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After hearing the first 5 tracks of the CD of the Swedish girl IZABELLA, I was thinking myself if this was a joke or something, because these are all pure pop and even disco orientated songs that sound like ABBA!!! Not really something to review over here. But track six "Red hot and blue" suddenly introduces a great guitarintro by producer OLE EVENRUDE and what follows are a bunch of great AOR songs that are very good and recommended to the female fronted AOR Fan.

"Red hot and blue" is classic uptempo 80s AOR/Poprock in the tradition of all those female vocalists from the mid 80's such as FIONA, TANE CAIN, LISA HARTMAN, BACKSEAT SALLY, FAME (Tv-series) and a lot ERIKA. The following track "Brando moves" moves into a pure classy AOR sound that sounds like a mixture between ELLEN SHIPLEY and FIONA with a Desmond Child chorus and songwriting style. Just sing-a-long is the message. Next track "I know there's someone out there" is a nice ERIKA styled poprocker.

Then we hear the most rocky track of the CD which is called "Rock off" and a lovely uptempo AOR rocker in the heavier ERIKA style. The song reminds me also of AINA, but that is due to te fact that she also recorded the same song on her LP 'Living in a boys world'. The following 3 tracks are again pop like BELINDA CARLISLE. The CD ends with a second version of "Brando moves" which is the best track on this CD.

If you're a rich female fronted AOR fan, then you can buy this and enjoy 4 wonderful tracks. If you don't have enough money, you can easily avoid this CD, because there is too much Pop on the CD. Get a copy by contacting Robert Pancur at the following e-mail address: , I think he can help you getting a copy on CD probably.

(Points: - out of 10)

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