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Capital Punishment CD Avalon Habitual Behavior About LS Productions Recording Studio


Origin: Ottawa, Canada

Current Lineup:

Jacque Belanger (1996- ) vocals
John Ricci (1983-1985,1992- ) guitars
Marc Charron (1996- ) bass
Rick Charron (1996- ) drums

Previous Members:

Dan Beehler (1983-1993) drums/vocals
Jeff McDonnald (1993-1993) bass
David Ledden (1992-1992) bass
Allan James Johnson (1983-1988) bass
Brian McPhee (1986-1988) guitars
Rob Malnati (1988-1988) vocals


1983 Heavy Metal Maniac (Shrapnel Records)
1984 Violence And Force (Megaforce Records)
1985 Long Live The Loud (Music For Nations)
1986 Unveiling The Wicked (Music For Nations)
1988 Exciter (Maze Music)
1992 Kill After Kill (Noise Records)
1993 Better Live Than Dead (live) (Music For Nations)
1997 The Dark Command (Osmose Records)

Exciter is currently in the vocal stage of recording for their new CD "BLOOD OF TYRANTS".