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Something came over me
Magic eyes
When you gave your love
More than your fantasies
Put a little love into it
Sometimes love
For loves sake
Not the same
Catch a star
Straight from the heart


Classic 80s AOR with many keyboards. Uptempo Radiorockers like LOVERBOY meets SURVIVOR/LE ROUX/707. And some pure AOR a la FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS.

I'm not sure, but I believe not many AOR fans know about little AOR gem. LIMOUSINE was very obscure, but very good too. The LP came out in the classic early 80s. I haven't got any info on the LP, but I can inform you that LIMOUSINE had a fantastic lead vocalist, who also sang vocals on some other obscure AOR album from the same period (I believe it was the band EQUINOX). Anyway, the lead vocals remind me of DENNIS DEYOUNG from STYX.

Musically though LIMOUSINE performed pure early 80s AOR/Radiorock like 707, PASSENGER, SURVIVOR, HEAD EAST and there are even similarities to FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS.

The album took off with "Something came over me", a great uptempo early 80s keyboard based AOR/Radiorocker like 707, BALANCE, SURVIVOR, LOVERBOY... Next track "Magic eyes" is a high class hookladen early 80s AOR rocker with some lovely harmonyvocals and a classy AOR/Pomp Chorus like LE ROUX.

The LP continues with "When you gave your love". This song starts slow, but when the chorus kicks in it is pure early 80s uptempo classic AOR again. The song is comparable to SURVIVOR, 707 and features a great keyboardsolo. Following track "More than your fantasies" is another great uptempo AOR/Radiorocker like 707 meets LOVERBOY.

So, the first 4 songs are pretty much AOR killers. Side-A closes with the first average track, namely the groovy AOR song "Put a little love into it", though this song has a great AOR hookline.

Side-B starts with "Sometimes love", a nice uptempo AOR song, but nothing sensational here. Next two tracks are again very impressive. "For loves sake" (Classic AOR) and "Not the same" (AOR Ballad) are both AOR killers a la FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS. Also the following track "Catch a star" reminds me of FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS (and THE AUTOMATIX), but this is just a nice semi AOR Ballad.

The closing track of this wonderful LP is "Straight from the heart", another classy piece of early 80s AOR/Radiorock that contains some midwest references like HEAD EAST, AXE and ODA. The song also has a lovely keyboardsolo. This LIMOUSINE is a must for every fan of early 80s AOR. If you like any of the mentioned acts, you better look for this gem!

(Points: 9.0 out of 10)


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