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Not to confuse with BROTHER BROTHER, BROTHER TO BROTHER or BROTHER 2 BROTHER! This Swiss band is called BROTHER AND BROTHER and although their CD from 1990 is pretty soft, it has its moments. Phil Carmen produced the CD and it's a pity that the guitars have been pushed a bit too much to the background, because otherwise this CD would be much more interesting for the pure AOR fan.

Anyway, the CD starts pretty nice with two calmer relaxing AOR songs. "Turns to stone"sounds like a mixture between MR. MISTER, BITE THE BULLET and 2 AM. "Somewhere outthere" sounds like a mix between BOULEVARD and OUTRIDER.

The following songs are a bit more leaning towards pop, only the TOTO styled AOR ballad "Will you be there" is worth mentioning, although this song is disturbed slightly by a sax. A song like "Give a little heart" is just pure pop like Paul Young. Happily, not everything is pure pop, because "Tough enough" sound actually pretty nice and is more in the style of the first two tracks of this CD.

Concluded an album filled with soft AOR, close to pop material. Think of a mixture between LIFE BY NIGHT, MR. MISTER, 2 AM and BITE THE BULLET. Not really heavy and interesting, still a collector's item for some of you.

You can get a copy of te CD by contacting Robert Pancur from TARGET RECORDS at the following e-mail address:

(Points: 7.0 out of 10)

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