" of SURRENDER is in the same style as UNDERFIRE (like their song "Love you one more time") and SUNSHINE JIVE ("When you love someone"). A classic AOR track for sure!

"One tough city" is a beautiful semi AOR ballad with some catchy hooklines and a lovely chorus a la ROXUS, STRANGEWAYS. The piano-keys in this song remind me of SURVIVOR (circa 'Vital signs'). Also the following track "Later" is close to the perfect AOR song. This song is an uptempo AOR song with super hooklines and harmonyvocals that remind me of a cross between FRONTLINE and the best sounds of SUNSHINE JIVE.
Closing track of the album is "Tough you should know", a nice keyboard based AOR track a la IDLE CURE.

Concluded I can only add that this SURRENDER is huge and very professional sounding. A must for the fans of pure classic 80s AOR from a high class. If bands like FRONTLINE, JOURNEY, early STRANGEWAYS, SURVIVOR, 2nd PROPHET, ROXUS, NETWORK (the new AOR Heaven release titled 'Crashin' Hollywood'), SUNSHINE JIVE (their AOR material) etc. etc. are your favourites, then look no further and get yourself a copy of SURRENDER today! Try to get a copy of the SURRENDER album, by visiting the website of Robert Pancur at Target Records

(Points: 9.5 out of 10)

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