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Luke St. Gold is a guy from Italy that so far only released a demotape. The music of Luke is a mixture of AOR, FM-Rock and cheerful Poprock with influences of the early BON JOVI, JIMMY HARNEN, MICHAEL MORALES, JIMMY MARTIN and RICK MATHEWS. I had an interview with him to get to know him a little bit better.

Please tell us complete history of yourself?

I was born like a drummer and I played into a couple of bands with a good numbers of concerts in the northern Italy, in 1991 my band at the time changed to a more harder sound , therefore I left the band and I began to wrote by myself  AOR songs. I made my first demo, which included two track.. After that I made two other demos in 1994, but it was cheap and a poor recording, until the year 1997, when I decided to record into a good studio a whole demotape with some good players.

Speaking of that demotape, do you have any plans for a CD?

That would be a dream come true, but for now there is no contract done.

Which bands/artists influenced you?

The most influences I have ,are some 80's bands like Survivor, Bon Jovi (especially the first album )
Desmond Child (the best AOR composer that I know), but I love some 90's artists too, like Michael Morales, Hugo, and at the moment I love the latest Bad Habit album.

How popular are you in Italy?

Unfortunately not much, because AOR doesn't have many supporters here,the people prefere Italian singers and it is very hard to sign a contract with some labels, and for this reason I try to contact always the other european or american labels but without luck for now.

Have you had any airplay somewhere?

Just one time, a Californian radio did a couple of my songs.

Can you tell us about the musicians you play with (on the tape and live on stage)?

Surely, to the bass I called up a friend of mine that did play with my former AOR band, his name is Mirko Pantano and he played with another band that played Italian music, to the guitar I called up Gae Manfredini, he is a professional player and he has made a couple of rock cd's, I think he is influenced by some melodic guitarists like Gary Moore, and as last there is keyboardplayer Roberto Gritti. He is the owner of the recording studio where I did the demo. They only played on the demotape, live on stage they haven't played yet, because I don't play live here, the reason is  that I would want to play my or some other famous AOR songs, but in Italy the pub where the bands can play aren't intersted in my kind of music. If you wanna play live, you gotta play Italian music, which I don't want to play. Therefore I cannot play live on stage.

That's a pity, because by playing your music live, you can reach people who might get interested in your music. Well, one more question, what are your plans for the next coming months?

I'll write a brand of new songs (two are already finished), but before to go in some studio I would  like to have a recorddeal with a label, so I can release a real cd (if this will be possible).

Well, thanks for the interview and good luck with your carreer. We will keep our readers informed about LUKE ST. GOLD in the future!