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2 HOT 4 U is a German band that released this second CD (their first was 'Flames', released in 1992) not so long ago, but it has hardly been picked up by any of the AOR publications. A shame, because musically this band sounds good. The band is playing a musicstyle that mixes AOR, Prog. rock (a la SAGA) and Pomprock all together in one style, although AOR is clearly the style the band prefers.

There are lots of keys on all the songs and the band has two lead vocalists which sets them apart from most other AOR bands out of Germany. The overall sound is a mixture of JOJO, 80s SAGA and CRAAFT. After a short intro ("Addice"), we are surprised with "A candle for our paradise", a good sounding AOR/Melodic Rocker that has some light progressive influences.

Next track "The secrets of fortune" is much more progressive rock, while over here there are also some pomp keyboards and a chorus reminding me of TOTO. Also the following song "Listen closely" has great AOR/Pompkeys, but the song itself is more like an AOR rocker in the style of the first SAY album (if anyone remembers that CD). This song also has a few STYX influences, but not all the way.

Then we come to the best track on this CD, namely "Silent emotion", a great AOR ballad with some lovely keys and this song is sounding different than the rest and is quite similar in style to SIGNAL (yes, you have read the bandname right).

"Force of former times" is a good cheerful AOR/Melodic rocker that is close to what DOMINOE did on their 2 wonderful albums. The second part of the CD is nice progressive melodic rock/AOR, but never too sensational. There are some ASIA references in songs like "Jealousy line", but overall the songs are not really special.

Although this CD has it's moments, it doesn't have such a high quality that you should pick it up today. I would say, first have a listen and if you like what you hear, then buy it. And if you click here, you can indeed have a listen to one of the songs on this CD.

(Points: 8.0 out of 10)

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