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This mini-album of the band NITEFIRE is one of those very rare and underground albums that are on many wants lists. This is a pure collector's item and understandable if you listen to the 4 songs on the LP.

The band featured the 4 brothers Ameruso (Vito, Frank, Chris, Martin) who formed together NITEFIRE. The mini-album started with "Smokey eyes" and with such a lovely AOR keys at the start you can't go wrong and it doesn't go wrong, because this is high quality pure early 80s AOR/Radiorock in the style of PREVIEW, BALANCE, THRILLS, ORPHAN, early BON JOVI, SURGIN and some SPYS.

The next track "Give it a chance" is taking the high level of the opening track down. This is an average rockballad which reminds me of a wekaer version of ANGEL.

Side-B opens with "House will rock" and there are those brilliant AOR keys again. A comparison to BON JOVI/SURGIN's "Shot through the heart" is very clear when hearing this song. Still this is great early 80s uptempo AOR.

The mini-LP closes with "Foolish game", which is quite different than the rest. This is more cheerful sing-a-long AOR/Radiorock that ounds very much like STEEL BREEZE.

If you ever see this mini-LP, it will probably cost you a lot of money, but there are some memorable AOR tracks here and there, so well worth investing your money. Only a shame the band recorded 4 songs on their only LP, because with a full-length album, things would have looked much brighter probably. I wonder what these guys are doing nowadays, if any of the bandmembers reads this, please e-mail me.

(Points: 8.0 out of 10)

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