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January 8, 2000
Starr Report Analysis                                           

The Starr Report was the tip of the iceburg of the massive plot to force the resignation of President William Jefferson Clinton. In the final analysis, it is a ludicrous, essentially useless document. Like the Warren Report, which is entirely fraudulent in terms of its capacity to expose the truth about the Kennedy assassination, the Starr Report raises more questions than it provides answers.

Monica Lewinsky is so staged and controlled, she can’t even tell us who initially told her about the “breaking” news story that made her a national celebrity. In her own words, speaking to Larry King on January 3, 2000, Monica said: “I am trying to think. I am not sure I can say how I found out. I learned it on ‘The Drudge Report,’ and I didn't have my computer”. Isn’t that interesting? We always knew that the Drudge Report was a funnel for specific interests, and it should not surprise anybody that Monica would use the Drudge Report to dodge the truth. Monica further made it clear that she has been muzzled by her immunity deal with Starr, and she will not answer any "political" questions about the plot to destroy William Jefferson Clinton. Monica Lewinsky is a real pro.

All we can do is speculate, and speculate we will. Why not? As long as we are denied the truth, we have the right to speculate, so here it goes. This is probably the closest we will ever come to the real truth about Monica Lewinsky. We don't want to let Clinton off the hook for taking the bait, but we certainly have alot of unanswered questions in that regard as well.

The mother of all ironies of the Lewinsky affair is that her former neighbor, lifelong Republican Bob Dole, is the poster boy for erectile dysfunction. Moreover, with a former mentor like Richard Nixon, Robert Dole is not exactly naive, in the method and tactic of deploying dirty tricks for the purpose of securing partisan favor. And given the reality of their mutual political interests, is it not reasonable to assume that Starr and Dole were on the same track regarding the Lewinsky affair? Indeed, if they were not, Lewinsky’s neighbor, Bob Dole, would have received a subpoena from the man who violated every right to privacy, for the sake of seeking to force the resignation of the President.

It is this rather bizarre, unorthodox setting which inspires ludicrous questions like: was President Clinton’s erectile chemically induced? It is an absolutely astounding proposition, but it is not as useless and as misleading as the Starr Report. Because as long as Monica Lewinsky is muzzled, as long as her capacity to deceive dominates and as long as secrecy prevails, the truth is mere speculation. So go right ahead and venture boldly. President Clinton’s erectile was indeed chemically induced. If Monica Lewinsky can keep the entire world guessing about the existence or the non-existence of a semen-stained dress, she can slip a little something in the President’s drink, to relieve him of every potential erectile dysfunction. At the same time, do not expect any man to admit it. That’s the beauty of this potential deception. Call it, the origin of Viagra.

Beyond all the speculation and all the conspiracy theories, the anti-Clinton Inquisition speaks for itself. To be sure, the “drug lords” of this massively funded operation may deny or conceal involvement, but their mouthpieces and gophers are easy to spot. Most of their legal advocates are regulars on shows like Geraldo and Hardball, and in the latter case, even the host of the show is essentially an election strategist who does everything he can possibly think of to demonize the Clinton administration, because in his words, “God help us if she [Hillary Clinton] wins.”

And Hardball is not the only show which sounds like a paid political announcement. The Drudge Report was evidently the Internet equivalent, and that is what makes it so relevant when Monica Lewinsky credits the Drudge Report for what she learned when she didn’t have access to her computer. In the first place, the Drudge Report was the media mouthpiece of the vast right wing conspiracy, and in the second, the suggestion that Monica Lewinsky had a source that was even more primary than Drudge, suggests that the real story has never been exposed. At the same time, it doesn’t take very much to figure it out.

It isn’t rocket science. When Dick Morris claimed that Matt Drudge was the “Woodward and Bernstein” of the Clinton scandal, the story tells itself. The effort to destroy Clinton through the arrogance of the media is clearly what the Lewinsky media circus was all about. And Dick Morris is evidently so intoxicated by the delusion that the circus is the message, he actually believed that he would pull it off. Poor Dick.

And, by the way, you know that 'bombshell tape' that the New York Post highlighted? That tape was prepared under the advice of Linda Tripp's good friend, Lucianne Goldberg. Who else was in on the “dirty tricks” decision to surreptitiously tape- record Monica Lewinsky? Sneaky political operatives work in teams. In 1972, Lucianne Goldberg was a spy who posed as a magazine writer covering the Democratic presidential candidate, for the sake of reelecting Richard Nixon. Some things never change.





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