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1) My children are like flying kites, I am the chakri (bobin) in the hands of my children which will be used to keep the twine (life) in order.

SHIRDI SAI 8th February 1996

2) You need not go to Haridwar to have the darshan of hari. Hari is in shirdi. You need not go to shirdi to have the darshan of hari. Hari is in the temple. You need not go to the temple to have the darshan of hari.hari is in your mind. Open the dwar (gate) of your mind and have the darshan of hari.

SHIRDI SAI 19th November 1992

3) In the process of earning money. If you deviate from the good path it will be bad to your life. In the process of earning blessings from the god. If you deviate from the bad path, it will be good to your life.


4) The cool breeze from the divine ocean of 'sai' does not discriminate the people living in high rise buildings and low level hutments. It is the same for all.

SHIRDI SAI 22nd February 1995

5) Both rich and poor equally experience the sweet taste of cherry fruit. So is divine love of 'sai'.

SHIRDI SAI 22nd February 1995

6) For a man on the path of divinity, the desire for money is of nuisance value. Earn money only to the extent required to sustain the physical bodily needs.

SHIRDI SAI 10th March 1995

7) I accept the fasting you under take on my name, provided you offer those days food to a needy – hungry person.

SHIRDI SAI 25th March 1993.

8) Peace of mind does not flow from liquor of toddy. Peace comes only after all the responsibilities of life are fulfilled and constant Nama parayana of " Sai ’’ Every minute is under taken.

SHIRDI SAI 21st March 1995.

9) The last rites performed on an orphan are equivalent to thousand dips taken in sacred rivers. Purity of heart is same as visit to a holly place.

SHIRD SAI 3rd April 1995.

10) The desire for money and materials is transforming saviors of lives to its detractors. It is then I shall guard and protects my devotees from their clutches.


11) Victory and defeat are the two facets of the same coin. Wrestling was organized during sree ramanavami festival only to preach that both are same and inseparable.

SHIRDI SAI 9th April 1995.

12) Man does not mind touching the feet of any body for the sake of worldly pleasures. None realize and understand when I say that only " Lotus feet of lord " can grant what you need and is required.

SHIRDI SAI 11th April 1995.

13) Never hate the rich nor ill treat the poor. They are the result of karmic deeds of the previous births. Therefore act now for better fruits in the next of life cycle.

SHIRDI SAI 18th May 95.

14) Speaking to bygone friends is like replay of old memories. They are of the "past" and unsuitable to be the "present".

SHIRDISAI 1st June 95.

15) "Head" of the family cancatter equally to the needs of all his dependants. But when they are full of greed and mutual hatred, They cannot be loyal to earn confidence of the "head". Give least importance, as it has been the order always.

SHIRDISAI 2nd June 95.

16) "Trust in god" was always my preaching. I propagated "belief" is the building block in life and now apart of the soil of "shirdi". If you believe in this, make your own building block and receive divine blessings.

SHIRDISAI 2nd June 95.

17) Illness and injury to the body are always painful- limited to physical body only. The duty of the soul shall be to reduce the body's discomfort. Pacify the body just as a mother consoles a crying child.

SHIRDISAI 17th October 95.

18) Clothing and application of fragrances to the body are superficial, neither their application nor removal make any difference to the soul. Sorrow and happiness are a state of mind and relative feelings. If in search of the ultimate happiness, wisdom, and Goal, come to me for I shall guide and show you the path.

SHIRDI SAI 17th October 95 .

19) Some people with "YOGASIDDHI" can subject their bodies to freezing ice/burning fire with equal ease, where as a "gnani" - the elevated soul uses his body and energies in the services of the almighty to become a "yogi".

SHIRDI SAI 17th October 95.

20) Come to me with all your ignorance without attachment to self. I shall remove "agnana" and transform to kindle the light of wisdom and sense of duty in you.

SHIRDI SAI 23rd October 95.

21) Pain and agony to the heart are caused by thieves stealing your property and money, where as progress in "adhyatma" (spiritualism) will lead to impress "lord" and bless you with real happiness and pleasures.

SHIRDI SAI 31st October 95.

22) Life with wife is like sweet sugar. Adultry is like diabetics to the body. Why to invite such a situation and spoil life.

SHIRDI SAI 13th November 95.

23) If you want to forget the past, distance from the people in the past only time is the best heal. Do not spoil the present and future with bitter past.

SHIRDI SAI 13th November 95.

24) I served my two sons with one glass of same raw milk to each. One of them consumed straight and could feel the presence of "BRAHMAN". The other son had the patience to boil, cool and curd it. Further he churned the cream so obtained. Extracted butter out of it and made pure ghee. With this ghee he lit the "LIGHTS OF WISDOM"andcould see "PARABRAHMAN"

SHIRDI SAI 14th November 1995.

25) Materials and money attract friends like ants to Jaggery. Where as "ADHYATAM (SPRITUALISM) in you draws the attention of 'SAMRADHA SADGURU" who would put you on the path of right cousness to finally grant eternal bliss.

SHIRDI SAI 21st November 1995.

26) When you taste the "NECTAR" or true "BLISS" do not confine it to yourself. Pass it on to others without adulteration and claiming returns.

SHIRIDI SAI 22nd November 1995.

27) Preaching of my philosphy in high level language isconfined to few like fish in a well of sweet water on the other hand preaching in simple language is received in large numbers like fish in an Ocean.

SHIRDI SAI 27th November 1995.

28) "VEDAS, UPANISHADS, AND SHASTRAS" are all sacred and pure rivers ultimately joining the "SEA" Living a midst the "OCEAN OF SAI" and searching for them has no meaning.

SHIRDI SAI 27th November 1995.

29) No point in counting the number of times "SATCHARITA" is read what matters most is the feel of experience and incidents which help to remove "AHANKARA" (EGO).

SHIRDI SAI 15th November 1995.

30) A kiss to the children of your Master pleases him, whereas the kiss to children of "GOD" please me the most.

SHIRDI SAI 23rd July1995.

31) Things in the materialistic world tend to induce self centeredness, while taste of "ADHYATMA" inculcate that every thing around belongs to "GOD" and is his creation.

SHIRDI SAI 26th July 1995.

32) Do not sing in praise of rich. Sing your song in praise of "LORD" in front of him.

SHIRD SAI 28th July 1995.

33) Keep away from a wealthy man full of EGO, and a beautiful woman with diverted thoughts.

SHIRDI SAI 30th August 1995.

34) You only know what I told in the court of "DHULIA" but what you do not know is that I worked as a priest in the "HOUSE OF LORD KRISHNA" (GARGAMUNI).

SHIRDI SAI 5th September 1995.

35) "GOD" created "ATMA" the number is fixed which neither increases, nor decreases, when it leaves the physical body it finds another dwelling and enters in to it i.e., a new Body or Form. The process of creation is end less.

SHIRDI SAI 5th September 1995.

36) In the devine path there are no witnesses and proofs. Only the feelings and experiences are everlasting.

SHIRIDI SAI 5th September 1995.

37) Just as you insure property and earnings, same way thrive, earn and insure for the grace of "LORD". I shall help in merging "ATMA with PARAMATMA"

SHIRDI SAI 31st October 1995.

38) "WAALI" (Vanara King from the epic Ramayana) with the garland of "ARISHADVARGAS" (six evils) has ruined himself. Renounce them and be a garland to "GOD"

SHIRDI SAI 2nd November 1995.

39) Indifficult times carry "SATCHARITA" with you. It will ward of all the evils, grant strength and energy, to surmount them. It will keep you serene.

SHIRDI SAI 14th December 1995.

40) Do not take help from the rich and women to avenge your enemy. Keeping aloof and forgetting them is the most ideal punishment.

SHIRDI SAI 27th December 1995.

41) You turn richer when you serve a thirsty rich person with much needed water without any envy and anticipation of returns.

SHIRDI SAI 29th December 1995.

42) Possession of "ARISHAD VARGAS" is like cancer to the physical body. Remove them from the roots to live with peace.

SHIRDI SAI 30th December 1995.

43) Once born "DEATH" follows you like shadow how long can you run away from it? Do not be scared of the shadow.

SHIRDI SAI 2nd January 1996.

44) When thieves rob your house you complain to the police. Think where to complain when affections and attachments totally engulf your mind and heart?

SHIRDI SAI 11th January 1996.

45) While in search of the ultimate depend only on yourself. At the end experience will be that of sweet water drawn from a well. Depending on others will be like chasing a "MIRAGE" rudderless no point in running after illusions.

SHIRDI SAI 13th January 1996.

46) Let "TIME" be your only binding force. Complete all your responsibilities in time . Be cautious not to get entangled into personal lives and affections of those benefitted in that process.

SHIRDI SAI 30th January 1996

47) You may display your riches to the society. But never exhibit in public the "GRACE of LORD". It is unpardonable gesture from your side.

SHIRDI SAI 5th February 1996.

48) Do not fall prey to those who claim to gift you with "SADHGATHI" (Attainment of Lord). It is to be obtained only by self efforts. "GRACE OF LORD" can only grant it.

SHIRDI SAI 5th February 1996.

49) Just as a prematurely delivered baby has no option to re-enter the mother's womb, once born there is no course except to complete all the assigned duties and responsibilities. It is also impossible to make every one to like for a hundred years.

SHIRDI SAI 6th January 1993.

50) Man can fly in an aircraft so long as fuel in it is sufficient to safe land. In the same way to be in position is destined for the specific period. The desire to be in power till the last moment of life is like flying in a fuel-less aircraft to be forced to ground.

SHIRDI SAI 8th April 1996.

51) To think how your last rites will be performed is futile. It will take place according to your deeds good and bad accounted. Discriminate them and follow the path of righteousness.

SHIRDI SAI 13th April 1996.

52) All of you are meeting today to call yourself as "SAI BANDHUS". I am aware of all your bonds and acquaintances as I am above all and is "VISHWABANDHU" (Universal Friend)

SHIRDI SAI 18th April 1996.

53) There is absolutely no need to run after religious heads and institution for progress in "ADHYATAMA" (Spiritualism). You can get it from a person living in a hut who is practicing and preaching about "GOD".

SHIRDI SAI 19th April 1996.

54) "ARISHADVARGAS" (Six EVILS - KAMA, KRODHA, MOHA, LOBHA, MADHA, MASTCHARYA) have entered your body. The love for them is killing you. Drive them away with firmness.

SHIRDI SAI 27th April 96

55) The flower grown in a flower pot requires sprinkling of waters . In the same way be a SAI devotee and partake in "SAT SANGHS" (SPIRTUAL GATHERING).

SHIRDI SAI 8th May 1996

56) Mutual love is essential for a couple to complete all the mundane responsibilities of life . Once over they have to turn it into love towards "GOD" and for his realization.

SHIRDI SAI 17th June 1996

57) There is lot of initial demand for bad habits. When that phase of life is over people start to look and long for good habits. The sooner this stage sets in is better. Otherwise spiritually they die a premature death.

SHIRDI SAI 21st June 1996

58) Your enemy is like a palm tree with thorns. There is no need to embrace him. Just as palm dates are sweet in taste, there are some good hidden qualities in them. Try to notice and emulate them.

SHIRDI SAI 12th July 1996

59) When you are in fight with an enemy all kith and kin stand by ready to help you. But none will come to your rescue while fighting with death.

SHIRDI SAI 12th July 1996

60) A women about to deliver is in same state as an old man whose count down has begun. While the woman brings in a new life on to the earth, the elderly man chanting the name of LORD looks forward for another rebirth.

SHIRDI SAI 10th August 1996.

61) Nothing wrong if you fail to worship a person while alive. To offer ATMANAMASKARAS (sincere regards) on his death anniversary is of great value. This tradition is passed on to us from generations one after another.

SHIRDI SAI 25th August 1996.

62) Cinemas have started casting their evils effects well before 1918. They are the reasons for today’s degeneration of moral and ethical values.

SHIRDI SAI 8th September 1996.

63) Prior to 1918 parents need not have to think much for the property and well being of their children. They had full trust in "GOD" that they will be taken care of and exactly it did happen so.

SHIRDI SAI 8th September 1996.

64) To earn your "TRUST" I shall tell you about your "PAST". I am sure with this belief and faith you will always follow the path shown by me in the future to come.

SHIRDI SAI 15th September 1996.

65) It is not the time and number for which you chant the name of "SAI" that matters. What matters most in how you lead the life in the name of "SAI"

SHIRDI SAI 28th September 1996.

 66) Once journey through life is completed, the physical body is given a final wash. Where as in the beginning of journey through ADHYATMA (spiritualism) the dirt in the heart is to be cleansed.

SHIRDI SAI 28th September, 1996

67) Construct a beautiful house with experiences of the past as its foundation. Live in it with peace and await a good future to come.

SHIRDI SAI 10th Oct, 1996


68) When you work with full faith in the company of "JEETENDRA" (the person who conquered the five senses) there is nothing more left to learn about "ADHYATMA" (Spiritualism)

SHIRDI SAI 11th October, 1996

69) Thieves rob your house. Relatives rob your physical labor. Wife and children rob you emotionally. Diseases rob you of your physical body. Only thing to remain is "ATMA" (Soul). To know more about immortal Atma is knowing thyself.

SHIRDI SAI 5th October, 1996

70) On feeling hungry you spend money and satisfy your appetite without a second thought in the mind. When you are invited for taking food, you start thinking about his cast and creed. Is it justified?

SHIRDI SAI 14th October, 1996

71) While offering Perambulations in the temple your physical health improves, whereas constant thinking and chanting of "LORD'S name improves the health of mind.

SHIRDI SAI 15th October, 1996

72) "LORD" can appear in any form to help you. When you recognize, you are the luckiest. This happens only to a blessed few.

SHIRDI SAI 11th November, 1996

73) Stop abusing the people who harmed you in the past and learn to endure. From that day onwards I shall standby to help you in some form or other.

SHIRDI SAI 12th November, 1996

74) Many friends and relatives turn selfish when it comes to money transactions. So think twice before entertaining money related matters.

SHIRDI SAI 27th November, 1996

75) With all the education and wisdom people fall prey to vices and invite ocean of troubles into their lives. On the contrary people with no formal education, with lot of faith in "SADHGURU" make it a smooth sail all through.

SHIRDI SAI 13th November, 1996

76) Men engrossed in worldly pleasures appear happy and contented to all others. When surrounded with difficulties they are the weakest. On the other hand men with spiritual bent of mind put up a brave front under all odds.

SHIRDI SAI 19th November, 1996.

77) Children should constitute only a part of life. They should not be the only pastime in life. It is a natural obligation entrusted by "GOD" and we have to fulfill our responsibilities towards his children.

SHIRDI SAI 20th November, 1996

78) The journey through life requires money. Earn it to the extent required and lead a disciplined life.

SHIRDI SAI 22nd November, 1996

79) For people desirous to travel on the path of spiritualism offer only advice. Never attempt to travel with them.

SHIRDI SAI 27th November, 1996

80) On the occasion of your "BIRTHDAY" read a holy book and seek blessings from elders and God.

SHIRDI SAI 28th November, 1996

81) Man is able to generate electricity from natural resources to enjoy all comforts. Same person is unable to utilize the endless resource of SPIRITUAL ENERGIES from nature for self realization.

SHIRDI SAI 1st December, 1996.

82) It is better to fall at the feet of the right thinking people practicing good, rather than making friendship with people engaged in propagating wrong ideas.

SHIRDI SAI 15th January, 1997.

83) Discard jealousy and hatred. Embrace love and devotion towards "GOD". Peace will then automatically come to you.

SHIRDI SAI 7th December, 1996.

84) Keep aloof from the people ill-treating and subjecting you to humiliation. Never invite them wantedly. If you come across exercise restraint.

SHIRDI SAI 9th November, 1996.

85) Physique and beauty were a matter a pride in youth. Old age on the contrary is like a ripe fruit ready to fall down.

SHIRDI SAI 15th December.

86) I know more about saints life is AHANKARA ie EGO. Partake in spiritual gathering for gaining more knowledge and wide exposure , that is the best way to earn the good will of GOD.

SHIRDI SAI 19th December 1996

87) It is not proper to run away the bonds of worldly attachments and suffer mental agony. Leave EGO and develop a feeling that there is lot to be learnt. March ahead, always remembering the creator and purpose to earn his grace.

SHIRDI SAI 30th December 1996.

88) To attach a price to your home is foolishness. The art of living in it with peace and happiness is wisdom.

SHIRDI SAI 24th January, 1997

89) Friends and relatives can rob your physical belongings but not the blessings of the "GOD" with which alone you can live peacefully.

SHIRDI SAI 24th January, 1997

90) Practice "CHARITY" early to avoid developing greed for others wealth later.

SHIRDI SAI 29th January, 1997

91) Even if you are on the right path, people around subject you at times to torture. Interact only to the extent required as that is the order of the present day.

SHIRDI SAI 31st January, 1997

92) When others are enjoying wealth earned through wrong means, do not entertain even a passing thought that it is going to be permanent. Avoid experiencing pull towards them and distance yourself to live in peace.

SHIRDI SAI 20th February, 1997

93) All near and dear (wife and children) have a share in your good deeds but not in your bad deeds. So why be a party so such deeds when no one comes to share.

SHIRDI SAI 28th February, 1997

94) When "TRUTH" is a saleable commodity today why expect punishing those "ERRING" sooner or later GOD only will punish them.

SHIRDI SAI 28th February, 1997

95) Lowtides and hightides are a common phenomena while on the sea. Still the travel continues. So is the journey through life.

SHIRDI SAI 8th March, 1997

96) There is no need to wear "SAFFRON" robes to show your "RENOUNCEMENT" to the world. Be detached mentally and work silently for "SELF REALIZATION"

SHIRDI SAI 9th March, 1997

97) To desire ruins of others is beastly and to desire good for others is humanity. Love is devine and born out of this very cause. Extend love towards fellow beings for realization of "GOD"

SHIRDI SAI 12th March, 1997

98) I prefer and like those who constantly utter my name rather than to those who worship my "IDOL" mechanically.

SHIRDI SAI 20th March, 1997

99) Some people rob others riches without being noticed. Second category of people do the same thing with pretence of love and affection. Both belong to the same class.

SHIRDI SAI 27th March, 1997

100) I shall expose, and punish those erring. When in distress think of me. I shall come to you in some form or other to offer my protection.

SHIRDI SAI 29th March, 1997

101) After enjoying all worldly pleasures and comforts, mortal remains of the physical body get mixed up with soil. Whereas "ATMA" (Soul) after tasting of "ADHYATMA" (Spritualism) enjoys the "SUPREME". Is it not better to know more and more about this immortal "ATMA"?

SHIRDI SAI 1st April,1997

102) A caged bird lives with the food provided by its master. "ATMA" within the body lives on the food provided by cosmic energies and "NAVAVIDHABHAKTI" (Nine forms of devotion)

SHIRDI SAI 10th April, 1997

103) "GOD" created nature for the benefit of man, whereas man with his "AHANKARA" (Ego) is assuming that he is the "CREATOR".

SHIRDI SAI 28th April, 1997

  1. Mother bird protects younger ones from impending dangers by hiding

them under its wings. "DWARAKAMAI" will offer solace and protection to whosoever comes into its fold.

SHIRDI SAI 4th April 1997

105) There is no point in preoccupying your mind with materialistic wealth kept in your house and setting out on pilgrimage mission.

SHIRDI SAI 13th May 1997

106) "SADHGURU" will take the drivers seat on the path of "ADHYATMA (Spiritualism) and guide you to the destination. The journey with him continues uninterrupted even if some body gets down. Few remaining complete the journey and reach the destination.

SHIRDI SAI 13th May 1997

107) People on the path of wrong deeds do not stop even if you are showing right direction. Only people on the path of righteousness reap the benefits and enjoy the life. So decide for your self what should be the course to be adopted to live in peace and happiness.

SHIRDI SAI 16th May 1997

108) Man is destroying forests to build houses for him to live in. Preservation of forests is equally important for natural survival of all other species of Animal Kingdom.

SHIRDI SAI 29th May 1997

109) I have seen "GOD" and his powers with my eyes. It will be my bounden duty to remove the "OPAQUE LAYER OF AGNANANDHAKARA" before my devotee’s eyes to enable them to see and feel the "GOD".

SHIRDI SAI 14th June 1997

110) All the mango trees are apparently the same, although the fruit they bear are different in tastes. "SAI DEVOTEES" may appear the same but their feelings about "SAI" are of varied degree.

SHIRDI SAI 16th June 1997.

111) When you seek help from a person in high position for materialistic needs, you will be left without peace of mind. When you seek help from an elevated person you will be richly benefited.

SHIRDI SAI 31st December, 1997

112) Even the people constantly chanting and thinking of "SREEHARI" (LORD KRISHNA) have an end to their physical body but they have the rare privilege to join the "LORD".

SHRDI SAI 15th July, 1997

113)Your religion is not a thing to be reckoned with. The burning desire to seek the "SUPREME" is the one which matters most. Therefore keep thinking spiritually and advance through life.

SHIRDI SAI 16th August, 1997

114) The place where we reside become "OURS". We should live amicably with every body around us to lead the life without any hurdles.

SHIRDI SAI 4th July, 1993

115) I am the teacher and the taught. I am the donor and donee too.

SHIRDI SAI 11th July, 1993

116) Cling to the feet of your "GURU" and never leave them. Then only there is a possibility of lights of eternal knowledge to be lit in you.

SHIRDI SAI 15th July, 1993

117) Fulfilling of responsibilities is not the logical end to earn money. Till the health permits earning money becomes one of the rituals to be followed.

SHIRDI SAI 15th July, 1993

118) So long as the envy that your brother is earning more and ego that you are dining with a person of lesser status are resident in your mind, you cannot earn love, affection and goodwill of others.

SHIRDI SAI 16th July, 1993

119) Water dilutes milk, whereas devotion added to "SAI" makes the bond more thicker. The divine light of "SAI" will manifold wisdom.

SHIRDI SAI 17th July, 1993

120) Do not borrow from friends and relatives lest the acts may turn as nails to your coffin.

SHIRDI SAI 19th July, 1993

121) The practice of offering food to your visitor at the time of taking food is a must. Never feel sorry on refusal. Equally important is not to expect any return for the food served.

SHIRDI SAI 22nd July, 1993

122) Forget your status and be simple at the time of offering prayers to the "ALMIGHTY" partake in community dinners. Also when alone cultivate the habit of sleeping on the floor.

SHIRDI SAI 24th July, 1993

123) I am the "DRIVER" to take all the visitors of different religions of "DWARAKAMAI" to their respective destinations.

SHIRDI SAI 27th July, 1993

124) The reach of "ADHYATMA" is possible in steps only. Be cautious about the desire to climb all steps at once. It can be disastrous.

SHIRDI SAI 26th July, 1993

125) When a person is feeling hungry, think of me and serve him food and I shall be its recipient. Never envy your neighbor, as it will destroy your mental balance.

SHIRDI SAI 28th July, 1993

126) Do not grieve for not be getting children, children residing in orphanages are also mine, mix up with them to satisfy your lust for children.

SHIRDI SAI 27th July, 1993

127) Believe in the principles of "KARMA" ( Sense of Duty) and follow the dictates as a karma yogi. Do not expect any returns. Then only you can live with peace.

SHIRDI SAI 3rd August, 1993

128) You are a pet of "GOD". If his instructions are to drink and live with water, do that with full faith and happiness.

SHIRDI SAI 4th August, 1993

129) "WATERMELON" which has no medicinal value, will be accepted by me with love.

SHIRDI SAI 10th August, 1993

130) If you want to eat grams to live, grow pumpkins following all procedures. Sell them and buy grams to satisfy your appetite. Never sell the seeds of pumpkin to buy grams and invite an unpleasant situation.

SHIRDI SAI 11th August, 1993

131) All religions are like rivers to join the sea ultimately. Therefore follow the path of one region and merge with "PARAMATMA" ( the Supreme).

SHIRDI SAI 21st August, 1993

132) If service to mankind is your aim practice with your available resources. Do not waste time in futile talk and identifying reasons for not doing it.

SHIRDI SAI 29th August, 1993

133) The beautiful bird flying in the open sky draws everybody's attention. Think why the same bird with broken leg, struggling to sit on a branch of a tree does not draw anybody's attention and sympathy it deserves.

SHIRDI SAI 31st August, 1993

134) I am the driving force inwarding off all your evils and hurdles.

SHIRDI SAI 2nd September, 1993

135) If some one had taken the food offered to me while you were busy performing poojas ( offering prayers ) on me and is abused for doing so, remember that I shall receive those abuses.

SHIRDI SAI 2nd September, 1993

136) People in high places committing good and bad deeds are equally well received by society. Whereas an ordinary person doing even good goes unnoticed. Therefore discriminate between good, bad, and always adopt good practices to be recognised in the other world.

SHIRDI SAI 12th September, 1993

137) For those intending to join the school of "SAI" there are no prerequisites like age religion, caste etc.

SHIRDI SAI 28th September, 1993

138) The food served in the memory of a great soul who could lead a balanced and meaningful life is far superior in value to "PRASADHAM" offered in temples without devotion.

SHIRDI SAI 2nd October, 1993

139) My photograph appears as your god whom you worship daily, as your favourite film star at times and also as Beeshma in Mahabharat guess what will be my age?

SHIRDI SAI 8th October, 1993

140) However, costly the vegetables may be, they need to be boiled/cooked for consumption and better digestion. Irrespective of your religion, practice the teachings to realize the "SUPREME".

SHIRDI SAI 25th October, 1993

141) I shall always lend a helping hand to handicapped people to enable them to reach their destinations.

SHIRDI SAI 29th October, 1993

142) Jealousy and hatred should be shelved for continuance of them will implant desire for self and multiply your miseries.

SHIRDI SAI 11th November, 1993

143)With all the goodwill and blessings of "SADHGURU" commence the journey through life and beware of potholes and speed breakers. If you fail to sight them it is not the fault of "SADHGURU". It is only due to "AHANKARA" (Ego) prevailing in you.

SHIRDI SAI 11th November, 1993

144)All your ancestors are no more and subjected to "PYRE" on this land. No point in thinking and repenting for the loss. Let it be forgotten as a matter of past.

SHIRDI SAI 18th November, 1993

145)When you go to strangers in helpless state and try to help them, initial reaction will be to get scared of you is but natural. So do not give place for psychological fear, help them invisibly if required and forget about them.

SHIRDI SAI 20th November, 1993

146)You may worship "GOD" in any way you desire for his blessings. Never take loan for his worship and get harassed by the people from whom you have borrowed.

SHIRDI SAI 30th November, 1993

147)A good person should follow the example of an earthworm. The earthworm purifies the soil to help the farmer in getting a good crop. Lead a life that is useful to others.

SHIRDI SAI 5th December, 1993

148) Follow the example of a cobra to live. Shed "AHANKARA" just as a cobra leaves its superficial layer of skin periodically and garlands LORD "SHIVA".

SHIRDI SAI 6th January, 1994.

149)The temples constructed in the name of "GOD" will deteriorate in due course of time. Therefore work to establish a direct link and depend upon the endless resource of cosmic energy emitted from the "LORD" for spiritual growth.

SHIRDI SAI 18th February, 1994

150)Water is the basic necessity for life to survive and traces its origin to the lotus feet of "LORD SREEHARI"

SHIRDI SAI 11th March, 1994

151)Journey through life with kith and kin is like a journey by train. On the other hand journey through "ADHYATMA" is like an endless lone journey undertaken with lot of burning desire to realize self.

SHIRDI SAI 28h March, 1994

152)Detachment from self, children, mother, wife, and native place in difficult even to great saints. Therefore confine to "GRUHASTHASRAMA" dharma while performing your responsibilities and pray "GOD" for his blessings.

SHIRDI SAI 16h April, 1994

153)Gram will germinate only when water in sprinkled whether kept in an old cloth, or new clothe. Some way life turns meaningful to both rich and poor alike only when divine blessings are showered on them.

SHIRDI SAI 22nd April, 1994

154)"TIME" is the most precious gift of "GOD" to mankind. This should be utilized properly without wastage that to in service of him to create a meaning for life.

SHIRDI SAI 23rd April, 1994.

155)The thought that we are paying price in this life for our sins committed in the past is a first step in the right direction towards the towering "ADHYATMA"

SHIRDI SAI 30th April, 1994.

156)You should be aware of the hunger of person lifting bag full of rice meant for you and your family's consumption. Do pay him liberally for the labour so that his family too can have atleast one square meal.

SHIRDI SAI 28th May, 1994.

157)Do not be in race for earning "MONEY". Run for money, instead granting glitters to your life may ultimately create lot of restlessness.

SHIRDI SAI 11th June, 1994.

158)Do not enter into disputes and fights. Also do not give scope for jealousy. If possible pardon your enemies or at the best keep away from them.

SHIRDI SAI 12th June, 1994.

159)When you can afford to forget those who did good to you, there is no point in remembering those who fared bad to you in the past.

SHIRDI SAI 24th June, 1994.

160)Difficulties are like dirt to our clothes wash it and wear them again. Do not get disheartened when some thing bad happens and do not get enlightened when good things happen to you.

SHIRDI SAI 21st July, 1994.

161)Man should live in peace and desire so. Peace and happiness comes form in side ones inner self.

SHIRDI SAI 05th July, 1994

162) I shall happily accept a toddy fruit fallen to ground than oranges purchased fresh.

SHIRDI SAI 11th August, 1994

163) Animal is useful to man kind whether dead or alive. Where as a man is not useful to any body after death. A man therefore should be useful to his fellow beings during his life time.

SHIRDI SAI 2nd September,1994

164)Look to me in the mirror. I shall show you my real self, and gauge you without a single blink.

SHIRDI SAI 13th September , 1994

165)A temple built in my name on road side to shelter orphans will give me an opportunity to serve the children of 'LORD', ie my master. You shall be the recipient of that good will gesture and shall turn one level up.

SHIRDI SAI 17th September, 1994

166) Concentrate and pray on me while alone and in group offer social service for the benefit of all.

SHIRDI SAI 23rd September, 1994

167)In day to day life you should first serve food to your guest and in 'ADHYATMA' the reverse should be practiced.

SHIRDI SAI 23rd September 1994

168) Seek the blessings from your "GURU" while in search of the "ULTIMATE". The moment the call is answered divine light from SAI will enter the body and "GOD" will be drawn automatically to you.

SHIRDI SAI 24th September, 1994

169) Knowing well committing sin big or small is same why commit to repent later?

SHIRDI SAI 24th September, 1994

170) Your thoughts are focussed around your children’s welfare just as that of a mother tortoise and its younger ones living apart.

SHIRDI SAI 26th September, 1994

171) Why do you still think of your near and dear ones knowing well that ladder of ADHYATMA has to be climbed alone?

SHIRDI SAI 2nd October, 1994

172) Do not tame pets in the old age as they cannot bear your impatience and separation. Old age should be utilized for spiritual growth.

SHIRDI SAI 2nd October, 1994

173) To be in high offices with high ideals and develop narrow thinking after retirement is self deceit. There is no point in leading such a life. Such people are not qualified for "ADHYATMA".

SHIRDI SAI 21st October, 1994

174) Serve selfless without any crave for recognition. Service rendered with some expectations will be a greatest loss.

SHIRDI SAI 22nd October, 1994

175)Desire for wealth and other worldly pleasures co-exist as it is like a water print of "THREE LIONS" on every denomination of currency. Best ray at roots the lure for more money.

SHIRDI SAI 27th October, 1994

176)Generally all bad thoughts engulf anger. Therefore, keep away anger to know thyself and establish a path towards it (knowing self).

SHIRDI SAI 31st October, 1994

177)The heart is a seat of abundant desires. Sky is the only limit and it has the ability to fly into high skies like a "ROCKET". Once the fuel in it is exhausted it has to come back to the ground state. Realization of this truth is self control.

SHIRDI SAI 5th November, 1994

178)Discharge all your social obligations without much wastage of time and lead a peaceful life. The remaining time should be spent in constant thinking of "GOD" to make it better spent.

SHIRDI SAI 6th November, 1994

179)You tend to talk more when not working. So create more work in "ADHYATMA" which will pave the way for self-realization.

SHIRDI SAI 17th December, 1994

180)Saints around us are the messengers/representatives of "GOD" sent by him to take care of humanity at large.

SHIRDI SAI 20th December, 1994

181) Those leading a pure life are the messengers of "GOD" with a firm mission to kindle the "ETERNAL LIGHTS" and to remove the darkness surrounding us.

SHIRDI SAI 22nd August, 1997.

182)It is not only inhuman but is unpardonable to leave one’s family to difficulties and run away from them. Let that stage not come in your life.

SHIRDI SAI 30th August, 1997.

183)This physical body is meant for service of "GOD". Therefore, eat food to the extent required and to keep it healthy.

SHIRDI SAI 25th August, 1997.

184)Orphans and handicapped are the ones to be extended with help at the time of necessity, otherwise we are unworthy to be called as human beings.

SHIRDI SAI 30th August, 1997.

185)You can see and feel the presence of all Gods herein "SHIRDI". If you believe this to be true then "SAI" is Universal and Omniscient.

SHIRDI SAI 4th September, 1997.

186)However, bad a person might be, he can be reformed to lead a happy and peaceful life, that’s why I am always busy refining my children (devotees).

SHIRDI SAI 4th September, 1997.

187)"JAL TARANG" resonates sound notes depending upon the quantity of water poured in the container. In the same way depth of desire for leading calm and peaceful life will decide how much of it we deserve.

SHIRDI SAI 8th September, 1997.

188)My devotees are having belief in my FEET. If I wear footwear how can they recognize and understand their requirements. That's why I never use any footwear.

SHIRDI SAI 25th Sep 97

189)Without any sight that blind person is able to sing in the praise of "LORD", whereas you are unable to do the same you are therefore a vision less person with normal sight.

SHIRDI SAI 9th Oct 97

190)Excess of food will invite all sorts of disorders and excess of talk will invite troubles or difference of opinions. So chose a via media path.

SHIRDI SAI 29th Oct 97

192)In the present day scenario women are not treated with their due respects which is not a good sign for prosperity. To take care of this menace goddess "GAYATRI" has taken birth. (Incarnated as Sakthi Swaroopini). So chant regularly her name to ward of evils and to seek her blessings.

SHIRDI SAI 11th Oct 97

193)Children getting hurt during play. Continue to play next day also. In the same way be mentally prepared to push through life inspite of hurdles coming on the way.

SHIRDI SAI 5th Nov 97

193)Do not treat everybody speaking sweet as a friend. A friend cannot be made in a day or two. Friendship like companionship is an experience for life.


194)Preoccupation of mind with earning of money and worldly pleasures was the paramount cause in youth. In oldage the basic necessities required for sustaining of life, love for children lack of zeal etc will be the main source of hurdles. So decide for yourself when it will be appropriate to start thinking of "GOD".


195)When people speak bad of you, you are either abusing or punishing them and I am the recipient of them. When your opponent does the same I am still at the receiving end. Is it justified for me to receive when both of you are engaged in mutual fights?

SHIRDI SAI 11th NOV 1997

196)All clauses of people are living in this society and goddess of JUSTICE shall surface to see that truth prevails.

SHIRDI SAI 20th NOV 1997

197)Population is ever increasing. People with self-jealousy and hatred are attacking each other and establishing a path to be reborn as animals in their lives to come.

SHIRDI SAI 20th NOV 1997

198)You have not raised a single cry on the day when your hard-earned money was stolen. What makes to get over whelmed when some one offers you with a small gift?

SHIRDI SAI 21st NOV 1997

199)When layers of "AGNANA" (IGNORANCE) are before your eyes you have to lead a life sodestined. If you come to me I shall remove them to enable you to have a clear vision.

SHIRDI SAI 24th Nov 1997

200)When you talk of divinity to others, it should be with humbleness because "EGO" is the first enemy to hamper its growth on the path of "ADHYATMA". So destroy it before embarking on "ADHYATMA" i.e (SPIRITUALISM).

SHIRDI SAI 27th Nov 1997

201)"GOD" has blessed us with this tongue to relish soft dishes and for talking good always. Why to eat prohibited food and talk bad of others? There is no point in leading such a life.

SHIRDI SAI 2nd Dec 1997

202)When your heart is cleansed with the milk of "ADHYATMA" bad thoughts cannot enter your mind, even if you stand stark naked.

SHIRDI SAI 2nd Dec 1997

203)Take stock of the food to remain after fulfilling your needs. Distribute it liberally to the needy and then start taking your food. The food thus consumed by you is equivalent to "BHUKTHASESHA" (left over of GOD).

SHIRDI SAI 2nd Dec 1997

204)"HANUMAAN" is the true slave and servant of the"GOD". He protects the devotees of "GOD" always.

SHIRDIS SAI 9th Dec 1997

 205)The man woman relationship, the cycle of life and death are natures doings. The feel of happiness on the arrival of new born child into the family and to grieve on the death of a family member are not desirable.

SHIRDI SAI 2nd Oct 1993

206)Misuse of power for the sake of kith and kin with arrogance is a sin. Realize that power is not permanent.

SHIRDI SAI 23rd Sep 1993

207)It is worthwhile to distribute needs of good flowers to others. Majority in all probabilities may not use for themselves, but may throw them some where or other casually. Ignorantly they are the cause for good plantation and flowers coming up around there in the near future.

SHIRDI SAI 10th Sep 1993

208)Today I would say that the blood running through our veins is the same and I am the driving force behind that flow.

SHIRDI SAI 10th Aug 1997

# English translation by Saibhakta Raghu Raman Satulury 29th August 1999.


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