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This mini-album of FINGERPRINT is only on LP available, so if you are going look for it, it will be very hard to find. However it is worth to look for, because the music on their only (?) LP is by far huge AOR! There are only 5 tracks on it, but a few are from a very high quality. The band consisted of Mike Newton on drums, Brett Hansen on guitar, Art Perrello on lead vocals, Rod Masters on keyboards and Alan Butterfield on bass.

Opener "Target" shows right away how good this band sounded. "Target" is a great pure early 80s AOR/Radiorocker with some splendid AOR keys and a sound similar in style to LE ROUX, 707 and SURVIVOR. Next track "Runaway" is a mixture between AOR and Melodic Rock. The song is a cross between SHERIFF, 8084 and the first AUTOGRAPH. It also features some catchy AOR hooklines as well as some cheerful AOR keys, in other words, a fantastic 80s AOR song!

Also the following track "Strong on my own" is classic AOR rock at it's best. In fact, this song is what AOR is all about! Quite similar to the AOR songs of the 'Rocky 4' and 'Transformers' soundtracks. The chorus is a bit more Pomprock based and the whole song reminds me very much of TOUCH.

"Catch a star" is the first song that didn't really grab my attention, although it is slowtempo AOR and very much reminding me of THE AUTOMATIX and FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS (especially the piano-keys). The only difference is that this song is not as good as these acts and is more souning like an unfinished song of these acts.

Closing track "Stop the game" take things to a higher level again. With such harmonyvocals during the chorus I can only say that this is very much in the pomprockstyle of acts like CHARLIE, ROADMASTER, PRISM and most of all TOUCH. A great song and a good finish of this rather interesting mini-LP.

This mini-LP is very underground and not many people know of it. But it's very much worth to buy, because musically it is from a very huigh quality.
For the people who have enjoyed the TOUCH re-release with all it's bonustracks, and liked that CD, I am convinced they will like this FINGERPRINT too, because some songs on this mini-LP are almost as good as the songs of the TOUCH CD.

(Points: 8.5 out of 10)

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