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Produced by Rick Furlough

Original line-up:

Doug James         - Bass and lead vocals
Carl Brown           - Keyboards
J. T. Williams       - Drums
Michael Whalen  - Lead guitar and Lead vocals


Can't stop rock-n-roll
Do what i want
Do you remember
Just one night
Good for you


Mixture of pure AOR (like WHITE SISTER) and rougher melodic rock (like AUTOGRAPH).

BABE BLU is one of those very obscure bands out of the mid eightees. They released a 5-track mini-LP titled 'Can't stop rock'n'roll' that contained some great AOR and Melodic Rock. Notable is the fact that the band had two lead vocalists that both could sing pretty well.

The mini-LP started with "Can't stop rock'n'roll", a nice AOR/Melodic Rocker that sounds like a cross between AUTOGRAPH and STARSHIP. Next track "Do what I want" is an average melodic hardrocksong. But what makes this LP than so interesting? Well, the last track of side-A and the two tracks on side-B are all pure AOR and sound fantastic!

First there is "Do you remember", a classy semi AOR ballad with a wonderful pure 80s AOR keyboard sound somewhere along the lines of the FOREIGNER, LOVERBOY and GIUFFRIA ballads. Also the wonderful chorus is making this song a winner for the fans of classic AOR ballads.

Side-B starts with "Just one night". This is a typical 80s sounding cheerful uptempo AOR /Melodic Rocker like 8084, WHITE SISTER and GIUFFRIA. Also the closing track "Good for you" is very impressive. This song is a fantastic semi AOR ballad like STARSHIP at their most AOR orientated songs. Also this song has a superb 80s classy AOR keyboard sound.

Although the first two tracks are a bit rougher melodic rock, the remaining 3 tracks are really wonderful AOR in the best 80s tradition. This mini-LP is really hard to get.

(Points: 8.5 out of 10)
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