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JAY SEEVER played keyboards and was the lead vocalist of DOMINOE. This was a great German AOR/Melodic Rockband that released two albums in the 80s. They scored a big hit with the single "Here I am", a classic AOR song. After DOMINOE Jay started a solo career which resulted in this first solo-album that was released in 1994 on Comand Records (Munich label that also released the fantastic DAYTONA albums). On his solo-album we can hear a melodic rockstyle that follows the style created by DOMINOE, only not so cheerful and AOR based unfortunately.

Besides Jay singing and playing the keyboards on his solo-album, he also gets help of Robert Papst, who played guitars and bass on the DOMINOE albums. Robert also produced the CD that contains 13 tracks. The CD starts with the average rocker "No more money" that sounds like a weak BONFIRE. The following track "Senses" is much better and can be described as a great semi AOR Ballad. Especially the chorus is very strong.

What follows are a bunch of nice melodic rockers that musically are somewhere between DAYTONA, DOMINOE, FAIR WARNING and JOJO, without getting as sensational as these 4 acts. "The Dominoe history" is a track that could have been on any of the two DOMINOE albums. Like the title pronounces, this song refers to the DOMINOE period, but it is a new song that only contains some DOMINOE-Lyrics. It's just a great song to sing-a-long.

A nice CD, recommended if you want to hear a mixture between FAIR WARNING and BONFIRE. You can get a copy of the CD if you contact Robert Pancur from TARGET RECORDS at the following e-mail address:

(Points: 8.5 out of 10)

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