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Disney's California Adventure: Dustin's Page

Disney's California Adventure will be an all new 55-acre theme park adjacent to Disneyland and will become part of the Disneyland Resort. This expansion will also include a new 750 room luxury hotel, The Grand Californian, the largest parking structure in the world, expansions of the Disneyland and Pacific Hotels, and Downtown Disneyland. Set to open in 2001, Disney's California Adventure will celebrate the beauty and majesty of the golden state offering 22 rides and attractions, 15 restaraunts, and 12 shops. The California Adventure will consist of 7 districts, all which take a look at a different aspect of California.
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What's New? for 12/06/00
Third Theme Park Preview - Here you'll find all the latest info on Disneyland's third gate! Click HERE
Hey everyone! DCA is opening in less than 5 months!

Pictures From Channel 7 News Broadcast on DCA!

Pictures of the Inside from the Monorail!

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The Districts

Hollywood Pictures Backlot - Come see the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and take a spin on Superstar Limo!
Condor Flats - Come see the late 40's and take a flight through the sky on Soarin' Over California!
Grizzly Peak - Dare take a 22 foot fall down the heights of Grizzly Peak? How about 2!
Bountiful Valley Farm - Do you hate bugs? We'll there's millions here on It's Tought To Be A Bug!
San Fransisco District - Come explore California's heritage on Golden Dreams!
Pacific Wharf - Where's the best Sour Dough bread? Of coure! Disneyland!
Paradise Pier - Come see the old seaside amusement parks with 8 thrilling rides!
The Grand Californian - Wish you could stay the night in this great place? How about right in DCA!
Downtown Disneyland - Do you like shopping or maybe even The Rainforest Cafe? You'll find it all here!


Construction Pictures - Come see this HUGE gallery which features a timeline of constuction!

Preview Center Gallery - This is where you'll find almost every artist conception of DCA plus more!
DCA+Disneyland News - This is where you'll find all your DCA news and rumors!

DCA Testing - Want to know the dirt on rides testing? Well you've come to the right place!


NEW Cars of Madness - Come see Mullholland Madness testing with all of it's cars!
DCA Statistcs - Here you'll find all the stats on DCA!
Rides of the Past - Here you'll find all the rides that never made it!
Pre-Ratings - Come find out how I and others rate DCA!
Opinions and Suggestions - Find out others opinions on DCA!
Paradise Polls - Come take the polls!
Big Pictures Page - These pictures are so huge you'de think yer there!
Special Sections Come see everything else that's not DCA including some original ideas for the parking lot!
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