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Crossing the line (USA/1990)

We already featured the review of this movie way back in -the past-issue 2. But as not many of you are familiar with that issue, I thought I should review it again, because of the classic AOR featured in ‘Crossing the line’. Not only that was the reason, because I recently saw the movie again and guess what? I saw the whole movie and noticed more classic AOR that I didn’t discuss in the first review of this movie. So, here’s the full review.

‘Crossing the line’ is a movie about someone who wants to become a professional motorcyclist, but that isn’t important now, it’s the great music that is featured. The first song appears when the main character enters some local bar where he meets someone.

When he is inside that bar, the music is loud enough to hear it and to see it! Because the featured band is actually performing their song “When love breaks” live on stage in that bar. I have to guess the title, because it wasn’t mentioned on the subtitles of the movie.

Anyway, “When love breaks” is really pure classic AOR from a very high class, what an incredible song and sound this band has. The name of the band is not known, but compare the sound to New Jersey bands like PROPHET, early BON JOVI, INTRUDER, NORWAY, STONE SOUP and also comparisons to FORTUNE, HARLAN CAGE, BOB WHEELER (could have been a song of this Canadian AOR artist, but I think nobody has heard of him) and even WHITE SISTER can be made when hearing this song. 

A song like “When love breaks” could easily become one of those favourite songs among the AOR fans, just listen to those lead and harmonyvocals and the keyboards, really amazing! It would not surprise me if Steve McClintock wrote this song, because in the same year in an other movie appears a song with the same title and Steve wrote that one.

Besides, the vocals on the song “When love breaks” are similar to the vocals of Steve. For anyone who doesn’t know Steve McClintock, he wrote many AOR tracks for movies and is also quite an interesting performer, but never made an album unfortunately. Next song that appears is rather hard to hear, because it is during a telephone conversation in a bar again, but I guess the title is “Love will find a way”.

This song is not so strong as the earlier mentioned song, but still it is great AOR. Especially I heard some very good lead vocals that reminded me of KEVIN CHALFANT! So, quite an excellent vocalist, probably a session vocalist that sings loads of movie songs that only appear in the movie and not on the soundtracks, what a shame that is! Anyway, “Love will find a way” is AOR like TIM FEEHAN’s best material.

The last song was the only song I mentioned in the first published review of ‘Crossing the line’, which was the titlesong “Crossing the line”. Everytime when I hear this song on my tape recorder, I am thinking to myself, why doesn’t anyone release this song on CD! It is such a superb song that could easily been on the classic MARK FREE album ‘Long way from love’ or the FAKE ID CD.

“Crossing the line” is pure classic midtempo AOR in the style of BAD ENGLISH and the mentioned MARK FREE/FAKE ID gems. The lead vocals are done by a guy called JOE PIZZULO, who has an excellent voice that is right up there with guys like Mark Free or Freddy Curci! Joe also wrote the song and actually isn’t so unknown in the AOR-scene, because insiders will know Joe sang backing vocals on a ROBBIE PATTON album and co-wrote the great AOR song “All over again” for TRIUMPH (can be found on their ‘Surveillance’ album) and did some more background stuff for AOR bands/artists.

But on this titlesong “Crossing the line” he proves to be a good lead vocalist on this amazing AOR song. I don’t know if there is a soundtrack out there of this movie that contains the 3 featured songs, but if anyone knows, I would be very pleased to hear that. Without any doubts, the music in this movie is a must for AOR fans and if there is a soundtrack to it, it would be as good as ‘Rocky 4’ or ‘Transformer’, which are still the best AOR soundtracks ever released!