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LINMAN is a guitarist/vocalist/bassist/drummer and keybordist (!) from Finland who released this album called 'Heaven calls' about 7 years ago. It's a shame it never got some attention, because there are some top-AOR songs on this album. Especially 3 tracks on this CD caught my ear, namely the songs "Heaven calls", "Everybody wants some love" and "Tell me".

Titletrack "Heaven calls" starts with some fantastic harmonyvocals and bursts into a midtempo classic AOR song that sounds like a mix of early SOUTHERN SONS and MARK FREE. The chorus of this song is so catchy and AOR orientated, it is a true winner for all AOR fans! "Everybody wants some love" is uptempo AOR that also has an excellent AOR chorus that you sing-a-long with from the first time you hear it. "Tell me" is a fantastic AOR ballad that somehow reminds me very much of DAKOTA.

The comparison to DAKOTA is mostly due to the harmonyvocals on the CD of LINMAN that are quite similar to those of that American AOR band. Musically LINMAN rocks a little more and also is not as sensational and AOR orientated as DAKOTA. Put that aside, LINMAN still has some excellent tunes on their only (?) CD. Besides the already mentioned fantastic AOR pieces, there is some more good stuff on this CD, such as "Set me free" (uptempo AOR), "Love is no lie" (AOR Ballad) and the uptempo melodic rocker "Eyes of the world" which was written by Eric Martin, Neal Schon and Kevin Elson for MR. BIG.

Basically what you get hear is a very good AOR/Melodic Rockalbum from a band that comes from a non-AOR country. nd of AOR. It's very hard to get a copy of the CD, but if you contact Robert Pancur from TARGET RECORDS at the following e-mail address: , I think he can help you getting a copy on CD probably.

(Points: 8.5 out of 10)

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