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This is what CLASSIC AOR is all about. The first release of the American AOR Band BEAU COUP is a mini-LP containing six brilliant classic AOR masterpieces. The year is 1984 and on some obscure label called Agora Records the six members of BEAU COUP present us six wonderful tracks that are very much in the style of the AOR that was popular around that time. Dennis Lewin produced the CD and quite surprising is that the band has two lead vocalists. Both have a very good voice.

Opener "Still in my heart" is a wonderful piece of an early 80s classic AOR Ballad in the style of ALLIANCE, FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS, THE AUTOMATIX, DAKOTA... A song that should have been high in the US Billboard Charts back then. The following track is the AOR dream. "You made me believe (in miracles)" is a classic early 80s AOR Rocker like a mix between AVALON (the Canadian band with their classic release 'Every man a king') and FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS. What a fantastic chorus, what a song! This song is the best and highest quality AOR you can get. Side-A closes with another classic early 80s AOR song titled "Someday we'll be together", but this one is not so sensational and more moving into the style of guys like DAVID ROBERTS, DWAYNE FORD and CHRIS MANCINI. Still very AOR based.

Side-B starts with a rather unusual and a bit weird song. The song is called "Don't you believe it" and is a keyboard dominated 80s typed Poprocker like something bands such as MPG, STEEL BREEZE or THE AUTOMATIX might have done if they had released more albums in the 80s. The next track "Desperation Blvd." picks up the classic early 80s AOR from side-A and moves again into the territory of bands like FRANKE AND THE KNOCKOUTS, SHERIFF... The closing track "Somewhere out in the night" is super midtempo AOR that sounds a bit like the 'Runaway' album from DAKOTA.

This last track as well as the opener "Still in my heart" were re-recorded by the band and can also be found on their second and final effort 'Born and raised on Rock'n'Roll'. This album was released in 1987 and is also a classic AOR release, stylish moving more into a STAN BUSH, BRIAN MCDONALD GROUP, BEAU GESTE direction. Unlike their mini LP from 1984, this second effort is easier to get.

You probably have to look very good (and pay a lot) for the original, but you can also get easily a copy on CDR. This CDR has as a Bonus the classic  ARTHURS MUSEUM release. What more do you want?

You can get a copy of that CDR by contacting Robert Pancur from TARGET RECORDS at the following e-mail address: , I think he can help you getting the CDR probably.

(Points: 9.0 out of 10)

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