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SAI.BA.NI.SA Gopalarao

#Maharaj SAI named Gopalarao Ravada as SAI.BA.NI.SA. In the language telugu it is

BA = Badyatalu

NI = Nirvarthinche

SA = Sanyasi

which means the person who obeys the instructions of SAI and implements it.


Prior to 1989 I was not knowing about SRI SHIRIDI SAI BABA. Some body gave me the photograph of SRI SAI BABA during the month of January,1989. Whenever I looked to that photograph, I felt SRI SAI BABA was smiling at me. Indeed it was a magnetic effect and I felt I must visit SHIRIDI. In the month of July1989 my neighbour Sri Bhonslay invited me to visit SHIRIDI along with him. I visited SHIRIDI and that was the turning point in my life. From 07-06-1990 onwards daily I started reading "SAI SATCHARITA" written by SRI NAGESH VASUDEV GUNAJI, and since then my life style was totally changed. Prior to 1989 I was living like a vagabond. The day I started reading "SAI SATCHARITA" I felt responsibility in my family life and Official life. It was on 11-04-1991 I was reading chapter 21, of SRI SAI SATCHARITA and the following lines in the page 111 attracted me, "You should study this book and if you do so, your desires will be fulfilled; and when you go to the North in discharge of your duties in future, you will come across a great Saint by your good luck, and then he will show you the future path, and give rest to your mind and make you happy". In the month of March, 1991 there was a talk in the Office that some Officers will be sent on official duty to Sweden and South Korea. On 11-04-1991 at 07.30 a.m. I prayed BABA to give me a chance to go abroad. When I reached my office on 11-04-1991 I was asked to sign the Passport papers. On that day I came to know that Chief Executive has recommended my name along with another name to visit South Korea. When I signed the passport papers I felt happy and bowed my head on the Lotus Feet of Lord SAINATH, and offered my "PRANAMS". I got my official passport and VISA on 01-05-1991 in my hand. Myself and Co-officer left Hyderabad on 05-05-1991 to South Korea. It was on 06-05-1991 the time was 01.00am and my security check was over in the Bombay International Airport and I was waiting to board the aircraft of SWISSAIR, (FLIGHT from ZURICH - BOMBAY - HONGKONG - SEOUL). I felt I must pray SAI BABA before entering the aircraft. I was going by the side of all the DUTY FREE SHOPS in the airport and felt happy to see the photo of SAI BABA in one shop. The time was 01.10 a.m. and the departure time of flight is 01.20 a.m. I stood and prayed in front of that Photograph for two minutes and entered the aircraft. The time was 01.20 a.m. the aircraft was moving on the runway. The time was 01.30 a.m. and the aircraft was airborne. That was my first experience to travel abroad on an international flight, and my heart was beating fast. I closed my eyes for ten minutes and started chanting OM SAI-SRI SAI-JAYA JAYA SAI. I felt very happy when the pilot of the aircraft announced to remove the belts and relax. At that time the aircraft was moving at a speed of 900 miles per hour at an altitude of 40,000 feet. Just before the takeoff one tall gentleman with a fair complexion entered the aircraft and sat by my side. when the airhostess started serving cool drinks, in a friendly way I asked that gentleman as to who he was and where from he had come. He replied that he is RAJ.I.MIRPURI and is coming from SHIRIDI and going to Hong Kong. On learning that he came from SHIRIDI, I was over joyed with love and talked about SAILEELAS with him. We were talking up to 03.00 a.m. and I set my alarm at 05.00 a.m. to read the KAKADA ARATI OF SAI BABA and gone to sleep. When the alarm was ringing I got up and I could see bright Sun light from the aircraft and the airhostess was serving breakfast. I asked about the time she told it is 08.00 a.m. (local time) now. I washed my face and started reading KAKADA ARATI, the gentleman sitting by the side of me (Mr. RAJ.I.MIRPURI) asked me to read the Kakada Arati little loudly so that he too can listen to it. I completed reading the Kakada Arati and offered the Morning break-fast as Naivedyam to Sai, and offered the Prasad to that Gentleman. He questioned what is the guarantee that it is SAI PRASAD. I felt I must answer to his question and I prayed SAI about my position. When I looked to the break-fast plate cover I found letters SAI on it. It was actually printed as SWISSAIR on it and I underlined the letters SAI with my pen and shown to that gentleman the word SAI. I told him ANNAM (Food) is PARABRAHMA SWARUPAM and SAI is PARABRAHMA. He congratulated me for the feelings I had about SAI, and he purchased a sweet packet from the SKY SHOP in the aircraft and presented to me. It was around 09.00 a.m. (local time) the plane landed in Hong Kong. I asked that gentleman to give his visiting card so that I can drop a letter to him when I go back to India. With a smile he gave me his Visiting Card and left the aircraft. After a brief halt at Hong Kong the Plane finally landed in SEOUL (01.00 p.m. local time). From SEOUL myself and my Co-officer took domestic flight to PUSAN. In PUSAN our host has received us in the airport and taken us to CHANG WON City by Road. It was evening 6.30 (local time) I reached the Hotel and relaxed .It was night 8.00 p.m. and my host came to my room and asked me to join for the Dinner. I requested him to wait for about half-an-hour so that I can complete the night prayer. He agreed to wait and I completed SAJE ARATI of SAI BABA. During Arati I Prayed SAI to give me a feeling that he is in the CHANGWON CITY also. After the Arati my host has taken me to balcony of my hotel room and started showing me the CHANG WON City in lights. To my surprise I could see big NEON letters SAI on a nearby hotel. I asked my host about the NEON letters SAI, he could not explain about word SAI, but he promised to take me to that place. He took me to that hotel and I could see NEON letters SAI clearly and other letters not glowing. When I have gone near the NEON letters I found it as SALOON. I asked my host what it meant by the word SALOON. He explained me the meaning of SALOON as BAR where you can relax and drink beer etc. To fulfill my wish SAI appeared in the Form of NEON LIGHTS (SAI) and proved that he is everywhere on Earth. After completing my official work in South Korea, I returned to Hyderabad on 21-05-1991 and written two letters to that gentleman of Hong Kong, and I could not get any reply from him. When I could not get any reply I felt he is SAI and I checked the Visiting Card and I could see small size emblem of GLOBE on the card and felt SAI is Everywhere in this Universe.



During the year 1991 I was trying for a good marriage alliance for my daughter but I could not succeed. I had been to various places and invited parents of bridegrooms to visit my house and see my daughter. Inspite of various requests no one has turned up to see my daughter. It was on 01-01-92 New Year's day morning I prayed Sri SAI BABA of SHIRIDI and asked for a message regarding the marriage of my daughter. I closed my eyes and opened a page in the SAI SATCHARITA written by Sri Nagesh Vasudev Gunaji. To my surprise it was page 241 chapter 47 and the message was "I told him not to worry about this, as the bridegroom himself would come seeking her". I was very happy as the message indicates marriage of my daughter will takes place in the year 1992. In the month of January 1992 One of my friends Sri Sree Ramachandra Murthy asked me the Bio-data and Horoscope of my daughter so that he will give it to his friend Sri Somayajulu who is a social worker and match maker. Infact I was not much associated with Sri Somayajulu. On 17-02-1992 when I reached my office at 09.00 a.m. Telephone on my table was ringing and I lifted the phone when I asked who is speaking at the other end, the answer was, he was the bridegoom who came from Visakhapatnam to see my daughter. He told me about Sri Somayajulu who has given Bio-data and Horoscope of my daughter. I was in dilemma and prayed Baba, Sri SAI BABA instantly answered my prayer and advised me to go ahead. I invited the bridegroom and his parents to my house at 02.30 p.m. and introduced my daughter to them. They had a talk with my daughter for about one hour and left my house to Visakhapatnam. On 19-02-1992 I got a telegram from the bridegroom's father stating that they liked my daughter and invited me and my wife for betrothal ceremony. With the consent of my daughter we reached Visakhapatnam on 20-02-1992, and fixed the marriage of my daughter. I felt Sri SAI has given a good bridegroom to my daughter. The marriage fixed on 10-05-1992 at 06.58 a.m. in Hyderabad. I prayed Baba to help me in the marriage activities and for the success of the marriage on 22-03-1992 in the afternoon sleep Sri SAI BABA appeared to me in the dream in the form of my Father (LATE SRI R.V.RAO) and promised me that he will help me in my daughters marriage and he will attend the marriage also. I was surprised how a dead person (my father) can attend the marriage and help me in the marriage. IN SAI SATCHARITA chapter 40 page 212 SRI SAI BABA says "I always to think about him for those who remembers me, I require no conveyance, i.e carriage, Tonga, (Horse drawn Cart) or an Aero plane. I run and manifest myself to him, who lovingly calls on me". I felt SRI SAI BABA may not attend the marriage of my daughter in the form of my father. SRI SAI says in the SAI SATCHARITA page 151 chapter 28 "I have no form nor any extension - I live Everywhere" SRI SAI BABA further told in chapter 40 page 213 "See, to keep my words I would even sacrifice my life, I would never be untrue to my words". I totally surrendered to SRI SAI BABA and started the marriage arrangements. In the month of March 1992 wedding cards were printed and as per the directions of SRI SAI I posted First card to Genesh Temple, Ranathambhor, Second card to Balaji Temple, Tirupathi, Third card to Sri Sai Baba in Shiridi. Then I posted five cards abroad and prayed Baba to see that atleast one family from abroad attends the marriage. I was surprised to see my well wishers Smt. & Sri V.Surya Rao from U.S.A came to Hyderabad on 09-05-1992 to attend the marriage. On 09-05-1992 I prayed Baba to help me in the marriage function and see that it is successful. Finally the marriage day i.e 10-05-1992 has come, I was very busy in the morning as the MUHURAT was at 06.58 a.m. I could not spare even five minutes time for the SAI SATCHARITA Parayana. I was having Ahamkar (Pride) that I can spare daily time for SATCHARITA PARAYANA. Sri Sai made me so much busy that I could not touch the SAI SATCHARITA on that day, and he removed my Ahamkar. I totally forgot Sri Sai in the marriage and I was talking to my friends and bridegroom's relatives. It was around 11.45 a.m. the Pandit of Bridegroom has come to me along with a Brahmin and asked me to give some Dakshina to the Brahmin. I thought the brahmin must be his relative, and I gave Rs.21/- as Dakshina. Then the Brahmin was asking about food. The Pandit has sent him to dining hall to take the food along with other guests. When I entered dining hall to talk with the guests and relatives, I found the Brahmin who took Dakshina from me was smiling towards me, I felt he may ask more money and so I left that place. I was fully busy in attending to the need of the Bridegrooms party. The time was 04.30 p.m. and the DOLLI started. I could not take food even at 6.30 p.m. I was having some mis-understandings with some relatives and I was upset. Because of the mis-understandings I could not take food in the night also. After the MUHARAT in the morning my well wisher Sri V.Surya Rao who came to the marriage from U.S.A has offered the Break-fast and told me "you will be very busy today and you will not get time to take food so have this breakfast". Had I not taken the breakfast it would have become FASTING day to me. SRI SAI is against fasting and he never allowed his devotees to observe fasting. (Ref.Chapter 32 page 173). In the night before I was going to bed I prayed Sri Sai Baba and conveyed my thanks to him for the success of the marriage. I felt Sri Sai Baba has not attended the marriage and it was Baba's breach of promise. Sri Sai has promised on 22-03-1992 that he will attend the marriage, if Sri Sai Baba attended the marriage in which form he attended? It was a question to me and I asked Sri Sai to kindly clear my doubts. Sri Sai Baba appeared to me in the dream in the form of Brahmin (who took Rs.21/- from me as Dakshina) and was smiling. I got up from my bed and stood in front of Sai's Photograph and blamed myself for not recognising Sai who attended my daughter's marriage without fail. Next day to cross check I asked Bridegrooms Pandit about the Brahmin who took Rs.21/- as Dakshina from me. He informed that the Brahmin is a Stranger to him who happened to come to the marriage. I felt that STRANGER is none other than SAI.



Happy periods and bad times are common features in every body's life. It is also quite common to think about god only in the hour of crisis. Lord SAINATH has always been kind to be with me on all the occasions. This is the third experience of SAI BANISA under the series. Every devotee rarely forgets the first experience and I am no exception to the rule. Prior to 1989, I did not know about this great saint. It was during the months of January, February of 1989. One of my friends presented me with a photograph of SAI and with due respects I got it positioned in my drawing room. The light smile on the face of SAI inspired me a lot and was instantly drawn to it and from then onwards forever. It was regular practice to visit the temples of Lord Anjaneya and Goddess Pochamma on all Saturdays. Days were passing on and I have decided to go to SHIRDI on advice from my friend Shri.Bhonsle. As usual I started for my temple ritual with Rs.4/- in my pocket and offered Rs.2/- to priest in Anjaneya temple. Rs.1/- to an old woman outside the temple and Rs.1/- to Goddess Pochamma. On that particular Saturday the elderly woman outside greeted me traditionally and I promised to pay her normal due. On coming out I noticed another stranger an old aged person in Khaki colored shorts and Shirt, White Headgear Tin Pot and a Wand, stretching his arm for money. With a pause I parted with the balance Rs.1/- and offered a plain visit to the other temple. I left the place and could see the old man rubbing the coin and gazing at me with a smile writ on his face. I was to set out for my travel to SHIRDI on the same day afternoon. A passing thought ran through my mind and perhaps it could be that SAI came in the form of old man to receive dakshina from me. Immediately I rushed to the temple again and he was not available there. I enquired from the old woman. I was told that an aged person with a white dhoti, white khafni, a tin pot and a wand was inquiring whether devotees to this temple offer any alms to people like him. The lady it seems promptly replied that I would offer her Rs.1/- and he too can ask for it when I come outside. I was at loss to understand as to how he appeared to me in a different dress than what the old lady has described. The old lady must have been very fortunate to have his grace though ignorantly was my feeling then. He immediately disappeared from the scene. To me it was SAI who took dakshina from me, with a typical smile perhaps at my failure to recognize him in the first attempt. I ran fanatically through all streets to locate him on my two wheeler but could not trace him. I reached SHIRDI the next day morning (Sunday) and gazed the marble statue of SHRI SAINATH with folded hands and tearful eyes. Needless to say that my imagination ran to the old man in khaki shorts and shirt. From then on he has always been with me through thick and thin and extending constant and continued support.



This incident dates back to a warm Saturday’s evening during summer month of April 1990 in the same temple site as mentioned in my earlier experience. My mind was pre-occupied with thoughts about my first experience with SAI. I was thinking whether I can do something to keep my memories ever fresh. A flash came to my mind that offering of PADHUKAS (FOOT IMPRESSIONS) made of marble and getting them installed under the NEEM TREE may be more appropriate. In the meanwhile I saw the temple priest going round the Neem tree and walking towards me. He stood by my side and came up with a strange request "sir, coming summer is going to be severe and every day I have to walk to the temple bare footed, so will you please present me with a pair of slippers made of leather". I was a totally surprised and over whelmed with joy as my running thoughts were captured by SAINATH. It is also well known that people rarely accept charities of this nature. He further requested me if I can be kind enough to give a kerosene fuelled stove for his daily scores. I readily acceded to both requests with pleasure. The kerosene stove in this context I consider it to be symbolic of ‘DHUNI’ maintained by LORD SAINATH. I fulfilled both the desires of the priest and I was finally left with the satisfaction that I was blessed to have met the requirements of SAINATH through priest.



When Hemadri Panth (Anna Sahib Dhabolkar) contemplated to write Sai Satcharita, Sri Sai advised Shyama (Madhava Rao Deshpande), the mediator to see that Hemadri Panth sheds his Ahankara and take recourse to his feet, then I myself shall complete the writing. Sai was always instrumental in removing ahankara (ego) from the mind of his devotees and thereby contribute to the spiritual advancement of his devotees. In this experience, the 5th under the series, I shall show how Sai tackled with my ahankara.

It was a cool morning of winter during the month of December, 1990; I offered prayers at the Ganesh Temple near Secunderabad Station and came out. A smiling middle aged person clad in white South Indian attire wanted me to offer 1/- as dakshina. The typical smile reminded me of Sai's Photograph in my house. I naturally felt happy that Sai himself was demanding and I readily obliged to. After parting I walked towards another temple of Panduranga Vittal in the nearby vicinity. While doing so a thought crept in to my position conscious mind that I am a class one Officer and why Sai always demands a dakshina Rs.1/- only when I have capacity to pay more i.e Rs.2/- as Baba normally does. Certainly this cannot be my fault. As I was passing through a lodging house in busy traffic area my attention was drawn to a fakir calling for me. Involuntarily I moved towards him. Without any wait he blasted me with words "you are a big officer and I am considered a poor Sai Baba. Can you give me as much as I demand? Are you treating me as a beggar? It appears that your ahankara has grown out of proportion".

Like a statue I listened to these sermons and realized my grave mistake. How did this fakir on road capture thoughts reeling in my mind? Definitely I consider it was none other than Sai Baba himself graced in fakir's form to put a check on my growing ahankara and guide me on to the path of righteousness. Unmindful of the surroundings and with tremors in my body I touched his feet and requested him to pardon me while quickly dumping a two rupees note in to his palm. After coming out of Pandu Ranga Vittal's Temple I looked back nervously to find the fakir nowhere around. I concluded that Sai is SARVANTARYAAMI and what fitting lesson he gave me to remember and practice it forever.



Let us recall from Shri Sai Satcharitra as to how Sai blessed two students and granted them success in their examinations. Babu Tendulkar believed the predictions by astrologers and got disheartened. He preferred not to write the examinations in Medicine. Similarly Shevade who was also taking Law examinations were equally graced and blessed by Baba to come out successfully in their tasks. I would like to humbly submit my similar experiences.

It dates back to the month of October 1990 when I was set out to go for a departmental promotion scheduled to be held in Madras (presently the city of Chennai). As a matter of habit, I was nervous. On the dawn of the day I was sitting on the lawns of the GuestHouse and going through the ritual of reading the Sai Satcharitra. The day's chapter turned out to be 45th one where in Kaka Sahib expresses doubt and Baba answers to Anand Rao in vision "go now, fear not, feel no anxiety, and you will attain your welfare". I could simultaneously hear a cuckoo singing. I took it as a good omen and blessings from Sainath. I faced the interview courageously and could come out successfully with flying colors. Happily I returned back to Hyderabad.

Again during the same month of October 1997 I moved out to Bombay for promotion to the next higher grade. I was relatively less qualified compared to all others in the fray. Sai must bless me this time also, otherwise it is simply impossible. After a shower in the morning, I sat down for the normal parayana of Satcharitra. By strange coincidence I was to read the same chapter i.e 45th one. Repetition of what is sited in the above lines - Kaka Sahib's doubt and Anand Rao's vision - Baba's unfailing words of assurance. Ofcourse this time it was not cuckoo but a pigeon's call. I am once again blessed and I leave it for any body to guess the outcome.

Repeat of 1990 in 1997 under identical situations and to be blessed on both the occasions is humanly not possible but for the divine intervention of Sainath. Recapture of these incidents rejuvenate my faith in Shirdi Sai Baba. I am sure every one can undergo his/her own experiences in his fold.



Sai responds to the distress calls of his devotees instantaneously is a well known fact to all of us. Balram Mankar after undergoing his penance at Maschindragarh was on his way back to home. He reached Pune Railway Station and wanted to board the train bound for Dadar in Bombay. The serpentine queue at the ticketing counter and mob around made him more nervous. He has almost decided it as impossible to travel. He thought of Sai and appealed to him to see that he tides over the crisis. Not long after Sai appeared before him as a villager and placed a ticket for Dadar in his palm saying that he has a ticket for Dadar and he is not in a position to undertake journey due to exigencies. The stranger disappeared into crowd before Mankar could realize as to what has happened. This is as narrated in Sai Satcharitra – 31st chapter.

I have come across a similar situation and like to humbly share my experience with all my fellow Sai devotees. It was during the year 1991 I was waiting at Rajahmundry Railway Station after attending to a mela at the holy river `GODHAVARI’. These festivals are held once in 12 years in almost all sacred rivers in our country (INDIA). My relatives wanted me to handover a suitcase to their known persons staying in Secunderabad.

Next day morning at 07.00 A.M I arrived at Secunderabad Railway Station with my personal luggage and the suitcase to be delivered. I took the help of a porter to come out of station premises. I was stopped at the exit gate by the ticket Inspector. He suspected the luggage to weigh more than the permissible limit off 30 kgs. The total luggage weighed 39 kgs including personal baggage. A penalty of Rs.115/- was ordered to be paid. I was not having more than Rs.20/- in my pocket. All my pleadings and prayers to the Ticket Inspector have gone unheeded. Apart from this passers by were looking towards me suspiciously. I underwent the embarrassing ordeal for nearly half an hour standing aside mute, helplessly. Then I sincerely prayed upon Sai to pull me out of this mess and stood silently as a spectator, watching things and happenings around.

After a lapse of some time I noticed the Officer in charge above these Ticket Inspectors walking towards me. He offered me a glass of cool water from the nearby Refrigerator. "I know this suit case does not belong to you, it is of your relatives". For a moment I was struck speechless. He called for a porter and ordered to see that the luggage is properly placed into a private carrier and also help me out. He advised the Inspector near the Exit gate not to harass me and coolly walked away. Who else could it be other than Sai to appear in the form of Officer-In-Charge and save me? I whole heartedly saluted Sai with folded hands.



In those days it was an established practice for people going out of Shirdi to seek permission and blessings from Baba and then only move out. Those of them who followed the procedure never faced any hurdles and could complete their mission successfully. Those who did not comply with this practice had to either face some or other difficulty or terminate the journey halfway through, for unknown reasons. This aspect is aptly demonstrated in chapter – 9 of Sai Satcharitra. I too have undergone similar experiences and would like to narrate one of them.

It was during the year 1992 March when I had to go to Nandyal, a town in Andhra Pradesh to gather more information about my son-in-law to be, upon insistence by my wife. It was set in my mind that it may not be appropriated to do so when marriage is already fixed up but my wife wanted it to be done. I prayed upon Sai for advice and opened up a page at random from Saicharitra (page 51, chapter-9) and the message was clear enough to caution me not to move out of a station in haste. After lot of deliberations finally I decided to go to Nandyal.

 Exactly on the festive day of ‘MAHA SHIVA RATRI’ I reached my would be son-in-law’s residence. He was least comfortable and appeared feeling delicate on my sudden unexpected arrival without any prior notice. I had to bluff him and said that I arrived to offer my prayers at the temple of Lord Shiva at Mahanandi on this auspicious day. He was already planning to go along with his friends to Lord Narasimha Swamy Temple at Ahobilam (a nearby place) and invited me to join them. I readily agreed to the proposal and we all completed our temple rituals by 12.00 noon at Ahobilam on the same day and were returning.

The return transport was not available till evening as the Bus had just then left. The nearest village was 8 km away and we had no other way except to walk in scorching heat. I was feeling exhausted and restless too. No tree, shade or place to take shelter was in site. I took to main high way in the fond hope that some private carrier may offer me a lift seeing my plight. I fully got convinced by then that all the ordeals were due to my ignoring Sai’s advice and fore warning. I closed my eyes and sincerely started praying upon him to forgive me for my offence and help me out. A lorry with inscriptions "SHIRDI SAI BABA LORRY SERVICE" with a photograph of Sai in blessing stopped in front of me and I got fainted. Later on I understood that people around helped me into the Lorry. Thus we reached the nearest village. The driver offered me a glass of soda and lemon to recover. I could see and feel my beloved Sai Baba with his protective gaze in the eyes of the driver. I greeted him traditionally with folded hands and with a sense of gratitude.



The chapter No.46 of 'Sai Satcharitra' highlights one of the many assurances given by Baba to his devotees. On acceptance of an individual as a devotee Sai constantly follows him, stands by him, where ever he is, no matter even if he is thousands of miles away or across the seven seas. As a staunch devotee of Sai I fully endorse the popular belief and I am placing before you an incident that has taken place in my life.

Kindly recall and refresh your memories with the contents of my First Experience with Sai where in I mentioned about the details regarding my visit to South Korea. This particular episode is in continuation to it. As soon as I entered into my Hotel suite in the city of Changwan a giant sized Honey bee like fly took a round about me and left the room. As a prelude I must admit that while on a flight from SEOUL in South Korea to the city of Pusan by a Korean Airliner, a thought ran through my mind. This may appear unusual and funny to all others but for those in fold of Sai it will be interesting to know as to how things get organized under Baba's care. A similar incident is depicted in chapter-46 of saisatcharitra during BABA's conversation with Nana Saheb Chandorkar and Kaka Saheb Dikshit on the eve of their departure, after seeking Baba's blessings. He uttered - "Take Shyama with you and I shall join at GAYA, by the time they complete their pilgrimage to Benaress and Prayag (the holy cities in northern India). If these words are true then to strike similarities I must find Sai in Changwan before I reach the city - a self test for my faith.

I completed my official assignment in Changwan and was preparing for return journey to India on 16-05-91. After reading morning Aarati and I was astonished to find the same fly like insect going round the table lamp and leaving the room from the window. Sai proved his words to be an assurance to Shyama by appearing as a big photograph decoured in the main Hall of the priest of Gaya. By now I got fully convinced that Sai was with me in the city of Changwan in the form of big fly in the hotel room. My mind was ringing with words of Sai that he exists in all forms of life. Probably he meant to convey that he reached before me and was leaving before I leave for India.



let me request and focus your attention to 40th chapter of Sai Sat charitra where in Sai during the year 1917 has promised to Hemadri panth in his dream that he would visit their house on ' HOLI ' the festival of colors for having lunch . This promise he fulfilled and arrived in the form a photograph just before their lunch time. Similar experience which I have undergone is narrated under this experience to show that Sai is continuing to extend his humble grace even now, as he was doing to his devotees in the past while alive.

It was during the month of March 1996, on a Sunday morning hours, Sai appeared in the form of my establishment's Chief Executive and conveyed that he would come to my house for lunch. This message I have duly passed on to my wife as she has to prepare extra food for the guest to come . My wife although a Sai devotee was doubtful about the possibility of my chief's visit as we do not have family contacts with him. However from her side she went ahead with her preparations. My consciousness was firm that some one uninvited would definitely come by lunch time.

It was past one' o clock and none turned up and my wife unable to withstand hunger commenced her lunch at two' o clock. By now I was turning a bit shaky, but my belief was still firm that he would come in some form or other. My mind was oscillating like a simple pendulum between her nagging on one side and my belief on the other side. In state of helplessness I too commenced my lunch mechanically without any appetite for eating. At the fag end of my lunch , our door bell gave a ring and my joy knew no bounds to find a lower cadre employee of our organization and a good acquaintance of mine stepped with words that he has come to say a hello to me.

Normally nobody from my office have the habit of visiting me at my house. How come this could happen? It is only on initiation of Sai this could take place. The words uttered by him are more significant to the present context as he said that on completion of his shift duties he was on his way back home and felt strong desire to see me. As the Bus touched our corner street he got down to see me. Now I was in a fix whether I should offer him lunch or not, but my wife expressed her opinion that it is not our tradition to offer left over food items to a guest as it violates the principle of ' ATHIDHIDEVOBHAVA '. However she came forward with a suggestion to offer him freshly prepared snacks (a fast food item) .He was offered a plate full and without any hesitation he consumed all of it. Later he had a glass of water and stepped out with a soft smile. The gentle smile reminded me of Sai's promise that he would go to any extent to keep up his word. Of course one may have to undergo through trials and testing periods to be ultimately blessed by him.



All of us are aware that there are many examples quoted in Sai Satcharitra which unfailingly established that Sai appeared in dreams of individuals and uttered distinct words and cautions . The incidents as predicted have taken place and in most of the cases were like early warnings and indicators for the coming events. I hereby take the privilege to place before you all, two such experiences.

It was on the wee hours of Sri Ram Navami festival during the year 1991,Sai appeared in the form of a saint and addressed me that he would grace my house in the form of Ram and Lakshman and have the prasadham from my house. As usual I informed my wife about the dream and his words. My wife by then was not in the fold of Sai and gave a casual laughter and ignored the whole episode. I have gone through the rituals of all the four Aaratis and my wife distributed prasadham to all our visitors and guests. Just before bed time, my wife put me to embarrassment with a question as to whether any of the visitors who all turned up during the day were Ram and Lakshman. I was in a state of confusion as to what should be my answer. My memory scanned through all the visitors of the day and paused at my friend Raghu Raman Satulury who happened to come to my house along with his two daughters for the evening Aarati and had Baba's prasadham. I have gone to bed with out answering my wife's question as I myself was not sure. Sri Sai again appeared in my dream in the form of the same saint and addressed to me that he has fulfilled his promise. Next day I met my friend and he cleared my wife's doubt. His two daughters were twins and it is normal practice amongst south Indians to identify twins with Ram and Lakshman the inseparable divine brothers of the epic Ramayana. Sai has graced the occasion in the form of twin daughters of my friend. I bowed to Sai with folded hands and with full devotion.

Let me quickly take you through the second experience. It was on the eve of my daughter's marriage, I had been to her would be in - law's residing in the township of Vizag in Andhra Pradesh. I planned to leave on 8th of March 1992 and return back by 9th March 1992. On the night of 7th March 1992 ( early hours of 8th March 1992 ) Sai appeared in the form of a middle aged person wearing cooling glasses and a cap dressed in a pant and shirt and demanded a Dakshina of Rs.5/-. As a devotee of Sai, I knew that it would happen as indicated and was mentally prepared to face. I have completed the planned task and was on my way back to home . On reaching Railway station I understood that the train was behind schedule by two hours. At six ' o clock in the morning I was waiting for the train to come sitting on a bench on the platform NO 1. After a while a middle aged person with similar attire and cooling glasses sat on the bench adjacent to me. My joy knew no bounds and I was in an enlightened state. How am I to offer the Dakshina of Rs.5/-? If I directly offer him he may not accept and on the other hand may shout at me for the mistaken identity. I took courage, stood up, walked towards his bench, dropped the five Rupee currency note and told him that his money has fallen down, all performed in quick succession. He picked up the note with a typical smile cast at me and walked away fast. I could see Sai in him and the promise in action.



The importance of ' feeding the hungry ' is well emphasized in the 38th chapter of Sai Satcharitra. Sai actively participated in preparing and serving food to the needy. He always stressed upon people to offer food to the starved coming in any form of life during the lunch hour. It was customary on the part of his devotees to invite Sai for community lunch / dinners. Sai graced the occasion in some form or other as narrated in the 40th chapter, where in he visited B.V.Dev's house in the form of a saint along with his two disciples. Similar incidents have taken place in my life too and I intend to place them before all devotees.

It dates back to the year 1991.On completion of my house construction, I decided to offer food to all workers involved in the construction activities with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for all the good work done. I whole heartedly invited Sainath to grace the occasion. I was anticipating a minimum of 10 people and vouched to take food only after I offer it to at least 10 people against the 15 invited. 17 - 10 - 1991 was the date as I recall and to strange coincidence, it happened to be ' VIJAYA DASIMI DAY ' i.e. Dussera festival. After they finished taking food I took the headcount and found that only nine of the fifteen expected turned up. My wife was pestering me also to have my lunch. I stood firm on my decision and advised my wife to go ahead with her lunch. After waiting up to 3' O clock, she commenced to have her lunch, abusing me for my adamancy. My mind was pre- occupied with mixed feelings and series of questions - firstly, will Sai ever turn up? or else has he already come and I failed to recognize him? How should I go about?

It was already 4' O clock and finally I decided abide as Sai advises. Since he cannot come in a physical form to speak to me, the media I opted was for a book which I happened to purchase a day before and was a newly arrived edition of a book titled " SAI BABA OF SHIRIDI - A UIQUE SAINT " BY M.V. KAMATH. This book hither to lying unpacked should therefore indicate to me whether I should have food or not. So I closed my eyes after praying and opened the page 134 - 135. I was struck dumb fold when page - 135 gave me a clear message of Sai addressed to his devotees in Dwarakamayi - " You want me to eat more ! . Go now and have your meal". My mind was still not free from the thought as to form in which Sai came to my house, when my attention was drawn to a giant sized ant feasting in, on the sweets kept in front of his photograph. I sincerely thanked Sai and prostrated before him. I shared the newfound joy with my wife and had my food at 4 : 45 in the evening.



Sai has in the chapter numbers 22nd and 42nd preached to look for GOD in all the creatures. He identified himself with the dog whom Lakshmibai Sindhe has fed with a loaf of bread. He who can see me in all the creatures and feeds the hungry is my true devotee were his key words. I for that matter experienced the essence of his teachings and two such experiences are as mentioned below.

My memory goes back to the 'DiWALI'- The festival of lights of the year I991 celebrated by all. It is also customary to perform 'LAKSHMI POOJA' during the evening hours. I requisitioned the services of a priest and both - self and my wife participated in the rituals. The priest was chanting mantras but my mind was pre - occupied with thoughts about SAI. I had a funny thought in my mind that Sai should grace the ritual and bless me In some form or other before the pooja concludes. I was anticipating that he would arrive in the form of some friend or relative to bless us. After lapse of some time I could feel some velvet like touch near my legs and I bent down to have a glance. I was astonished to find a giantsized frog and it was quite an unusual site as it was very uncommon to sight it exept during monsoon season. It never rained in the recent past too. I pointed to my wife siting by my side and both of us felt happy that Sai made his presence felt in this form. There after, the frog got down the stairs and slipped in to our garden as pooja was nearly ending.

It was the festival of 'BAKRID' - being a holiday, i came out after having finished my lunch and found a white goat with a white beard looking towards me with compassion. I recalled what Sai has said in the 9th chapter and had a feeling as if Sai is waiting in front of me wanting food. I called for my wife and offered two loaves of bread to the goat. It gladly accepted the food, had a small bucketful of water and left my place. My heart was filled with joy and I had the satisfaction as If Sai himself had the food.



SAI used to appear in the dreams of his rich devotees and use them as tools for accomplishing certain tasks in his mind for the benefit of the poor and society at large. one such glorious example is that of GOPAL MUKUND BOOTY who with his wealth got constructed the BOOTY WADA which is so dear to all of us. SAI appeared in the dreams of Anand pakhde (45th chapter of "Sai Satcharitra") and advised him to offer clothes to Madhav Rao Deshpande (Shyama). I too have undergone a similar experience during the year 1993 to be precise it was 02-01-1993 and SAI became instrumental in allowing me to perform a good deed.

I was travelling by Bus from Hyderabad to Vijayawada another township in Andhra Pradesh to fulfill the tradition of respecting my newly wedded daughter and son-in law on the festive occasion of SANKRANTI. Since it was a night journey I was having a light nap and SAI appeared in the form a lady standing in the place of the Idol in BOOTY WADA and asking for two saris to be presented to her. My problem started with whom to be given?. I have completed the due formalities at my daughter's in - law's place and commenced the return journey.

I completed the parayana of 51 chapters of SAI SATCHARITRA ON 04-01-19993. I took out the bag containing the rice collected for the past 51 days to be distributed to the poor i. e. to donate in the ASHRAM - a Home for the aged, Located at Gandipet which is a suburb to Hyderabed. I could find only two lady inmates and handed over the rice grain to the Manager. I seeked the blessings from the two ladies and my mind instantaneously recalled the dream content of 2nd January 1993. I took out Rs. 202/- from my purse and offered to the two lady inmates for purchasing two saris. Their good wishes, physical gestures and sparkling eyes blushing with contentment gave me ample satisfaction as if SAI himself has come down to the Home for the aged to shower his blessings.



Let us recapture the incident that happened to Shri Appa Sahib Kulkarni in the year 1917 as highlighted in the 33rd chapter of Sai Satcharitra. His wife narrates to him as to how she has donated Re.1/- to a fakir in the name of BABA. Shri. Kulakarni was not happy with his wife's doings and he desired to part with Rs.10/- if he were to come across the fakir again. Indeed he could succeed in locating the fakir and unknowingly he parted with the amount as desired by him This fact establishes well that SAI knows all the thoughts reeling in our minds and hearts from time to time and accordingly organizes the events to take place, to build up one's faith gradually.

I wish to submit that I also underwent a similar experience and intend to share with my fellow devotees. I got married on the day of festival of colours i.e. Holi in the year 1970 in Temple premises of the deity 'SRI KANYAKA PARAMESHWARI ' located in Socunderabad. lt has become a routine practice for me to visit the temple with all my family members on the day of our wedding anniversiry every year. It was the year 1991 and as usual we reached the temple. An old man resembling Sai approached me for dakshina and I gave him a Re.1/- and went inside the temple for the rituals. The priest was busy in reciting manthras and my mind was pre- occupied with thought that, it being day of importance in my life I should have offered Rs.10/- as dakshina to the old man.

We completed the prayer and were leisurely sitting on a bench chit chatting about our past events and milestones. A Sikh sanyasi stood before us and introduced himself as a servant in a GURUDWARA of Nanded and desired some financial assistance. I recalled my thooughts a little while ago and happily parted with Rupees ten as desired. I for the moment felt that Sai himself has accepted the dakshina as was evident from the typical smile he has thrown on me while leaving. The smile resembled the one I regularly see on the huge photograph of SAI adorned in my house.



The mode in which Baba relieved son of Shri.Khaparde suffering from plague as depicted in Sai Satcharitra - 7 th chapter is heart rendering. SAI has taken on to himself the disease and freed the child from the pain and agony. He was instrumental in saving Dr.Pillai from the Guinea worms by fore telling and organising timely arrival of Abdul while, addressing him as a crow - as highlighted in the 34th chapter. Sai used to come to the rescue of many a people's sufferings. I too have undergone similar experiences and it is my desire that I should share with my fellow devotees. Even today my eyes go wet when I think of those incidents of the past and humbly bow down to Sai with full devotion.

12th Jan. 1993 was the date as I recapture. I was suffering from severe pain in my right ankle and could not even walk. I called for his grace and asked him to save me from the crisis. It was at 05:00 A.M our cat was crying and on opening the door my wife found that it has broken it's leg and was limping on three legs and laying hard to balance and walk. I could not bear the site of it's suffering but at the same time, I myself was in a helpless state. It then struck to my mind about my prayer to SAI the previous night. By now I got sure that Sai in the form of our cat has undergone the pain to provide me with much desired relief By evening of the day my pain started receding but the cat suffered for 10 days.

It dates back 15th March 1993 when I had a Heart ailment. Doctors advised me to go in for Stress test and fixed up the appointment for 17th March 1993 at MEDWIN HOSPITAL. Electrodes were attached at different locations on my body. The patient just before me has already taken the test on TREADMILL and he faced lot of discomfort. I was skeptical about my own capability to with stand the pressures of the test. I prayed for Sai and looked towards him to share my burden as he has assertively said that - cast your burden on me and I shall bear it. I desired that Sai should be with me so that I can come out of the test successful. For some reason; I do not know the Doctor left the, place and another Doctor stepped in. I stopped on to the pedestal and commenced to walk gradually increasing the speed. The Doctor was bending down to make certain observations and recordings. As he bent down the, silver dollar attached to his chain came out hanging with Sai's image cast on it with typical smile writ on the face. I felt happy as if Sai himself has come down in the form of doctor to serve. The Doctor has told me not to worry and advised me to go in for evening walks and prescribed ALPREX tablets - 0.2 mg. Saying so he handed over a pack of 30 tablets for my use. The thought still lingers in my mind that Sai has come down as Doctor, performed the tests and given me the medicines.



Sai Sat charitra highlights that all saints are spiritually one. They organize the events to take place and have extra communication links amongst themselves although they are physically apart by large distances. Each one has knowledge about the other fellow saints and their doings. They do every thing under the instructions of the Lord i.e. God for the benefit of society.

I was watching TV program on great saint of southern India -- Sri.Raghavendra swami on 16th of Sept 1993. lt is said that all saints are born as messengers of the lord. They arrive on this earth with some specific mission and attain Maha Samadhi after completion of the assigned task. The saints are instrumental in loading their devotees on the path of righteousness and spiritually guided them for Atma sakshatkara i.e. self-realization. While watching TV, a funny idea swept through my mind and I desired that either Sai's photograph should appear or some connected message should be telecast before this particular coverage comes to an end. This particular desire may appear to be ridiculous but in the inner consciousness I was eager to look for Sainath and also simultaneously test my faith. I took to wait and my eyes glued to the TV screen. The program came to an end and I was disappointed terribly. Then followed the Regional News item in Telugu. I blamed myself for the cranky wish and the end result. Half-heartedly I listened to the News. The first item of the News was the coverage of Lorry strike in the state of Andhra Pradesh and the resulting inconvenience to the common public.

A row of Lorries was shown and one such in the row was shown in close up with letters boldly written " SHIRDI SAI BABA LORRY SERVICE" and photograph of SAI in blessing posture. I shouted with ecstasy and my joy knew no bounds and sai has proven that nothing is impossible if approached with sincerity and faith. The master can fulfil every desire and one has to patiently wait for things to happen. I leave it for readers to gauge my new found happiness.



In the initial days Sai was giving medical aid to people suffering from diseases and earned a good name as a doctor in Shirdi. Sai in my case was gracious enough to forecast 5 years in advance the disease and also presented me a suitable medicine to be used at a later date and thus saved me from which otherwise could have been a traumatic experience of life time.

It was during the month of December 1991 I went t Ajmer on receipt of a telegram that my friend's mother passed away. The normal religious rituals were performed. On the next day's morning I set out to visit a very poplar local shrine "The famous DARGA" in an auto. This place is visited by people drawn from all the faiths. While travelling in the auto I prayed to Sai to see that my visit to the DARAGA is fruitful. I was forced to become alert and noticed an old man from a business community stopping the vehicle and asking the driver to take him also to DARAGA. Auto driver demanded Rs 4/- as fare for transportation. I was struck when the old man said that he does not offer any body more than Rs 2/-. Momentarily a through ran through my mind that Sai himself in the from of this old man is traversing with me. I requested the driver to accommodate the old man and offered to bear the total fare myself . The old man look to me and said "You appear to me to be a chaste Hindu Brahmin, Does your consciousness permit you to bow down and offer salutations in a DARAGA. I replied that I am a devotee of Shirdi Sai and I salute the great people from all faiths and walks of life. The journey continued. At a nearby lane to DARAGA the old man requested the vehicle be stopped and advised the driver to carefully take me over there to DARAGA and got down with the parting words "You offered me Rs 4/- for the fair and made me indebted to you. " I do not keep any body's debt on me." "you accept this medicine and preserve it". "In future to come you will suffer from severe pain and will be bedridden." "Apply locally this medicine and massage - you will be cured."

I completed my prayer at the DARGA and came back to Hyderabad. Time waits for none and days were passing on. It was during the year 1996 I was totally confined to bed due to SCIATICA. The pain was unbearable and I couldn’t move my leg. It got combined with back pain also. As usual I took to refuge in Sai. The thought then struck to me and I ordered my wife to look for and get me the medicine I got from the old man when I had been to Ajmer. I fully followed the instructions of the old man and I was greatly relieved from the pain and could start walking in a matter of two days. This was made possible only due to Sai Krupa(divine gestures).



I am sure that all Sai devotees can recall how Bhimaji Patil got cured of his ailment (Tuberculosis) and escaped from the clutches of death due to the divine grace of SAI. It is well depicted in the 13th chapter of Sai Satcharitra. I would like to narrate how Sai saved me from a most feared disease.

It was on 20th April 1996, the Sunday morning hours while engaged in watering of plants in our Kitchen garden, and I felt terrible pain in my chest with lot of perspiration. I approached our family Doctor Dr.R.A.Rao who immediately diagnosed it as Heart attack, administered sorbitral to be kept under my tongue and advised me to be immediately moved to CDR Hospitals for specialized care. As arrangements wore being made to shift me to the Hospital, I prayed and opened up a page in Sai Satcharitra. The message given was from the 15th chapter and read as follows: " He who respectfully reads this chapter or studies it daily will get all his miseries removed by the grace of Sadhguru Sai Baba". I gathered courage that Lord Sainath will definetly save me and vowed to continue parayan of 15th chapter regularly on my returning home after full recovery. I was moved to Hospital with the help of my friends in an Auto and I was feeling discomfort in breathing as I was being shifted on to a stretcher. Even in that stage my attention was drawn to the Medical hall opposite to the main entrance - "SAI SHAKTI MEDICAL HALL" with photograph of Sai in blessing. My faith and confidence level in positive recovery increased. A costly injection was given to me after I was made to rest in ICCU. On 28-04-1996 I was taken for ANJIO GRAM TEST and the test confirmed that three of my Arteries were blocked to 90% and two more Arteries to the extent of 30%. Decission to perform bypass surgery was taken by a team of attending experts. As usual I prayed upon Sai on the night of 01-05-1996 and sought his advice as it involves a considerable expenditure, time taking and with success not 100% guaranteed. Sai appeared to me in my dream and uttered -" thieves have joined in your street, you better call the Police in day time and get them driven out ". This type of message may appear strange to the readers but I could decode correctly as it meant to me, that three of my Arteries are, blocked and I must undergo Surgery only during day time and overcome the present crisis. 1 have talked to the team of Specialists and I was posted to get operated on 16-05-1996 (Thursday) at 14:00 hrs.

However on 16 May 1996, till 17:00hrs the team of Doctors has not turned up. At 18:00hrs a group of Assistants started making preparations for the Surgery anticipating to take place. The inner thinking process of mine was cautioning me that surgery performed in the night Hours may not be 100 % successful. I requested Sai to save from the present predicament. Before entering the Operation Theatre I wrote the following words. "I am going to fight with death and if I return alive the success goes to Sai. I was being readied for the, surgery with all the gadgets and equipment attached properly as per their procedure. In the heart of hearts I was praying that this night's surgery should not take place and was resting helplessly lying on the operation table. Mean while the Telephone in the Operation Theatre gave a ring. One of the assisting Doctors attended the call and Theatre Nurse announced the information that chief Surgeon Dr.Prasada Rao will not be available this evening due to unforeseen circumstances. Accordingly the Surgery stands cancelled and patient is posted to be operated the next day morning i.e. 17-05-1996. My joy knew no bounds and was sure that Sai alone has performed this miraculous act of organizing the postponement. operation commenced at 09:00 AM on the next day and completed by 16:00hrs in the evening. I was shifted to the, critical postoperative care unit for observation and none was allowed to see me. Later I understood that my wife, children and well-wishers were eagerly waiting to see me. I regained consciousness the next day morning by 08:00 AM and the first person I saw was DR.BRAHMAIAH, the Anesthetist. I could see SAI in him and greeted him traditionally with folded hands. He bent over me while asking me as to whom I would like to see first. I expressed that 1 wanted to see SAI first and a little later I saw my wife showing me a photograph of Sai in gentle smile, with tearful eyes. The typical gentle smile of Sai alone has given me the strength and courage, to be in front of you and granted me an opportunity to serve you all and read the 15 th chapter regularly.



I am sure that all devotees have read the 42nd , 43rd and 44th chapter of Sai Satcharitra where, in SAI attaining his heavenly abode was described and how people of Shiridi felt orphaned at that time. May be foolish but a thought crept in to my mind that I should be a party to witness a similar incident involving death of a great saintly person. Probably this was very unfair on my part to ask for such a thing to happen. Sai gave me an opportunity and I humbly place it before the readers.

My paternal uncle and aunt, the Somayyajulu couple has brought me up under their care, and custody, as they were issueless. My parents were away in Northern India by virtue of my father's job placement. My uncle was a Telugu pundit and was instrumental in educating many a poor. They were very charitable, offered food and shelter to the deserving boys in studies. During his 78th year he suffered from an attack of fever on 23-01-1992.Myself and his adopted son admitted him in a local Nursing Home. On 25-01-1992 Doctors after assessment of all the pathological reports have come to the conclusion that his chances of survival are bleak. He stopped all oral intakes from 27-01-1992. Shri Sai also suffered from fever from 28-09-1918 and stopped taking food orally from 01-10-1918.

Shri. Somayyajulu's adopted son has completed construction of his new house and an auspicious date for Gruhapravesh was fixed for 29-01-1992. All arrangements were made way back. He was now worried whether the program would go as planned and whether his father would. be present or not for the occasion after having spent 4.00 lakhs of Rupees. The situation was similar in context to Shri. Gopal mukund booty's in those days when he was doubtful whether Baba will ever live in Booty wada specifically constructed for him after having spent a lakh of rupees as promised.

I was a moved by this pathetic situation and prayed upon Baba to see that my uncle recovers and fulfills his son and every body's desire. I am happy to state that Baba has listened to my prayer and he graced the function having come home in an Ambulance and things appeared going on well. As saying goes "Man proposes and God disposes", things took a different turn and his position got deteriorated. On the night of 29-01-1992 itself he was again shifted to Gandhi Hospital. I reached Hospital in the morning of 30-01-1992 and the Doctors were now less hopeful. I approached my uncle who wanted me to open a page from Sai Satcharitra and read out its contents. At random I opened a page which happened to be from 27th chapter and it carried advisory message from Baba to Khaparde's wife, as follows - " Chant Raja Ram, Raja Ram - If you do this your life's object will be achieved, your mind will attain peace and will be immensely benefited ". I read the message, and he started uttering continuously the Mantra and at noon he wanted me to read Madhyanna Haarati and I read it slowly to him in his ears. After completion he again commenced chanting of Rama mantra. Doctors declared that he is nearing his destiny and may live only for a few hours. At 13:20 he was not able to pronounce the mantra and I put "THULASI THEERTHA' once in to his mouth and trial for second attempt has gone in vain and it spilled out. Baba had a similar end in the lap of Nana Sahib Nimonkar at 14:30 Hrs. on 15-10-191 8. Shri. Somayyajulu expired in Ekadasi thithti and Baba left for heavenly abode Dasisimi- Ekadasi transit. Shri Somayyajulu's mortal remains were brought to his son's newly constructed house. I bathed his physical body with Gangajal and on 30-01-1992 (Thursday) by evening hours his adopted son performed the last rites. In all these events I could see and feel Sai's maha samadhi.



The family of Sai devotees is well aware of how the title of HEMADRI PANTH was conferred on Shri.ANNA SAHEB DHABOLKAR. It was done by no less than a person -our SAMARDHA SADUGURU- LORD SAINATH himself. Quite a good number of visitors to our site were eager to know and questioned me as to how I got addressed to the word 'SAIBANISA'. This experience is intended for those of such readers.

I am born to smt. Ravada Venkata Ramanamma and Shri.Ravada Vennkata Rao couple and was named Ravada Gopala Rao. We are Bharadwajasa Ghotriks. Shiridi Sai was instrumental in drawing me to his lotus feet and gave a new birth and direction to me in the World of spiritualism in the year 1989.Days progressed and It was later in the year 1995, I decided and fully offered myself to him in 'SARVASSYA SARANA GATHI'. I cannot exactly recall the date but it happened to be a Thursday. I went to SAI temple situated near my house and prayed before him to take me as his slave. Half an hour prayer to him has not yielded any result. I went in to deep meditation and after passage of some more time, I could feel some body standing near my proximity and whispering to me in TELUGU Language i.e. my mother tongue, as follows: "' Open your eyes - NA BADHATHALU NIRVARTHINCHE SANYASI When I opened my eyes I could gaze the beholding gentle smile of SAI in his idol opposite me.

Mv thinking process started working and I was eager to confirm the contents. The best way out from the present predicament was to seek advice from Sai himself. I took two papers, scribbled on them in one paper as - SLAVE and in second paper as - SAI.BA.NI.SA. . I folded them exactly in identical fashion and placed them at his lotus feet. Once again I prayed and requested him to name me as he pleases and appropriate.

Saying so I closed my eyes and picked up one of the two papers to be delivered with his final judgment.

The inscriptions were 'SAIBANISA'- literally meaning a person who obeys Sai's instructions and implements them. This is the genesis of my being addressed as SAIBANISA on a Thursday in his very presence. From that day onwards, it has been my earnest and endless desire to live and serve the family of Sai devotees as SAIBANISA.

For this to happen I need the continued blessings of Sai and his devotees.



In the 51st chapter of Sai Satcharitra, details about PHALA- SRUTI, reward for reading the Holy Book i.e. SAI SATCHARIRA, with devotion is given. It is said that miseries disappear for those people who read it with full faith and love towards SAI. It is also said that completion of PARAYAN in seven days time and worshipping him there after, all the hurdles disappear and even material desires are fulfilled. It is my routine practice to read one chapter from SATCHARITRA every day. Every time on completion of reading 51 chapters, I experienced a state of mental bliss and some thing or other happening to increase my faith further. This is one such typical and memorable experience of mine. This will be the last episode in the series titled - EXPERIENCES OF SAI BANISA WITH SHIRDI SAI .

I was deputed to South Korea on official assignment and the same was mentioned in my first experience already covered. One of the incidents that happened in SOUTH KOREA is described here. It was on 15-05-1991, after the day's routine I completed the reading of the 51st chapter in the city of Changwaan and set out to Mr.Lee's residence as he was hosting that night's dinner. After Dinner, Mr. Lee has come out to drop us at our Hotel in his car. It was around half past nine in the night, I was not contented with the day's routine as nothing specific worth the earlier happenings has taken place after completing reading of 51st chapter this time. My thinking process was nagging me that, perhaps I could not read Satcharitra with the expected devotion or SAI is not accepting my prayers from South Korea. Why has he not heeded and responded to my prayers from a foreign land was the most pre-occupied question in my mind.

All of a sudden as if to make matters light, Mr. Lee came forward, with a proposal and offered to take us to LORD BUDDHA'S TEMPLE located on the hilltop and was seeking our formal permission. I took it as an invitation from LORD SAINATH and readily gave my consent with out any second thought or hesitation. The temple was to close by 10:00 Hrs. in the night. Seeing in me a sudden change and more enthusiastic, he raced the car at a speed of 100 km / Hr., uphill towards the temple in an attempt to reach before it's closure. Approximately it took half an hour for the drive and we were there by 10.15PM fortunately for us that day, the temple has, not yet closed. I felt as if 'LAMA ' of the temple was in wait only for us standing at the main entrance to the temple. Mr. Lee introduced me and other colleague of mine Shri. Sreenivasa Rao to LAMA- the chief priest. He recognized both of us as Indians and traditionally welcomed us. Later on he offered us green Tea. LAMA blessed all the three of us in the presence of LORD BUDDHA and presented us three chains to one each containing a silver dollar. My imagination stretched beyond and I could see SAI in LAMA who was donned in white robes. My eyes got wet and with full devotion I prostrated before him. He helped me up, hugged and embraced me with utmost affection. I felt as if his eyes were questioning me whether I felt happy or not at that particular moment. The silver Dollar, which I consider as a gift from BABA in Lama's form and a precious possession is preserved in my prayer room forever.