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Welcome to the newly re-designed Fishtank! This redo is a long time coming, so thank you all for your patience.

            First order of business is all the new stuff. Obviously, the design on all the pages is new, but there is also new content. And as we all know, content is very important unless you like staring at little dancing hampsters all day. Not that its neccesarily a bad thing, heck, whatever floats your boat, right? Well, Enough chatter and down to the hard stuff.

           You can click on the navigational bars at the top and bottom of the page to get to any of the content pages on the site. There are extra buttons on the side of the page. There are lots of new pictures, episode reviews and sounds bytes, and some new fanfic up, and its all easier to access!

          Be kind, and take the time to sign my guestbook. Itíll make you feel better for knowing that youíve made a poor little web-hostess feel just a little smidge better.

Hmm. . .what else. . .Oh, yeah. Please refrain from feeding the fish. The fish are on a strict Scully-diet, and any extraneous food might dangerous to the fish. Thank you!

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