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JIM STEEL is an artist from the U.S.A. that has released his debut(?)-CD independent. It’s been a while since the release of “Time, space&life” which was released in 1993 but as far as independent-CDs Strutter'zine always review them,no matter what year it was released. I think 1992/93 is the lowest year that a CD is released and now in 1997 reviewed by us.

Now let’s talk about this guy called JIM STEEL who brings us on his CD a mix of A.O.R. and more pomprock-orientated material. If you have a look at the titles of the songs you may wonder what a weird titles such as “Tek man from Voltar”. Well, I believe there is a concept hebind it.

Anyway, about the songs I can say that the uptempo songs are better than the ballad/midtempo-material. Therefore the best tracks are the uptempo melodic rockers(with pomprockinfluences) “Tek man from Voltar”, ”Don’t confuse me with facts” and “Old fashioned plumbing”.

Not only the titles of the CD are weird but every song has also got sometimes spacy keyboards. The conclusion is that Jim Steel has released a nice album that doesn’t sound commercial at all and is more recommended to a fan of pomprock like it was made in the early 80’s like the band TRILLION did on their debut-album. But I better not give any comparison because Jim has an own style which can better be described as non-commercial melodic rock with pomprockinfluences from the late 70’s.

It will be very hard to find this CD but when you see it somewhere you know what you get when you buy the CD!

(Points: 7.5 out of 10)

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