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Do not confuse this old band with the new Progressive Rockband. This EQUINOX released a LP in 1984 on some obscure recordlabel. Maybe it wasn't a sensational release, still a good underrated and undiscovered classic AOR rockalbum with some great tunes here and there.

The LP contains 10 tracks and musically the band sounded like a cross between SUGARCREEK, 707 and PASSENGER. Most of the time, the band sounds like the typical AOR/Melodic Rockband of the early 80s, but at some points there are some influences of Pomprock. This explains the bandname that is a reference to the STYX album 'Equinox'.

The first part of the album contains almost only uptempo AOR rockers that all sound pretty nice, but are not so special that you must look for the LP a.s.a.p. However, songs like "Your love", "Lost without you" and "Come with me" sounds o.k. and remind me a bit of RPM. "All mine" has some beautiful AOR keys at the start and develops into another nice song, this time a bit more AOR/Pomp. Same goes for the track "Live".

Side-B is much better with some very good AOR songs. "Relief", "Horizon" and "Suzy" are all good AOR/Pomprockers like SUGARCREEK. On the other hand, "Rock'n'roll party" is a bit simpler, straight-forward melodic rock'n'roll in the style of 80s NIGHT RANGER. Though, the best song on this album is the track "Don't you know". This song has some pure Pomprock keyboards and develops into a high-class AOR/Pomprocker in the style of LE ROUX, MPG and ROADMASTER. If the whole LP would sound like this song, it would have been a classic!

Although this LP is not a classic, it still has it's high peaks and is very recommended if you want to hear early 80s AOR/Melodic Rock with the occasional Pomprock influences. It will only be very hard to get, I saw you had to spent $150 for a copy, I don't think it is worth that much money. Click here to listen to one of the songs of this album.

(Points: 8.5 out of 10)

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