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"Talking about music is like dancing about painting"

In trying to describe with words the sound of any ensemble in today's multiple-genre music world, the above words from performance artist Laurie Anderson seem to fit the bill. So who is The Roger Ebacher Quintet? And exactly what kind of music does this band play?

THE ROGER EBACHER QUINTET is a group of kindred musical spirits based on Boston's North Shore, drawing on the input of members from Boston to Portland, Maine. Individually, each member of the Quintet is the real deal, with extensive musical knowledge, serious chops, and years of experience in the live show department. Now they join forces to create a sound that continues to intrigue a steady and growing following of loyal fans and listeners.

So what do they sound like?

In a nutshell, like nothing you've heard before! Or, if you insist on labels, it's your basic Afro-Cuban Brazilian Latin Jazz Pop quintet, except led by a flautist...and yes, it's still jazz when you get down to it, but you really can get down to it, and, like, dance, you know? If you've already checked out BACKYARD CARNEVAL, the group's newest release, you know how challenging it is to describe this music. If you haven't yet heard it, here's...

A Rough Guide to the Roger Ebacher Quintet...

ROGER EBACHER has lived and worked on the Boston and North music scene for over twenty years, appearing on concert stages, at festivals, clubs and other venues in a wide variety of contexts, as a vocalist, keyboardist, percussionist, and most importantly, flautist. Although he hates the word, flautist is probably the closest description for this true original who has made a career soloing on an open-hole instrument not much larger than a pennywhistle, known as the Melody Flute. Other musicians using Melody Flute as their instrument of choice? None. People who've been amazed to find out what it is Roger is playing on? Everybody. The innovative and unique style of The Roger Ebacher Quintet is rooted on the sound of this instrument. On Backyard Carneval, the ensemble explores the treasures and pleasures of many compositional styles, crafted by Roger specifically for his instrument and his working band. More information about Roger can be found on his bio page.

MICHAEL SHEA has performed throughout the United States with Eddie Harris, Bruno Carr, Joe Turner and as pianist and contributing composer with Boston's Either Orchestra. In New England, he's toured with the Dick Johnson and the Artie Shaw Orchestra; he's held long-running houseband positions at Boston's Parker House Hotel, the Maison Robert, Brandy Pete's and at the Goodlife nightclubs, and he maintains a busy freelance schedule. His recordings are available on both the MMC and Accurate labels.

DENNY PELLETIER, the son of a jazz trumpeter, developed strong roots in Jazz early on. As a child, Denny began performing as a drummer in many local social events, dances, and talent shows. He briefly studied with Les Harris Sr., head of percussion at Boston's Berklee School of Music, which led to freelance opportunities on the Boston circuit, where Denny has appeared with many area artists including guitarist Ron Murray, bassist Fred Stone, keyboard players Mike Makabaritch and Charlie Bechler, and numerous Berklee faculty members. Years of experience have found Denny in a wide variety of musical situations, performing with national names such as J.J. Johnson, Ronnie Laws, and Anthony Cox. He's paid dues in the pit for musical theatre performances, and provided the beat for many major vocalists including Cleo Laine, Peggy Lee, Bonnie Raitt, and Linda Rondstat. Denny’s recording credits include dozens of radio and national tv commercials and jingles, soundtracks for regional films, back-up on a wide variety of albums, and several children's television shows including “Zoom” and “Sesame Street”. In the late 70's, Denny was also a member of the 7-piece East Coast sensation "Timestream" with Roger Ebacher, with whom he is reunited twenty years later in the Roger Ebacher Quintet.

MICHAEL WINGFIELD, who resides in Portland, Maine, is a master percussionist whose fluency in Afro-Cuban rhythms has placed him in demand from New England to Nova Scotia. He has performed extensively throughout the United States, appearing with a number of noteworthy name artists, including Richie Havens, Airto Moreira, and Sun Ra. As a teacher and a messenger for the Afro-Cuban rhythmic tradition, Michael's quest for a deeper understanding of the music has led him far afield, most recently to Havana, Cuba, where he spent the last two weeks of 2000. When not appearing with the Roger Ebacher Quintet, he maintains a busy schedule of workshops, classes, and retreats in schools and colleges throughout New England.

PAUL BEAUDRY is a Berklee graduate and a former L.A. session player. He has won the 1995 San Francisco Jazz Festival Scholarship, Aspen Music Festival's 1996 Jazz Bass Fellowship, and second place in the 1999 International Society Of Bassists Jazz Competition. Having played at numerous clubs and festivals in the Northeast, he has also performed and/or recorded with Gary Thomas, Tiger Okoshi, and Richard Stoltzman, among others.

The ROGER EBACHER QUINTET is currently booking the 2007/2008 season and is available for concerts, festivals, colleges, concert clubs, coffeehouses, special events, and limited engagements. For bookings and info, call 978-463-0159 or click below to email.


"BACKYARD CARNEVAL", the highly reviewed release from the ROGER EBACHER QUINTET. (also available online at CD Freedom , The Orchard , and most major online music retailers.)

By popular demand, the ROGER EBACHER QUARTET's 1998 release, "FLUTATION DEVICE" will soon be available again at all live shows and on this website in the near future! In the meantime, you can still purchase this release online at