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This German band is very unknown. They released their debut in 1993 on some independent recordlabel called J-Records. Still the production and sound of the band is from a high quality. DELAURIAN are playing your typical kind of German AOR and Melodic Pomprock. Opener "Warriors of light" is a good example of this mixture. This song has some great AOR/Pompkeys, harmonyvocals and is indeed very good AOR/Melodic Pomprock sounding like FAIR WARNING and CRAAFT. The following tracks are not as good as this great opener, but still recommended if you're into BONFIRE/CASANOVA styled Melodic Hard Rock.

"The look in your eyes" takes us into the direction we want to hear from DELAURIAN. A wonderful semi AOR Ballad in the style of DAYTONA, very impressive indeed. Later on the CD is another similar AOR Ballad titled "Angela" which moves a little more into the style of FAIR WARNING. These two songs are really fantastic and show this band at their best side.

The remaining tracks are all nice MHR songs, but nothing that special. The only track worth mentioning is the only uptempo song. This song is called "Carry on" which is a great uptempo melodic rocker in the DOMINOE, KARO, AIDEAN style. A very cheerful song with loads of keys, a great guitarsound and close to pure AOR. Why didn't the band put more songs in this style on their CD.

Anyway, this is quite an enjoyable CD. I don't have any info what the band or its members has done after the release of their debut in 1993. You can get a copy of the CD by contacting Robert Pancur from TARGET RECORDS at the following e-mail address:

(Points: 8.0 out of 10)

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