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More obscure Pomprock in the shape of this EARGAZM. There is no info available of this band, but their only (?) LP release from 1980 is very diverse in style and contains different aspects of the Pomprock.

There are 8 songs on the LP, so the playing time of the whole LP is not really long. The first couple of tracks are not really sensational. There is some nice Pomprock like BLUEBEARD, but also weaker MOLLY OLIVER typed poppy pomp as well as simpler ANGEL pomprock'n'roll.

But when listening to track 4, "Move my lady", we get to hear a great pure Pomprocker. This song has some terrific Piano-Keyboards and a sound close to ROADMASTER. Next track "Let it go" is nice pomprock'n'roll in the STARCASTLE style. Some calmer Pomp can be heard in the song "I love you to love you everyday", this reminds me of JAUGERNAUT.

The last two tracks are a bit of a disappointment, both very poppy and sounding like the very average band MOLLY OLIVER.

Nothing to shout about this release. Yes, it has some good moments and the Pomprockfan can look for it. But I would not spend too much money on this release. Listen to one of the songs on this LP by clicking here.

(Points: 8.0 out of 10)

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