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Three ring circus
Another day
Let her go
Rise or fall
This time


Classic 80s AOR with many keyboards, comparable to BEAU GESTE, but also Pomp influences and even some I-TEN similarities.

This is also very obscure and hard to get. The 5-track mini-LP of BOOTCAMP. There are some fantastic classic AOR songs on this one. The LP starts with "Three ring circus", a classic 80s keyboard AOR track from a very high quality. This song has almost everything you want to hear in a classic AOR song, such as keys, hooklines... The song reminds me of BEAU GESTE and FORTUNE, although there is also some mid 80s Pomprock a la PROPHET/WINTERS REIGN to be heard. Next track "Another day" is not as sensational as the opning cut, but still a nice uptempo cheeful 80s AOR/Radiorocker like LOVERBOY, BALANCE...

Then comes the absolute winner of this mini-LP. I'm talking about the song "Let her go". This is superb uptempo AOR with a killer AOR chorus that will never get out of your head once you heard it. Speaking of classic 80s AOR! This is really one of those AOR songs that is a pure must for the AOR fan. The song is filled with hooklines, keyboards, harmonyvocals and a chorus that is so incredible catchy. The song is similar in style to AGENT ("Surrender"), AVIATOR and early FM... Only better!!!

"Rise or fall" and this is one of the weakets tracks on the LP. An average poppy keyboard/synthesizer AOR song like JAY GRUSKA, THE PRODUCERS and the lighter tones of I-TEN. But it's the only wekaer song, because closing track "Rise or fall" is a great uptempo AOR track a la AVALON ('Every mans a king') with classy harmonyvocals and hooklines.

Concluded, this is a fantastic release. Only a shame that there are only 5 tracks on this classic AOR release. It's even more a pity that the band never released more. Hard to get, but worth investing your money if you dig the classic 80s AOR.

(Points: 9.0 out of 10)


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