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Produced by Russ Kirkland and Dale Kirkland Tiemann

Original line-up:

Dale Kirkland - Lead vocals
Russ Kirkland - Lead vocals
Carl Albrecht - Drums
Jim Bullard - Bass
Scott Payne - Guitar
Chuck Kofahl - Guitar


Lines are falling
Too little time
Ready to live
Calling for you
Night song
Never never
Somethin's comin
You don't love me
Hold your ground
Far from there


A very diverse album that includes both Classic 80s AOR/Melodic Poprock and more Pop based songs. Comparable to SPIDER, SHANGHAI...

SEPTEMBER was an underground AOR band out of the early 80s. The band featured a male (Russ Kirkland) and a female (Dale Kirkland) lead vocalist. The band released two albums as far as I know. 'Lines are falling' was their second release, a very diverse album with songs recorded during the period 1982-1984. Sometimes the band sounds like a classic early 80s AOR band, while on other songs they are close to Popmusic in a 70s style.

Opener "Lines are falling" is an example of pure early 80s AOR. This song has some classy keys and is sounding like a huge female fronted AOR rocker in the style of SPIDER, TANE CAIN, SHEILA, FIONA... A very good song and a must for the fans of this genre.

Next track "Too little time" is a great midtempo 80s AOR/Power Rocker that has some STARSHIP references. Following track "Ready to live" is a great 80s typed pure AOR rocker with keys and sounds like a cross between ROBERT TEPPER, CHANNEL and JOE LYNN TURNER (his first LP).

Side-A closes with two Popsongs that remind me of a band like BERLIN. The songs are titled "Calling for you" and "Night song". They are totally out of place between the rest of the AOR material on this album.

Side-B starts with "Never never", this is fantastic 80s AOR like TANE CAIN, probably the best song on offer here. Next track "Somethin's comin" is a good relaxing AOR song like the second NIGHT, MARCY LEVY...

The album continues with the average rocker "You don't love me", this song reminds me a lot of 1994. Next on is "Hold your ground", a nice calmer AOR song like JOHN PARR and BENNY MARDONES. Closing track of the album is "Far from there", a soft keyboard popballad.

It is clear that this album has two faces. There are both AOR and Popsongs, of which most Pop oriented songs are sung by the male vocals. The AOR oriented songs are sung by the female vocalist and therefore I can best recommend this album to fans of SPIDER, SHANGHAI... But don't expect something really sensational. Still a couple of great tracks, but not worth spending much money on this release.

There's only one place you can maybe get a copy of the album and that is by e-mailing ROBERT PANCUR or by checking his AOR online store TARGET RECORDS. Maybe he can help you getting a copy of the album.

(Points: 8.0 out of 10)


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