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Understanding the Catholic Church in light of Scripture, history, reason and logic.


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Welcome! We are dedicated to understanding the Roman Catholic Church in light of Scripture, history, reason and logic. This site is updated often, so be sure to stop back for the very latest information!

My honored grandmother taught me to always tell the truth, even when it hurt. In these pages I shall do just that... knowing well that many a Roman Catholic visitor will click the BACK button before they finish the first page. You see, the truth that hurt me along the way can also hurt you, the Roman Catholic browser.
But what value is a faith that fears being tested? Does not the truth defend itself... prove itself?

Are you prepared to defend the faith learned from your parents, priests, nuns or brothers? Really, do you even know the questions you may be asked? For most Roman Catholics, their religious education consisted of learning rote definitions of the Churches Dogmas, Traditions, and rituals. Most of us were taught that ours was the 'one true church' outside of which there is no salvation. That belief survives to this day.

Thus, scant attention was paid to the issues that divide Roman Catholics from Protestantism and other world religions. Sadly, the best that many Catholics can say when confronted with questions of faith, is "I'm a Catholic. Don't bother me with your Protestant interpretations!" Such an empty response leaves many with the idea that Roman Catholics are blind followers of blind guides.

Today, many believe that the things that separated Catholics and Protestants no longer exist, or are no longer important. But the fact is that those differences remain in full force.

This site is for Roman Catholics who wish to add to their knowledge of the differences that separate them from other faiths. It is my intent to show that, far from being the 'one true church,' Rome has departed from the clear teachings of the Word of God, and is as much in need of reform today as it was five hundred years ago. You may not agree with my conclusions. That is alright; you are free to believe what you wish - and rest assured that I shall not slap you with an anathema (a curse) for not agreeing with me! But at least take the trouble to know what you believe, and be able to defend it when needed.

If you would care for the background that led to this site, read my Open Letter to Readers.

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