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We're going back in time to 1989 when a small local band released a cassette album only in the area of Colorado, USA. The band was called CAUGHT IN THE ACT and nobody at that time had heard of this band and also in the folowing 6/7 years the band would not get much attention of the people. The 1989 album featured 8 tracks in the AOR/Melodic Rock category. The music was very much in the style as DANGER DANGER/BON JOVI, at that moment two very popular bands.

The album was not sensational, but still a good melodic rock album that featured a couple of great AOR tracks such as "Don't look lonely" (AOR ballad), "Bedroom eyes" (uptempo AOR/Mel. rock in the same style as the first PHANTOM'S OPERA), "Hold on" (classic AOR keys at the start), "Good girl gone bad" (more great AOR keys) and "On my way" (the best track, a fantastic AOR rocker with lovely hooklines and keys.

If you love(d) the debut of DANGER DANGER and the first couple of BON JOVI albums, then this 1989 debut cassette of the band CAUGHT IN THE ACT is yours. And although those similar bands were very popular in the US at that moment, CAUGHT IN THE ACT didn't get the chance to become so popular. Therefore they didn't secure a deal with a major recordlabel and the band keeps on being just another local rockband.

Until 1995, when a new European AOR label called MTM Music picks up the band and as one of their first releases, this label releases the debut CD of CAUGHT IN THE ACT called 'Act 1: relapse of reason'. Their producer is AXE mainman Bobby Barth. In the following years the band released another album under the name of CITA titled 'Heat of emotion'. Later they changed their name into GUILD OF AGES and released an album last year and now they are going to release a follow-up to that album. In total you can say that the band has released 5 albums.

Nobody will remember the 1989 cassette album CITA/Caught In The Act did, but on this page you can read about it and will now know how it looked like. And also how it sounded! Because below you can download two songs of that 1989 album. The first one is "On my way".

The second song is "Caught in the act". This song is extremely rare, because it is NOT on that 1989 album, but is taken from an official release of local bands by the local radio station who did a compilation LP of local bands for distribution in the area of Colorado. And especially that last mentioned song "Caught in the act" (probably their first recorded song) is one of the best songs they ever recorded. The song is fantastic classic early 80s uptempo AOR rock a la AXE, PRISM, CHARLIE... It really sounds different than the rest of their material. Just listen to the soundbytes and let me know what you think about the songs...

Click below, best listenable with INTERNET EXPLORER:

"On my way"

"Caught in the act"

Caught In The Act '1989 album'  line-up:

Joe Marone      - Bass, Vocals
Rob Marone     - Drums
Matt Karas       - Keyboards, Vocals
Danny Skyler   - Lead vocals, Guitar
Paul Miller        - Guitars, Vocals

Track listing '1989 album':

Side one:

Bedroom eyes
Daddy's little girl
Don't look lonely
Hold on
Side two:

Good girl gone bad
On my way
Clock strikes