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This is very rare indeed. The band is called the RON BOLTEN BAND and it is no surprise that the leader of this American band is called RON BOLTEN. There are 10 tracks on their only (?) LP and expect a lot of different styles of the AOR rock.

Opener "Maybe I'm dreaming" is as close to classic AOR you can get. This song is super early 80s uptempo AOR/Radiorock that sounds very cheerful and has everything that a classic AOR song needs to have. There are harmonyvocals, keyboards and a blistering guitarsolo at the end of the song. This opening track is a mixture between DAVID ROBERTS, BERNIE LABARGE and STEEL BREEZE ('Heart on the line').

What more do you want? Well, there are still 9 tracks left after such a superb start and although the high level of the opening track isn't reached on any of the following tracks, most of the LP still has a lot of more great moments to offer. One of those moments is on the next track "Do it all for love". "Do it all for love" is midtempo AOR/Pomprock that is radio-friendly and has some FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS influences.

Track three "Friends" is a bit experimental laid back AOR, nice but nothing sensational. Next track "Search of the kind" is a bit poppy, but the AOR hooklines make it all worth listening, so does the catchy AOR chorus. "21" slow things down in a laid-back FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS kinda AOR with still a long guitarsolo at the end.

Side-B starts pretty rough with "Livin' on the line". This song has some very rough guitars at the beginning and is a nice melodic hardrock track. Definitely one of the heaviest tracks on this LP. "Midnight lover" is again in AOR territory, a good FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS based AOR song.

Next track "Little girl" is a fantastic AOR/Melodic Rocksong with a rough guitarsound that reminds me a bit of the last THE BABYS record. Following track "Play your game" enters a more poppy experimental AOR style that sounds  a bit like THE JACK STREET BAND. And closing track "We're gonna make it" is good guitar orientated AOR.

So, what you get is a very diverse rockalbum with many different styles of the AOR/Melodic Rockstyle of the 80s. There are some calmer AOR tracks, pure AOR songs and heavier Melodic Rockstuff. Still, the quality of all the songs are equal to each other and there are no fillers or weak moments on the LP. I can easily give this a recommendation to the AOR fans.

(Points: 8.5 out of 10)

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