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Last year we were surprised by many great Spanish AOR releases, such as GOLDEN FARM, NEXX, ICE BLUE, HIROSHIMA, TOKIO, EDEN LOST, ELYTE and the list goes on and on. Now one of the latest new AOR sensations from Spain has arrived and they are called 91 SUITE. They have just released their debut CD on VINNY RECORDS, and I can tell you it's a fantastic pure AOR/Melodic Rock record, in the style of such acts like TOUR DE FORCE, early DANGER DANGER, DRIVE SHE SAID, early HAREM SCAREM... So there was only one thing to do, an interview with 91 SUITE! Here's what they had to say...

Please introduce us your band, when did you form 91 SUITE and did any of you play in bands before 91 SUITE?

AOR music was not very popular in Spain at the time we met and this made it easy for us to meet at different concerts and share opinions about this type of music as well as become good friends. We love Melodic Rock and maybe it was fate that brought us together to form 91 Suite. We had been playing in different projects as well as recording for other artists. Everyone had its own life, you know, we had to work to make a living. But it was great to find a place for 91 SUITE into the AOR musical scene. Nowadays 91 Suite is made up of Jesús Espín (vocals), Iván González (guitarist), Paco Cerezo (guitarist), Dani Morata (keyboardist), and Mario Martínez (drummer).

Can you tell us all about your fantastic debut CD?

Well, the album was recorded from November 2000 to January 2001; this period of our lives was quite intense since we had to work hard every day. When we first entered the studio we had a clear idea of the sound we wanted, but it took us some time to technically find it. We are very satisfied with the result. The choice of the songs in the album was made from the previously-recorded demos and from some other songs written at the studio, 25 altogether. In the end, there are 12 songs for the Japanese and European versions with a different bonus track for each of them. We think there is a great variety of songs, ranging from powerful songs (Hard Rain, Give Me The Night, Hurt & Pain) to more melodic ones (Time to Say Goodbye, Lost In the Silence, All Is
Gone). We hope everybody will enjoy the songs as we do.

You play pure 80s AOR/Melodic Rock, which bands influenced you?

Difficult question as you might guess. Many bands have influenced our sound over the years. Everyone has its own favourite bands, but to name a few we love Harem Scarem, Whitesnake, Mr. Big, Stryper, Journey, Dream Theater, Bon Jovi, Red Dawn, Drive She Said, Firehouse, Alias, Ten, Signal, Gotthard, White Lion, Danger Danger, Street Talk, Europe, Survivor, and a never ending list of bands.

You got help from MARK MANGOLD (an AOR legend!), how did you get in touch with him and how was working with him?

Wow, you can imagine how we felt when we knew that Mark was going to be in charge of the mixes! Vicente was the one who asked Mark to do the job and Mark and his guys accepted it after hearing the demos. All fans of Melodic Rock know that Mark is one of the best AOR musicians, and after you work with him you realize not only how talented he is but also what a nice guy you are dealing with. Al Fritsch added some background vocals to the album and gave that special touch we were looking for. The engineer was one of Mark Mangold's partners in crime, Edward Douglas Guttman.

Moreover it was a pleasure for us to include Mark on the album as a performer too!. The song in question is Hurt & Pain, a guitar-keyboard-driven song. For us it is one of the highlights in the album. He added some harpsichord in the very last part of the song. Great touch! Regarding the work with him none of us could travel to NYC to work with Mark because as said above we have to work to pay our debts...he he he. But although we could not be there with him we were in touch via Internet contrasting ideas. Furthermore, the result of his work really lived up to our expectations.

Are you popular in your area?

Well, we are living a very special moment due to the fact that they are many aor bands in Spain right now...Golden Farm, Nexx, Eden Lost, Ice Blue, Spanish people is realizing how important is this musical genre nowadays in Spain. They are many people supporting us all over the world not only Spain so from here we want to say thanks to all of them.

Do you also tour with your band (probably in Spain?)? Any plans to tour elsewhere outside Spain?

We are basically playing Spain, we are showing our album to the Spanish people but of course we would like to play outside Spain, maybe in (Holland...hehe) well,Europe or Japan. It's not easy to find the opportunity
to travel abroad in order to play. We hope to do it this year...

What are you favourite albums at the moment?

Well, they are very good albums at the moment, Giant - III, Gotthard - Homerun, Journey - Arrival, Terry Brock - Back To Eden, Pride - Far From The Edge, Eclipse - The Truth & A Little More, Mr Big - Actual Size...but we are wishing to hear something from the last Harem Scarem, Street Talk and Two Fires...

When you write your songs, what are they about and are there any interesting stories to tell about them?

I can briefly resume every song included in the album:

1.- The Day She Left: It’s about a girl leaving her old town to start a new life in another place. But life in the big city is not easy. A song inspired in the book Great Expectations.
2.- Down To You: What a relationship is all about you can find it here: ups and downs, heartaches...It’s like you are living under the spell of your beloved one. She can get whatever she wants from you.
3.- Time To Say Goodbye: This is the typical case in which a man/woman leaves his/her partner. Needless to say, the abandoned person doesn't want him/her to leave, but he/she cannot do anything to avoid it. All this seen
through the eyes of the one who loses.
4.- Lost In The Silence: A song based on the difficulties to keep the fire burning in a relationship. Time goes by and takes its toll, it’s not easy and you have to go through some troubles.
5.- Hard Rain: What is left after a break-up?, maybe friendship...being there to help the other in whatever he may need. Mature song. Maybe you cannot see what is happening but you have a friend in me and I'm trying to
help you in any way I can.
6.- Chances: It’s about those chances we all let slip away. You realize you are not so strong to face the real world and then you give up some of those chances.
7.- Hurt & Pain: A song about hope, a man changing his mind , facing the truth and being stronger than it: “I used to believe that life was a road of fire and steel but I'm not that man anymore...”
8.- All Is Gone: It’s not fair when you are giving 200% and your girl just lets herself go. A relationship should be built up in confidence and equality.
9.- Give Me The Night: After two years of loneliness, I still cannot realize you are not here with me. I've got a lot of memories in my mind. A reading of one’s mind.
10.- I Will Stand By You: No matter how hard they try to separate us I will stand by you, we will find the key. I'm too tired of missing you and no one can stop me now.
11.- Chance Of A Lifetime: It is a possible continuation of the song chances, but into the world of sentiments. You can let some chances go but in this case you let your heart slip away. A sad but beautiful song.
12.- Wherever I Am: We might have no money, life is treating us bad, but we are together and that is, these days, the only thing we ask for, we only need each other.

How did you get your bandname 91 SUITE?

Well, you know how difficult is to find a "91 hotel room" in a hotel . But one day, while we were stayed at a hotel in Valencia (Spain) we could see it. That was something really curious for us, so we took the name and
decided to use it. It's just don't have to take it too seriously...hehe.

Have you been working on some new material yet?

Of course, we are always writing new songs because we love doing that but we are now really busy presenting our album and preparing live shows. We try to combine these two things.

What are the plans for the next coming months?

Well, we have live shows during January til February. We are also writing the Spanish lyrics for the Spanish version of the album. Moreover we want to record an acoustic we will be really busy this year.

Finally, do you have anything to add to our readers?

Of course, Thanks for the interview and we would like to say thank you to all the people who bought and buy the album as well as the impressive feedback we are having via our website Remember that you can leave your comments on the album or whatever you like.