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About LS Productions Recording Studio

LS Productions was founded by Manfred Leidecker and Brian Sim. Both are Musicians, Composers, Engineers and Producers. Manfred and Brian played in many bands from the seventies through to the nineties, most notably AVALON which released one album entitled Voice of Life on the LONDON RECORDS label. Brian, as well as a member of AVALON , was a founding member of CRUCIAL MOMENTS fronted by avant garde vocalist Cyndela Whitney. On bass guitar was Brian Radding of FIVE MAN ELECTRICAL BAND .

Brian Sim became one of the most respected and creative guitar players in the area performing with his own band and with many others for hire. In 1989 Brian won the Ottawa area Guitar Warz with a stunning performance incorporating guitar synthesizer in his piece. In the past 6 years Brian has been exploring percussion, mainly from the far east and has gained a large collection.

In 1983, Manfred opened up his first studio in Aylmer Que. working with a large number of area musicians such as Eight Seconds, Charlie Major and Kyana. In 1988 he designed and built a 3000 sq. ft. studio in Nepean (now Distortion Studios) and worked with many artists ( Love Chain, Antix, Soul Tattoo) until deciding to focus on production.

In 1991, Manfred signed EXCITER and produced the cd KILL AFTER KILL. He then signed EXCITER to NOISE RECORDS (Germany), a European Tour followed and sales reached in excess of 100,000 units. LS Productions was now in full swing. In 1993 BETTER LIVE THAN DEAD, another EXCITER release was unveiled.
Natasha Crowne was signed to QUATROPHONIC MUSIC (Detroit) after Michael Quatro, (worked with Alice Cooper, Fleetwood Mac, Iggy Pop, Janet Jackson.....), co-wrote , with Manfred and Brian, all the songs for her upcoming release. Currently in the studio is upcoming female vocalist Nykala.