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What is a 'Catholic' Dilemma?

dilemma (d¹-lµm") n. 1. A situation that requires a choice between options that are or seem equally unfavorable or mutually exclusive. 2. Usage Problem. A problem that seems to defy a satisfactory solution. 3. Logic. An argument that presents an antagonist with a choice of two or more alternatives, each of which contradicts the original contention and is conclusive.

The American Heritage Dictionary

On this page we present moral dilemmas faced by Roman Catholics, and only by Roman Catholics. For our understanding of the term, dilemma, I will use all three definitions from the American Heritage Dictionary as shown above. These dilemmas are uniquely Roman Catholic because they arise from the dogmas, doctrines and Traditions of Rome.

I shall present each dilemma as one or more statements of incontrovertible facts, followed by questions that highlight the difficulty, quandary, pickle, enigma, jam, kettle-of-fish or quandary in which Roman Catholics find themselves when faced with the contradictory teachings of their church.

If you are a Roman Catholic surfer, you need to at least know what dilemmas exist for you! Don't be surprised if you can not answer most or all of them. It is not your fault. Especially if you are over forty years old, your church taught you what to think and what to believe, but not how to think about spiritual matters. The younger crop of Roman Catholics has access to much better apologetic training for those who wish to take advantage of it. It is my opinion, however, that in general, Rome would much rather have a herd of lemmings than a cadre of thinkers - such folks have a way of leaving the Roman Catholic Church once they start to discover the discrepancies between Scripture and the teachings of Rome.

You probably would not even be at this site, and on this page, if you had not exercised your God-given ability to think and choose. Be warned: you are on dangerous ground. Why? First, because you are thinking for yourself and not blindly accepting the stock teachings of Rome. Second, because your search for solutions will demand that you study the Word of God, Scripture, the Bible, for yourself, and Rome warned you for centuries that such a study is sinful and dangerous to your faith. That ban has now lifted, so at least you are free to study the Bible for yourself (but not free to come to any conclusions that disagree with the RCC!). Lucky you; unlucky great-grandfather Guido!

Are There Solutions to these Dilemmas?

When faced with two things that, without question, contradict each other, both of which scare you, or threaten you, are unacceptable to you, what can you do?! When you find yourself trapped between the rock and the hard place, between the irresistible force and the immovable object, what can you do?! Your options are more or less limited:

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The Dilemma

What about all those pre-Vatican II Roman Catholics who are now roasting in Hell for doing what their children do with impunity?
QUESTION: Is it morally correct that some fry in Hell and others do not fry in Hell when both did exactly the same thing? Yes No
QUESTION: Since the Catholic law has changed, will God release from Hell those who ate meat on Friday before Vatican II? Yes No
QUESTION: Is it possible that eating meat on Friday, either before or after Vatican II is irrelevant to God? Yes No
QUESTION: Why does Rome insist on fasting when Jesus instituted Communion as part of a great feast? Your Answer?
QUESTION: Is it possible that God keeps changing His mind, His Laws to keep in conformance with the mind and laws of Rome? Yes No
QUESTION: How do you reconcile a God who does not change His laws with a church that does? Your answer?

The devout Roman Catholic person is constrained (forced) to enjoy a hot dog at a Friday ball game with the 'knowledge' that his or her dad and mom are, at that very moment, burning in an eternal Hell for doing exactly the same thing back in the 1950 World Series. He or she is constrained to believe that God changes His laws to conform to the whims of the Roman Catholic Church. He or she also knows that God has declared: "I the LORD do not change. So you, O descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed. Ever since the time of your forefathers you have turned away from my decrees and have not kept them." (Malachi 3: 6-7)

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The Bible was placed on Rome's Index of Forbidden Books list by the Council of Toulouse/Toledo in the year 1229. It remained there until the index was discontinued at Vatican Council II. Anyone reading or owning a 'forbidden' book was anathematized, or cursed and remanded to hell for doing so.

Cannon 14 from the Council of Toulouse says that the Roman Catholic Church:

"Forbids the laity to have in their possession any copy of the books of the Old and New Testament.... and most strictly forbids these works in the vulgar tongue."

Roman Catholic apologist Karl Keating confirms this fact when he writes that, "the bishops at Toulouse restricted the use of the Bible until the [Albigensian] heresy was ended." (Page 45, Catholicism and Fundamentalism, by Karl Keating). The peculiar thing is that the Bible remained on the Index of Forbidden Books for another 730 years! In his dance with truth, Mr. Keating takes care to omit this little fact.

Still More Evidence. This teaching was confirmed at the Council of Trent (Session IV, April 8, 1546 Decree Concerning the Canonical Scriptures). The Council of Trent went further, stating that anyone who dared study Scriptures on their own must "be punished with the penalties by law established." With incredible audacity, the Council of Trent went so far as to forbid even the printing of and sale of the Bible! Anyone daring to violate this decree was anathematized, or cursed and damned to Hell for it. (Dogmatic Cannons and Decrees of the Council of Trent..., pages 11-13; Copyright 1977, 1912, with Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat. Tan Books and Publishers, P.O. Box 424, Rockford, IL 61105)

Still More Evidence Liguori, the most respected of Cannon Lawyers in the Roman Catholic Church, wrote that, "The Scriptures and books of Controversy may not be permitted in the vulgar tongue, as also they cannot be read without permission."

And Yet Even More Evidence Pope Clement XI (1713), in his bull Unigenitus, wrote that "We strictly forbid them [the laity] to have the books of the Old and New Testament in the vulgar tongue."

The Dilemma

QUESTION: Is it morally correct that some fry in Hell and others do not fry in Hell when both did exactly the same thing-read the Bible? Yes No
QUESTION: Since the Catholic law has changed, will God release from Hell those who read the Bible between the Council of Trent and the 1950's, when the Roman Catholic Church seemingly changed its mind? Yes No
QUESTION: Is it possible that reading the Bible is, despite Rome's historical condemnation of it, is pleasing to God? Yes No
QUESTION: Vatican Council II permitted the Bible to the people in their own language. The same Council also confirmed the Council of Trent, which forbade the Bible to the people in their own language. How do you reconcile this contradiction? Your Answer?
QUESTION: How do you reconcile a God who does not change His laws with a church that does? Your Answer?

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