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We are now very much in the underground scene. Do not confuse this Christian AOR band CROSSFIRE with the same named metal band out of Belgium around the same time period. This CROSSFIRE is probably coming out of America. They released one (??) LP in 1986 on the small label Custom Records. I don't know more about this band, except that their music is pretty good.

Musically CROSSFIRE played pure early 80s AOR/Radiorock along the lines of DAVID ROBERTS, first ALLIES, SWEET COMFORT BAND, ALLIANCE (1982), BALANCE, SHELTER, DAKOTA etc. etc. I think you'll get the picture. Some rockier songs, some calmer songs, but all with very melodic harmonyvocals and a great AOR sound.

Opener "We're ready" is probably the best way to start an album. This song is classic 80s AOR/Radiorock in the style of DAVID ROBERTS, LOVERBOY, ERIC MARTIN BAND and even some PREVIEW and BALANCE references. Notable is the beautiful hookline and the superb lead vocals. I don't know the name of the lead vocalist, but can guarantee you that he is the star of CROSSFIRE with his fantastic voice.

Next up is "Battle front", another classic AOR based track. This song is more keyboard based and is a fantastic early 80s pure AOR song like SHELTER, the ROADMASTER album 'Fortress' and even some SURVIVOR. A very strong song and a memorable AOR chorus.

The band slow things down on "Win or lose", a calmer AOR song with a keyboard solo. This song sounds very much like the 1982 album of ALLIANCE. Although this song is pretty soft, it still captures a great guitarsolo. There are also some similarities to ALLIES and FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS on this song.

"I want them to know" is a classic AOR ballad. And again my compliments for the vocalist of CROSSFIRE, he can really sing songs like these. The song is similar in style to the ballads of REO SPEEDWAGON, JOURNEY, SURVIVOR and FAITH NATION.

Following track "I know the answer" is a great uptempo AOR/Pomprocker with a superb chorus and killer keys for the die-hard pomprockfan. The chorus captures some superb harmonyvocals. The song sounds like a mixture between DAKOTA, the 'Up' album of LE ROUX and ROADMASTER.

"Trust in the lord" has a poppy start at the start, but later gets a good TOTO based AOR rocker. Following track "Lean on me" is also a good TOTO/ALLIANCE (1982) based uptempo AOR rocker.

Side-B is a bit less interesting than side-A, because the last two tracks are not much worth for the AOR fan. "I want to be your" is a very soft light AOR/Westcoast ballad a la PLAYER and TOTO. And closing track "On and on" is a simpler midtempo melodic rocker like PETRA.

But don't let this hold you back in finding this undiscovered AOR album, because it contains enough good AOR based material. A must if you're into the early 80s classic AOR sound of bands like SWEET COMFORT BAND, ALLIANCE (1982), FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS, TOTO, BALANCE, DAVID ROBERTS...


(Points: 8.5 out of 10)

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