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Give me love
Losing it again
Drive right on the highway
Give it to me
Make my phone ring
Men come
Can you hear me
Hang on


Classic 80s AOR with keyboards, comparable to BEAU GESTE, FORTUNE meets the tougher AOR/Melodic Rock of early BON JOVI and KANE ROBERTS.

We're moving into AOR obscurity territory with this BOB WHEELER. I don't have any info on Bob, I only know he came out of Canada and released one-helluva-AOR album in 1986. I even had to guess the songtitles, because a tape of this record was sent to me without any info. Nevertheless I enjoyed it very much, because the 9 songs on the BOB WHEELER album are pretty much classic 80s AOR like the perfect mixture between BEAU GESTE, FORTUNE and early BON JOVI.

If I had to pick favourite tracks, it oughta be "Drive right on the highway" (midtempo huge AOR sound like FORTUNE - 1985), "Make my phone ring" (a song that BON JOVI wished they have made when they rocked big time in the 80s), "Losing it again" (BEAU GESTE performing Melodic Rock and putting the keys a bit too the back) and the stunning opener "Dynamite" (a song that has that 80s 'Rockclubsound').

This is the kind of music that was played a lot in The States in Rockclubs and in movies in the mid eightees. Just the type of album you will love everytime you play it. It's not a classic, but surely a fantastic album that will be loved by every AOR/Melodic Rockfan.

(Points: 9.0 out of 10)


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