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Some of the above links are links to pastel paintings.

All links to paintings and/or photocomposites are indicated on footer of this site by Mary-Ann Myers during the years between 1999 and 2002.

Others are links to Bocelli related websites.

Hope you enjoy the links and information.

Hello Bocelli fans past and present. This site is updated 2011 and was first created in 1999. This is a USA site (Northern California - San Francisco Bay Area/Sacramento Area)and started off as a site that featured pastel paintings of Andrea Bocelli that I had created. Back 10 years ago it was just one of many fan websites. Now I guess it serves as almost an historical site of the Tuscan Tenor. Please read what is addressed on the paintings. There might be something of interest to you. Table of contents of illustrations are at the bottom and side of this page for your convenience. May I suggest to view Bocelli Library which has some informational sites for you to browse in. This is non-profit and informational only. Feel Free to print paintings on your colored printer. We share willingly with other Bocelli fans, but if you want to use any of the paintings on a website or a publication (does not include school projects) PLEASE ask permission from the artist. I am a Graphic Designer by trade and an Illustrator. Please email me for questions. Contact info: Mary-Ann Myers. WANT to join an Andrea Bocelli email group and learn the latest on Andrea? Join BocelliAmici also provided at the side bar on this page. These ladies on this site have been Bocelli friends of mine forever. We would meet in various towns for a Bocelli concert and PARTY! In fact, they are still doing that to this day.

The Oakland Bocelli Concert in April 17, 1999

The Oakland Bocelli Concert--April 17, 1999 -- It all started when I attended a Bocelli concert close to my town in the Oakland California Coliseum, April 17, 1999. His voice is of an angel and I could not deny it !! Since then I am a fan of Maestro Bocelli and listening to his voice inspires me to paint. I am especially inspired to paint as I read discussion comments or testimonials from Bocelli fans, magazine articles and poems. The discussion comments shows me how much his fans LOVE him. The magazine articles shows me his incredible life, his courage, his passion for music and his dedication. I can not help to admire this man. I LOVE his arias (I have been an opera fan for years) and I believe in time Andrea will be one of the greatest opera singers in this decade...give him time "critics" ! I LOVE Andrea for his humbleness, his willingness to share his talent with all of us, his sweet spirit that surrounds him and of course his beautiful voice of which is described as having the voice range of a baritone up to a tenor. Truely extraordinary. I hope he never changes in his humble, sweet attitude. (written in April 1999)

Other Concert photos

Boston concert of April 2001. (Update) This is the concert that we Bocelli Fans finally met after two years of emailing each other back and forth. We had a GREAT time in 2001. Now, it is 2011 and my interests have varied. I have a site: and gives you an idea what I am up to now.

It was a pleasure to find out that Andrea was awarded the Hollywood walk of fame and YEP, he is doing more operas and the MET finally has him there to sing. Bravo Bocelli, you are like an old friend. Good to see you doing so well. I'll be back in five years to upgrade this site. Continued Blessings and Time to Say Goodbye. I'll always love that song.

From the Sacred Aria DVD