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THE Official Fab Three Fan Club Homepage!!!!!

"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere."

The Fab Three...Lianne, Jen and Katie...brought together by fate, destiny, common goals and interests and an intense desire to act as immature as possible!!!!!!!!!!

Jen "Electrician" Knight!!!

"Captain" Katie "JOHN"Dro!!!

Liann-"A STOP TALKING!!!!" Gearty!!!

Hey there! We are three girls who used to all skate together on the Symmetric Ice Crystals synchronized skating teams in 2000. Since then we've gone on the other things but we still see each other and we are still the FAB 3!!

Some of our famous lines are as follows:


"SQUEEZE!!! PULL!!!!!"-Katie, Liann-A

"Hey there kids!" -Katie

"BACK the TRAIN up!!!!" -Jen

"What's the major malfunction??" -LiannA

"Follow me honeys" -LiannA, Katie

"I turn to YOUUU!!!!!" Katie, Jen, LiannA

"Champions always come back!" -Katie

Some of our favorite songs include
Bye Bye Bye *NSync
I Turn to You *Christina Agueliera
Music of My heart *Gloria and NSync
There You'll Be *Faith Hill
Come on Over *Christina Agueliera
the Michigan NSync remix by Katie and Jen
basically the entire Christina Agueliera CD
the Lianna Rimes cd

All about us:

Katie is an 20 year old sophomore at Wheaton College. She is back to having brown hair, hazel eyes, and great teeth. She is the sexiest kid alive. Her favorite pants are her plaid abercrombie kids ones that she feels uncomfortable wearing but likes them anyhow. She now skates for the Warwick Superettes senior team and is still immature. Her immaturity is the reason we never got above last place at any competitions in junior. She works at Wheaton in the admissions office with her mom for now and is also a web technology assistant for the computing center at Wheaton. She hates Jettas but likes her own red '96 one although she is currently not happy with it. She is paranoid and thinks she has a flat tire all the time. The current news in her life is that shes the biggest champion alive and created National Championship Day on Dec. 19th to celebrate her coming up in the clutch when it counted on that day this year. Shes a snob b/c she calls everyone kids and bc she will admit that shes awesome and sexy. She can be reached at

Lianneis a 16 year old junior at Norwood High School. She is also extremely immature although to a lesser degree. She is a HUGE NSync fan. Her love for them borders on obsession and insanity. her entire room is covered w/ pictures of them. She thinks every guy in the world is hot, and she is at least right that Tom Brady is awesome. (with his hat on). When she is pissed or worked up about something, her voice cracks like that of a schoolboy. Lianne is the only member of the Fab 3 who still skates for Symmetric though Katie still comes to practice to help out and to steal the team. Lianne, like the other two members of the Fab 3, is a true champ. Recent news in her life includes her cracking her car up a week after she got her license but it's okay bc shes okay. She can be reached by email at

Jen is a 16 year old sophomore at Franklin High school and once again is a total champion. She lives in Franklin and plays field hockey and ice hockey for the high school. She was SSOOO immature in 2000 that she couldn't be captain in 2001. She LOVES Katie's mother's upside down french toast (WHO DOESNT) and SCHMEE's about it. She made up all the types of Schmmees. Rainbow Schmmee, spinning schmee, etc. She is famous for her line "BACK THE TRAIN UP." If she married someone with the last name Light and kept her own last name too she would be Jenifer Knight Light. Jen likes to sing and she is also famous for her little shananigans in Michigan at the bar at the hotel. Also she is famous for "Tour guide Barbie" and singing w/ the microphone on the bus which consequently she was not allowed to use after that. Jen is ALMOST funny. She came up with the PD phrase which is still applicable. She can be reached at

Fab Four - no longer in existence due to a number of issues.

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