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Produced Bob Destocki

Original line-up:

Blaine                    - Drums
Lance                    - Lead vocals, Guitar
Desiree                 - Keyboards
Bob                        - Bass

+ Robert Irving - Synthesizer
    Tro                   - Backing vocals


Run for your life
Don't let go
No way to hide
I don't want to say goodbye
I can't sleep at night
Rockin' in the midnight light
Wire tappin
Matter of fact


Classic 80s AOR with many keyboards, comparable to AVIATOR, QWEST and PRISM, but also some other references.

The AOR Band THE MUGGS came out of California. They released at least one LP titled 'Rockin' in the midnight light' in the mid eightees. I don't call it a classic, but there are some great enjoyable AOR songs on the album that deserve some attention. Especially opener "Run for your life" is a hit for the AOR fans. This uptempo mid-eightees pure AOR rocker has some classic AOR keys and sounds like SURVIVOR meets JOURNEY, although comparisons to AVIATOR and QWEST can also be made. This opener is definitely one of the better tracks.

Next track "Don't let go" is a nice midtempo AOR rocker like QWEST meets HEAD EAST. The classy AOR keys at the start in the track "No way to hide" are really wonderful, the song itself is a good semi AOR ballad. Following track "I don't want to say goodbye" is a very good uptempo AOR rocker that comes across like a mixture between PRISM and QWEST. Closing track of side-A is "I can't sleep at night", a nice uptempo melodic rocker with some partyrock influences.

Side-B starts with the titletrack "Rockin' in the midnight light", a keyboard based uptempo AOR/Pomprocker that again sounds like QWEST. Following track "Wire tappin" is a great uptempo AOR rocker that sounds very much like PRISM and CHARLIE. This great song is followed by the weakest track on the album, namely the quirky keyboard dominated poppy poprocker "Jungle".

Also next track "Matter of fact" is nothing special, still a melodic pomprocker. Closing track "Comeback" has the classic AOR keys all over again and is a wonderful uptempo AOR rocker with some very good vocals. Sounds somewhat like AVIATOR  with the guitarsound of AXE.

A nice record of a very little known Californian AOR band. If you ever see it, you can easily buy it, but it's not a must to have.

(Points: 8.0 out of 10)


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