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Magic touch
Only one
Love lies deep
Never felt this way before
Only have eyes for you
Too many lonely nights
Can't get my mind off of you
Wild ones
Hold on


Pure AOR with keys, hooklines, melodic vocals and catchy choruses. Mostly uptempo AOR with femal lead vocals. Sounds like a mixture between ALIAS, STAN BUSH, SIGNAL and HEART, WITNESS.

I don't think we can get more into the underground AOR than this PAUL GODFREY BAND. Their only (???) album 'Magic touch' was released in 1990 on a very obscure recordlabel. I don't think any of you know this little AOR classic I am reviewing right now, because it is one of those private released albums.

I don't have any info of the band, but can tell you that this is a fantastic album and a must if you're into pure AOR! The band had a female vocalist who had an excellent voice and the 10 songs of THE PAUL GODFREY BAND blow away the best AOR material HEART and WITNESS brought us ten years ago.

The CD starts with "Magic touch", a classic 80s uptempo AOR rocker with lovely keys and hooklines and a killer AOR chorus. This opener is a duet between a male and a female vocalist (don't know their names). The song reminds me of STAN BUSH AND BARRAGE. Then follow 5 superb uptempo pure AOR rockers like WITNESS and HEART at their very best. Songs like "Only one", "Love lies deep" and "Never felt this way before" are brilliant AOR songs and a must for the fans of TANE CAIN, HEART, WITNESS...

The first track I that was just nice sounding was track number 7 "Tonight", a melodic poprocker. "Can't get my mind off of you" was also nice, more uptempo AOR/Melodic Rock. Track number 9 "Wild ones" was the first song that slowed things a bit down. This song was also sung by a male vocalist, while all the other tracks were done by a female voclaist. The guy that sings in "Wild ones" (I guess Paul Godfrey) sounds like STAN MEISSNER and this pure 80s AOR ballad has some classic AOR piano-keys. Closing track "Hold on" picks up the style created on the earlier uptempo female fronted AOR rockers a la HEART/WITNESS.

I can only add one more thing and that is grab yourself a copy of this wonderful pure AOR album. This CD of THE PAUL GODFREY BAND is full of high quality commercial 80s typed Classic AOR rock that should be in the hands of every lover of this genre. An album like this is what it makes so interesting to review the real 'Classic AOR' albums that never got the attention it deserved. I didn't see any reviews back in 1990 of this band, so it's time I give them a second chance by reviewing their album on our website.

There's only one place you can maybe get a copy of the album and that is by e-mailing ROBERT PANCUR or by checking his AOR online store TARGET RECORDS. Maybe he can help you getting a copy of the album.

(Points: 9.0 out of 10)

P.S. I'll upload soundbytes of PAUL GODFREY BAND when someone out there asks me via e-mail or posts a message on our messageboard.

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