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CROSSECTION is a reli-rockband from Canada that released two albums in a short period of time and then disappeared. A shame, because the band was pretty good and is sometimes even up there with bands like IDLE CURE or WHITE HEART. The two self-produced albums of the band contained some high quality AOR every now and then.

Their debut 'Before the dawn' was released in 1989 on the famous reli-rocklabel Image 7 Records (CONNIE SCOTT, SILOAM). Right from the start, it is clear that we have to deal here with a very professional sounding 80s AOR Band. 'Before the dawn' opens with the song "Stephanie", a classic AOR/Radiorocker in the style of PREVIEW and SURVIVOR mixed with a bit STAN BUSH/PHIL CHRISTIAN. What a start for a CD! Lots of great keys can be heard in the next track "Things aren't the same" which is also great 80s AOR. Third track "How long" has some lovely harmonyvocals and is like the opening song a classic AOR/Radiorocker like PREVIEW/SURVIVOR.

Then we can hear a bit average poppy AOR in the track "Heartbreak city". This song is followed by a wonderful 80s hookladen AOR song titled "Shadow land". Things slow a bit down in the calmer AOR song "What about forever". "Battle for the minds" is nice AOR/Melodic rock. Then we can hear a great AOR Ballad titled "Cover feelings". Next track "Love is who you are" moves into a popier direction and is more sounding like a soft popballad like ERIC CARMEN and JOHN PARR.

"Break the chains" is an instrumental pure AOR song with a terrific combination of keyboard and guitar. Closing track "If the son sets you free" is a bit average rocker. But concluded, the debut CD of CROSSECTION contains some classic AOR that reminds me of a mixture between TRADIA, SAFIRE and SURVIVOR. But there are also some poppier elementes, although most of the time it is AOR all the way!

Nearly a year later CROSSECTION released their second and final album 'Breaking ground' which saw them moving into a bit heavier direction while retaining their melodic style of their debut. Still AOR, but sometimes a bit more Melodic Rock in the IDLE CURE style. Also this is a great album. "River's edge" opens and is a classic 80s AOR rocker that sounds like a mix between REFUGEE, HONEYMOON SUITE and early JEFF PARIS. The song has some lovely hooklines. Also the rest of the CD has a pure 80s AOR sound, such as in the songs "Too much sadness", "Touch the sky", "Where you go", "Tears for the taking" (great AOR keys) and "Against the grain" that all have the same classic AOR/Melodic Rocksound IDLE CURE had on their albums.

Not a weak song can be found on the debut CD of CROSSECTION, because also tracks like "High and dry" (uptempo AOR rocker like REFUGEE) and "Fork in the road" (radio-friendly ballad like BRYAN ADAMS, MICHAEL W. SMITH) stand the test of time. Basically, also this CD is very much recommended to the fans of pure 80s classic AOR/Melodic Rock without influences of other musicstyles.

Concluded I can only say that both albums of the band CROSSECTION are worth buying. The debut contains some classic 80s AOR, while the other has some great AOR/Melodic Rocksongs. Recommended if you like IDLE CURE. Both albums can easily be bought if you contact Robert Pancur from Target Records at:


Before the dawn            (Image 7 Records/1989)
Breaking ground            (Image 7 Records/1990)


Doug Rawling                 - Vocals, Guitar
Nevin Eggum                  - Guitar
Bruce Rawling               - Bass
Martin Zinger                 - Drums
Dale Johnson                  - Keyboards

(A special thanks goes out to ROBERT PANCUR for making this all possible)