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AOL 3.0 Progs

Well, here's the progs and punters that you can download. I recommend you download either Hellraiser or Fate X, but these progs will only work for AOL 3.0. The difference between a prog and a punter is a punter just punts and a prog does everything. Progs draw macros, mailbombs, punts, and more. So if I were you, I would download a prog.


The punters here have nothing to do with me. I will have no responsibility of what you do with the punters. These punters here are for educational purposes only. Use it at your own risk.

Name Maker Rating Size Comments
Acid Final Don't Know ? ? Not Tested Yet
Anaconda Don't Know ? ? Not Tested Yet
AOCrash 97 Don't Know ? ? Not Tested Yet
AOPussy 5.0 Don't Know ? ? Not Tested Yet
AOStorm 2.0 Don't Know ? ? Not Tested Yet
Apache Don't Know ? 383 KB The intro always froze when I ran this, but try to see if it works for you.
Area 51 Don't Know ? ? Not Tested Yet
Bat Girl 3.0 Don't Know ? 1.5 MB I heard this was as good as Fate.
BlueCross 4.0 Juno ? ? Not Tested Yet
BlueCross 5.2 Juno ? ? Not Tested Yet
Boot 2 Don't Know ? ? Not Tested Yet
Cold Fire 1.0 Don't Know ? ? Not Tested Yet
Crusade 5 Don't Know ? ? Not Tested Yet
Death and Destruction 4.0 Don't Know ? ? Not Tested Yet
Devistation Online Don't Know ? ? Not Tested Yet
Dice 1.0 Don't Know ? ? Not Tested Yet
Dynamite Final Don't Know ? ? Not Tested Yet
Exorcist Don't Know ? ? Not Tested Yet
Fate Ultra X Don't Know ? ? This prog is not made by the makers of Fate X 3.0 and Fate X 2.5. This is fake, but try it anyway. Be careful.
Fate X 3.0 Magus and Fungi 9 1.54 MB The uninstaller of this has a virus so don't run it.
Fate X 4.0 "a" Magus ? 8.35 MB This works well with AOL 3.0 for windows 95.
Fate Zero Magus 10 1.40 MB This is the BEST prog on aol. It has everything like server, mass mailer, and like a million macros. Download it now!
FBI 1.0 Nautica ? ? Not Tested Yet
FBI 98 Nautica and FeLiX10955 KBThis is a great prog. It has everything for everyone! The second level access password is 72596
Fire Toolz 3.0 RJ2 9 ? This prog is really good! It has so many options and so many other things!
Havok Platinum OP and Ivy 8 848 KB This is one of the best, but looks different from the rest.
Hellraiser Final Don't Know 9 ? This is as good as Fate X 3.0 and better than Havok To skip the long intro, click on chronos at the title screen.
Magenta ReDxKiNG 9 1.44 MB This is one of the best progs I got. It has a cd player, screen saver, pws detector, im punter, phisher, im bomber, a bunch of macros, room buster, e-mail punter, mass mailer, server, some bot's, and alot more!
MIB Final TFish 8 1.0 MB This is a good prog and has many options.
Oreo Don't Know 4 ? No Comment
Pepsi 2.0 CpRiDe ? ? I think this one is good, but I'm not sure. Try it, it's very popular.
Pepsi 4.0 CpRiDe and DC 10 2.22 MB Forget the rest. Download the best.
Phaze ToolzNike7415 KBThis is an alrigh prog. It has most stuff that you would need.
Radioactive Tools 2.0Racer X and DoGG91.19 MBThis prog has everything that you could want to do on AOL and all in a nice small interface.
Reaper 3.0 Don't Know ? ? Not Tested Yet
South Park Toolz Don't Know 4 995 KB This ain't that good, but if you like South Park, download it.
Sub Zero 3.0 Cold Slime 8 743 KB This looks like Hellraiser except no intro and has different colors.
Super Mad Cow Final Don't Know 5 ? I heard this was good too, but I don't like it because of the long intro and missing features.
World War 4 Don't Know 9 2.1 MB This is a great prog, has everything and 40 different punt methods. I took the sounds out and put it in a seperate download cause it's big with the sounds. The password for this is "cartman". To get to the password prompt, double-click on the date.
X-Tasy 2.3 Don't Know 9 2.69 MB X-Tasy is pretty good. It has all the options, a Mass Mailer and claims to have the fastest server on aol.

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