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tHis Is mY HomEpagE!! NicELeh!
My Car
Click the picture to listen to the engine sound. It might take a while..
This is a 1972 Austin Mini, Allegro 1300 engine (Original 1000cc), Twin carbs, 4 speeds, Momo steering wheel and gear knob, stereo system, new rear subframe reinformented, all around drum brakes, 165/70R 10", bucket seats, flares, alarm, tow bar, big bore 2" exhaust staight-through with twin 2 1/2" tail pipes,LCB exhaust manifolds,Hi-Lo ahjustable suspension, heavy duty shocks,and much more...
I love the number plate too!! 121 (one to one) yeah!
I'm in New Zealand at the moment... Actually, I didn't do all the modification on this Mini. I only do the easy work.... the inside and the outside... to make it look better and tidy. My brother (Victor) do all the job from original 1972 Austin Mini (orange colour 1000cc) to a 1972 Austin Mini (black colour Allegro 1300). The Mini only have the original shell. Almost all the other part been change to make the car perform better. He do most of the modification himself because he is a mechanic and I'm not. He brought the Mini in September of 1997 and finished most of the modification in mid 1998. He feel bored of the Mini now.. so he just gave it to me :) and he get a sport car :( So...the Mini is depends to me now.... Momo seat are on the way, 2 Webers, body kit and maybe rollcage... Turbo Charger(Dreaming)....

This Mini is for sale now but only I been offer a recenable good price. It just been serviced,new tires, new brakes, new shocks, new Hi-lo adjustable suspension,Momo T-frame bucket seat, good condition,very tidy,thousands spend, reluctant sale... due to my new car coming..


I got 1 set left Hi-Lo adjustable for sale. They are new, set of 4.. still in box. Just asking for NZ$400 or near offer(NOW NZ$350). Be quick before I sold them. Should be no problem getting it from me if u are inside New Zealand. Oversea welcome. (Posted on 22 April 2002)

Now I got myself a 1981 Toyota Corolla Levin(TE71), 1600, Twincam,5 speed manual, sunroof,14"Advan Mags,lowered with King spring,KYB shocks, Sport steering wheel, Heavyduty Clutch, LSD. This car might for sell soon and is ready for Drift. I speed too much $$ on car and I need some money. I brought this car to do Drift. If u want to see me drifting(or spinning) or my friend, go to Mainfeild on Open day, the next open day is on 5 May, 9 June, 7 July, 4 August, 1 & 29 September and the last one is 27 October, hopefully I'll be there with my team mate "Team Drifters" , Nissan Silva S15, S14, S13, Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25t, RX7 FC3S, AE86, TE71.
This Homepage is made by me... (Keith) Pun Cheng Ket.....
I know this homepage is sux, I have no time to maintain it. This homepage is still under construction..If you want to come back next time, you are welcome, but if you don't want to come back, that's OK!

BUT there will be some photos of the 40th years of Mini in Auckland (New Zealand) coming up soon

Hey they are here now........ Click these to view the pictures...
1. Any police around?? Doing 150Km/h on a 1000cc Mini!
2. We stop to get some petrol on the way up to Auckland.
3. Here is the line up of the Minis in Auckland for the 'Mini 40th Aniversary Auckland 1999' (28th August 1999) We are expecting to see about 300 to 500 Minis, but there is only 250 turned up. But it was great! The first time in my life to see so many Mini!!! View 1 , View 2 , View 3 , View 4 , View 5 , View 6
4. Here is something to for those who come to do. The Mini is free to paint on!At the start(my initial(yellow) on the place for twin fuel tank., Rear view, Front view. Look! what had they done to the Mini!!! Austin Power madness.
5. Here is some interesting Mini... a 1989 De Joux Cooper
6.This look like it's going to a rally.
7. A Clubman. Inside view
8. A racing Clubman with a Honda V-Tec engine in it!!
9. This Clubman shock most peoples. It's the only one who got a Turbo here. Here is how it look like inside the Clubman. I spoke to the owner. He said it only took him 3 years to build this. The Turbo is set to 7psi. He doesn't talk much when I try to ask him question. %#@%$#^%$^ Maybe he can't understand my English. :(
10. Hey, what is this doing here? Emmm i guest he is in the wrong place.. :)
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Click here to see my other homepage(My Bikes).... Click here to see "Team Drifter" website,mainly about cars going sideway(Drift) and Nissan,Toyota,Datsun,Mazda(RX7)..

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