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Here you can read some reviews we did in our Past-issues. These reviews are called 'Past-Reviews'. Reviews of old albums that mostly aren't available on CD and the reviewed act only released 1 album as far as we know. Any new information is welcome. In the next few months loads more 'Past-Reviews' will be uploaded.


This is a very rare record. I haven’t got any info of the members,producers and I also haven’t got a clue if this band made more albums than this LP which was released in 1987 on the independent record label Edge Records.

TRADE SECRET was an American band that had a female vocalist, who had a good voice that somewhat can be compared to Sue Willets of DANTE FOX.
Musically TRADE SECRET is similar to many other female fronted AOR-acts of the 80’s. I heard a couple of pure AOR-tracks,but there are also some poprock and even pop-orientated stuff on it. If you like SHARON O'NEILL,you must really look for this LP of TRADE SECRET,because it damn sounds very much like that Aussie girl.

The LP kicks off with “Tragedy” which is nidtempo poprock that sounds quite a lot like DALBELLO during her album ‘Drastic measure’. “Say” is a great midtempo AOR-song with some fantastic AOR-keys and a Diane Warren-songwriters-feel,the song itself reminds me of the first 2 albums of Swedish TONE NORUM.

Side-A is definitely the best side,because it also captures the fantastic uptempo AOR-rocker “With or without you” that is in the style of FIONA/TANE CAIN with some biting guitarwork. This song could easily become a winner for fans of female-AOR, if you don’t know this song I can only say get a copy of this LP and listen to this great song. The other 2 songs on Side-A are 2 soft ballads titled “You’re here” and “What Y gonna do” that haven’t got much potential and are a bit boring.

The first 2 songs of side-B are nice poprocksongs titled “Don’t take no”(nice guitarsolo) and “This time"(midtempo aor/poprock). But unfortunately the last 3 songs of the album are pop-
otientated(“Stand by me”,”Searching for heaven” and “If I don’t have you”) and are not interesting.

So,here’s an album again with about 5 good-female-aor-Poprockers and 5 pop-orientated uninteresting tracks. It’s up to you to decide if you’re interested to buy this halve good album,if you can find a copy somewhere.

(Points: 7.5 out of 10)


Classic indie Pomp from Oklahoma. As far as I know Zeabra recorded just one album.
This is really amazing stuff. Imagine STYX crossed with the Pop/ AOR stylings of LOVE AFFAIR and you have the Zeabra sound. Its hard to pick a favorite track as they are all excellent, although “Tell The world”, “Your Fool again”, and “Promises” do continue to play in my mind long after this album leaves the Turntable.

Again, here’s another fine album to add to your want list. Highly recommended!,

(Points: 8.5 out of 10/Review by Eric Abrahamsen)



This is very underground, although there appear some well-known names. KARO was a German band formed around keyboardplayer Karo Straub. Besides him the line-up of KARO was completed with Ronald Bosien on drums, Dieter Seeburg on bass, Erich Holstein on guitar, and Lutz Salzwedel on lead vocals. On the photos on the album-covers you can see 4 men, but the line-up of the band listed 5 men. I don’t know why one of the bandmembers didn’t appear on these photos.

Anyhow, the only (???) album ‘Heavy birthday’ of KARO was produced by Peter Hauke. Peter produced the debut-albums of CRAAFT and WHITE LION in the past. And this album of KARO is actually reminding me of these bands. 3 tracks on side-A were produced by Tony Platt(LILLIAN AXE, JEFF PARIS) and to be honest these 3 songs are the best ones of the whole album. I’m talking about the tracks “Wanna be loved” (a brilliant cheerful and catchy uptempo A.O.R.-rocker with a fantastic sing-a-long chorus, smooth keys and perfect harmonyvocals), “One of a kind”(good uptempo melodic rocker) and “Sister,sister” (fantastic pure A.O.R. that is a bit in the SURVIVOR-style, what a superb chorus can be heard in this song!).

These 3 Tony Platt-produced tracks are high-class AOR and sound incredible good. The melodic rock/aor of KARO does sound very cheerful and is in the German tradition of CRAAFT/AIDEAN/NO CREDIT/DOMINOE... If you like bands like these, then KARO is a must for you! The 3 tracks I mentioned are really the best songs of the album, because the rest is sometimes just average. But still there are some interesting tracks to hear, such as “Ball of fire”. This is very good rough melodic rock, on backing vocals is FERGIE FREDERIKSEN(former vocalist of LE ROUX, TOTO and more recently FREDERIKSEN/PHILLIPS). The song reminds me a bit of that FREDERIKSEN/PHILLIPS-album from 1995.

Besides the 4 mentioned fantastic tracks that can all be found on side-A of the LP, this side contains the song “Still hate to loose”, which is a bit weaker slowtempo melodic rocker. Side-B also contains 5 tracks, but unfortunately it doesn’t feature such excellent songs like on side-A. The material on side-b is simpler heavier melodic rock, still it captures the songs “Call of the wild” and “Cold shoulder” that are 2 nice melodic rockers like BONFIRE.

The remaining 3 tracks are a bit weak, the song “Out on the line” is RATT;ish and is really nothing special. But if you first listen to the wonderful side-a of this album, it will be worth the money to buy this album. Last thing I would like to mention is that all the tracks were composed by the band, but the lyrics were all done by an American(?) called Roy Dean Brown.

I don’t have any clue if the band or any of the members made more music than this album from 1988. If,anyone knows, contact me.

(Points: 8.5 out of 10)


KENNY LOGGINS is an American artist who made a lot of albums and also did a lot of songs for soundtracks. His albums were almost all filled with popmusic, but those moviesongs he did were often AOR-songs. Especially his songs for the movies 'Footloose'(the track “I'm free”), 'Top gun'(“Danger zone” and “Playing with the boys”), 'Over the top'(“Meet me half way”) and 'Caddyshack 2' (“Nobody’s fool”) are good A.O.R.-orientated songs. The first AOR-songs on a solo-album of Kenny, can be found on this solo-album titled ‘High adventure’.

As far as I know it is the only solo-album that feature pure AOR-songs, only his solo-album ‘Back to avalon’ from 1987 has some AOR-influences, but ‘High adventure’ features 1 really interesting track. It is the opening tune titled “Don’t fight it”, written by Kenny, Dean Pitchford and STEVE PERRY(of JOURNEY). The song is a duet between Kenny Loggins and Steve Perry and can be described as a fantastic uptempo A.O.R.-rocker that is similar in style to JOURNEY(like their song “Any way you want it”). If you’re a Journey/Steve Perry-fan, then you must really listen to this great song.

Musicians on “Don’t fight it” are Neil Geraldo of PAT BENATAR’s band on guitars, session musician Tris Imboden on percussion and Kenny himself on rhythm guitar. Some other niusicans that appear on the LP ‘High adventure’ are MAX GRONENTHAL(38 SPECIAL),Paulinha Da Costa(RICHARD MARX) and Richard Page(PAGES/MR. MISTER).

Besides the brilliant A.O.R. opener, only the tracks “Swear your love” and “If it’s not what you’re looking for” are interesting. “Swear your love” is very good pure AOR-rock with some crushing guitarwork. “If it’s not what you’re looking for” has some FRANKE&THE KNOCKOUTS relaxed AOR-feeling, and it features an incredible splashing guitarsolo. Only thing about this song is that the chorus kinda sounds like Hall&Oates, which means it is a bit poppy, but the guitarsolos are very good.

That last song I mentioned was co-written by DAVID FOSTER. These 3 tracks are interesting for AOR-fans, the rest of the album is pop-based and sounds a lot like Michael McDonald. But if you’re a rich JOURNEY-fan, you must buy this album for that fantastic song “Don’t fight it”!

(Points: - out of 10)


I haven’t got any info of this American band, but they released 1(?) album in 1979. The beginning of the LP is spectacular. Opener “Keep the ball rollin” is an amazing stunning AOR/ Pomprocker like LE ROUX(‘Up’) and has an excellent cathcy chorus. What a fantastic song! Unfortunately, the rest of the LP is a little bit disappointing. Only the songs “Blue winter”(AOR-ballad),”Abalina”(AOR-ballad) and ‘ “I’ll hold on to you”(LE ROUX-AOR) are really good. Songs like “Eddie”, “Don’t cry”, “Beggars day” and “Be ready for me tonight” are just average AOR/Rocktracks that are not bad, but after hearing that fantastic opening song, these tracks are sounding a bit weak. So, I can only recommend this album to the AOR/Pompfan that collects everything there is about this genre.

(Points: 7.5 out of 10)


Sorry guys, no one named Susan in this band! This group from New York City seems to have been the brainchild of two brothers Charles and Mike Leland. Where these guys are at now, I haven’t a clue, but they did leave us a pretty good rock album. Listening to this record I am reminded of THE BABYS rockier material, and the late, great FOTOMAKER. Although none of the tracks on this LP really stand out, there is a lot of energy and enthusiasm behind the recording. In particular on the opening track “Takin’it over”.

I was living in New York at the time this album was released, and I can tell you it received very little airplay. Too bad, as I feel they might have done an even better second album if they had the chance... Who knows?

(Points: 6.0 out of 10/Eric Abrahamsen)


JET was a band that released only 1 album titled ‘Empty handed’ on a very obscure recordlabel. The album was very underground and it wasn’t until this year that I first saw the name of the band mentioned somewhere. The album of JET was released in 1981 and so almost 17 years has passed before it was really discovered. I think this review will be the first that appears in a fanzine that is based on A.O.R./Pomprock. Of course this is a real shame, because ‘Empty handed’ is almost a classic, but better late than never.

The line-up of JET featured a female vocalist called Barbara Barrow, who had a voice that sounded like Cherie&Marie Currie. Besides Barbara, JET further featured 5 other musicians in the line-up. Their names are Danny Torroll on guitars, Michael Smith on Guitars, Ricky Niez on bass, Keith Montross on keyboards and Billy Johnson on drums. But I don’t think anyone knows these musicians, because after the release of ‘Empty handed’ I never saw their names mentioned somewhere and I think they only played on this LP. The LP of JET was produced by Sam Lynn and there are 8 tracks on the album.

The music on the LP was and still is high-class A.O.R. with many Pomprockinfluences. Especially the first 2 tracks on side-A are superb songs that are a wonderful mix of 80’s AOR like TANTRUM/HEART and late 70’s Pomprock like ROADMASTER/ STINGRAY and the classic debut of BEAU GESTE. Those 2 opening tracks are titled “Night night night” and “Love slave”. 2 songs that are a dream for both female-fronted acts and AOR/Pomprock-fans. “Love slave” has not only a fantastic chorus, but also has some fantastic pomprock-keyboards and it sounds like a mix of the debut-album of BEAU GESTE (released in 1982 and in case you don’t have it, you must look for it!) and LE ROUX, only with female lead vocals. “Night night night” has got such an excellent chorus that is very catchy and almost unforgettable after you heard it once.

Track 3 on the LP is the track “Stranded in the moonlight”, a song that was covered by MARTEE LEBOW on her mini-LP ‘Crimes of the heart’ that was released in 1986. A great album, by the way. “Stranded in the moonlight” is a nice A.O.R.-song that has many HEART-influences. The version of MARTEE LEBOW is better than the original version of JET. The last track on side-A is “Car on fire”, which is a nice heavier A.O.R.-rocker that has a good chorus like TANTRUM.The first 2 tracks on side-B are also pretty good and titled “Renegade” (uptempo AOR) and “Venus and norma jean” (a great uptempo pomprocker that has many PRISM-influences).The closing 2 tracks are “Carribean snow” and “Barbed wire”, and these 2 songs are the only ones that are a bit average. The other 6 songs are very good and all written by guitarist Michael Smith. Notable is that he didn’t wrote those 2 average closing tracks, that were written by outsider Dick Larsen.

Well, although JET never received much press and also was and still is very unknown, I can recommend to every fan of early 80’s A.O.R./Pomprock to look for this wonderful record.

(Points: 9.0 out of 10)


This is one of those female fronted poprockalbums of the mid-eightees. MERI D. MARSHALL was a reli-artist and on her only(?) LP ‘My obsession’, which was released in 1985, does appear a lot of the famous session-musicians from the L.A.-AOR/Rockscene. On guitars we can hear Michael Thompson, Michael Landau and Kevin Dukes. On keyboards we can hear Alan Pasqua, Kim Bullard, Jai Winding. And finally, we can hear Tom Kelly and Tom Funderburk on backing vocals. All these names are very well-known among the die-hard AOR-fans, they appeared on many great AOR-albums.

Now, you might think that this is also such a great AOR-album, but to be honest I can inform you that this isn’t a good LP. Only a couple of tracks are aor/poprock-based, but mostly it is more pop/disco-orientated somewhat like THEREZA BAZAR. The interesting tracks are “My obsession”,”Haunt you”, both sound like SHEILA WALSH/CONNIE SCOTT..., “Tears”, a typical uptempo poprocker a la CINDY CRUSE, and finally the only real good song of the LP; “I’m thru with him”.

“I’m thru with him” was written by Phyllis Molinary and LENNY MACALUSO. Lenny Macaluso is not a very well-known name, but he wrote some classic-aor tracks in the past for STAN BUSH. The songs “Primitive lover” and “The touch” of Stan Bush were written by Lenny. So, this song “I’m thru with him” could also been a song of Stan. But it isn’t, because it appears on this LP of this girl called Meri D. Marshall. A pretty good song, pure A.O.R. with stunning keys and a great guitarsolo, very catchy indeed! But 1 song doesn’t make a whole LP good. I can only recommend this LP to the fan of softer poprock in the style of SHEILA WALSH/THEREZA BAZAR/RONNIE SPECTOR ...

(Points: - out of 10)


FRANNE GOLDE was an American female vocalist, who has about the same musical carreer as ELLEN SHIPLEY. She released an LP in 1979, which is very hard to get and not possible to review in this issue. And she released this album ‘Restless’ in 1980. The music on ‘Restless’ is pretty similar to ELLEN SHIPLEY, and also the back-up musicians on the LP are names we also saw on the 2 albums of ELLEN SHIPLEY. So, I guess you can say that FRANNE GOLDE is a copy of ELLEN SHIPLEY. But there are more influences.

Sometimes it sounds like pure early 80’s female-aor/poprock like early PAT BENATAR, WIDOW, SHEILA... , but at some points there are also QUARTERFLASH/ELLEN FOLEY similarities. Additional musicians include Kim Bullard,Eric Scott (of SIGNAL-fame),Peter McIan( released a solo-album in 1980), members of NICK GILDER’s back-up band and on backing vocals we can hear Tom Funderburk and Max Gronenthal (of 38 SPECIAL-fame).

The album starts with the PAT BENATAR-cover “Lookin’ for the stranger”, pretty much the same version as Pat did. Other highlights are “Stranded”(great AOR-song),”Shadowland”(very good uptempo AOR/Poprock in best female-80’s-tradition) and “Cool kids”. “Cool kids” was later covered by KIX and they made it a big US-hitsingle. But the version of FRANNE GOLDE is also pretty nice and it was the original version recorded in 1980, 3 years before KIX recorded it. The rest of the album is a bit weaker. But I can give this album of FRANNE GOLDE a recommendation of anyone that loves those typical female aor/poprock in early 80’s tradition.

(Points: 7.5 out of 10)



If someone asked me to put together a list of what I thought to be the best Pomp albums ever recorded - Bighorn would certainly rank close to the top!

Like HEART, Bighorn came from Seattle, and were discovered at a club in Vancouver, British Columbia. CBS had high expectations for this, the group’s only album, and I seem to remember some heavy promotion behind it. The group had a strong local following in the Pacific Northwest, yet despite tours with VAN HALEN, and BOSTON, they never really gained any attention in other US markets.

What about the Music, I hear you ask? Pick any track! This is classic Pomp rock from beginning to end. How about “Penny for your Dreams”, “Stand Up” or the excellent “Star Rocker”?, All are enough to satisfy the hunger of even the most jaded Pomp fan. There’s even String and Choral Arrangements that augment several tracks! I ask you, how much more pompous can you get?

A beautiful album, right up there with AVIARY, ALEXIS and other great late 70’s Major label pomp bands. Do yourself a favor and pick up this album as soon as possible. You won’t be sorry!

(Points: 9.0 out of 10/Review by Eric Abrahamsen)


From the same label that brought you AVALON’s “Voice of Life” album comes Molly Oliver. Although not quite as splendid as AVALON, this album does have its strong points.

Molly Oliver’s sound can be compared to other Canadian groups of the time like MADCATS, or CHILLIWACK circa the “Dreams, Dreams, Dreams” album with some slight hints at Pomp. “Hey There” is the opening track. This is not a great start, and does little to grab my attention. “You didn’t listen to me” is a little better with a rather infectious hook. “Somebody new in my eyes” is a one of those 70’s style radio ballads that you just can’t help but like.

A cover of CSN&Y’s “Carry On” sticks pretty straight to the original and I wonder why they bothered? Side Two’s “Greet your Neighbor”, and “Rock’n’roll Music” in my opinion should have been left off the album completely. Terrible stuff! “Where do we go” and “Living in a Dream” make the second side worthwhile, as both are very good, but this album could have been so much befter!

This album is not for everyone, but those who are interested in early AOR, should give this a listen.

(Points: 5.0 out of 10/Review by Eric Abrahamsen)
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