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QUARTERBACK is a band from Denmark and their only CD 'Trampled under foot' is very underground. I saw this CD on some want lists appearing. No wonder, because this CD is actually pretty good. There are 11 tracks on the CD that were produced by the band with help of Peter Brander. Musically the CD is in the style of melodic rockbands such as  BB STEAL, DE MONT, ROADHOUSE, BRYAN ADAMS and some 80s DEF LEPPARD. The only difference with these bands is that QUARTERBACK is much more AOR orientated.

Opener "Tumblin' down" is right away the best song on the whole CD. This is fantastic midtempo AOR that sounds like a polished mixture between the 80s DEF LEPPARD, STEVE PLUNKETT and THE STORM. This song is really huge and the catchy AOR chorus will stuck in your head forever! The rest of the CD is not as good as this opener, but still quite enjoyable. For example the midtempo AOR songs "For the first time" (lovely chorus), "Tears fall", the semi AOR Ballad "You and I" and the midtempo melodic rocker "Ain't coming back" are really great songs that every fan of let's say BLUE TEARS, BB STEAL, ROADHOUSE... will please a lot.

The only complaints I have is that there are no uptempo songs on the album, on the other hand there are no weak songs on the CD. You can get a copy of this CD through TARGET RECORDS. E-mail them at:

(Points: 8.5 out of 10)