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yams6 (21:51:15): DD not online? What's this?
MRhe25 (21:51:40): well, what do you know? A
living, breathing c*nt w/an im name! Learn
something new every day...

MRhe25 (21:51:53): he was on earlier, died about
1/2 hr ago, dunno what happened

yams6 (21:52:17): F*CK!
MRhe25 (21:52:28): yes, I know
yams6 (21:52:32): F*CK!
MRhe25 (21:53:27): so how were your "unforseen

yams6 (21:54:01): pleeze don't ask
MRhe25 (21:54:07): ok...y?

MRhe25 (21:54:16): fine, scrathc that
yams6 (21:54:24): Thank youbes
yams6 (21:54:45): Hmm, percentage of c*nts
online seems to be 50, give or take

MRhe25 (21:54:51): ha
MRhe25 (21:54:58): actually 25
MRhe25 (21:55:10): 50 is a really broad estimate
MRhe25 (21:55:20): unless Kermit is classified as a
c*nt in your book

MRhe25 (21:55:27): or me for that matter
yams6 (21:55:45): Well, I see only you and Edgar
MRhe25 (21:56:01): oh, u don't have his name,

yams6 (21:56:07): Not including me, it's 50
MRhe25 (21:56:14): ahh, good yob
MRhe25 (21:57:17): "Captain, we have a range of
400 meters off the port bow, bearing 290
degrees of the CCCP Edgar."

yams6 (21:57:51): Load tubes 1-4.
MRhe25 (21:58:06): chhh-tckunk...loaded
yams6 (21:58:28): Flood tubes, give me distance
reading OOD.

MRhe25 (21:59:28): psssschhhhhh.....tubes
flooded, Captain. Distance-350 meters, bearing
305....she's increasing speed, Captain.

yams6 (21:59:51): F*ck, match speed.
yams6 (22:00:02): Don't let this f*cker get away,
the tonnage will be noteworthy.

MRhe25 (22:00:28): tonnage?
MRhe25 (22:00:39): Captain, may I remind you
this is not WWII

yams6 (22:00:51): What class is the Edgar?
MRhe25 (22:01:00): Kilo
MRhe25 (22:01:18): a modified Kilo, w/one
10mm AA gun on deck

yams6 (22:01:20): Oh, sorry, WWII flashback.
Bud Gruner sent me a letter yesterday...

MRhe25 (22:01:28): how is old BG?
yams6 (22:01:40): 136
yams6 (22:01:53): Range, Chief of the Boat?
MRhe25 (22:01:59): wow, what an old f*cker
MRhe25 (22:02:17): Captain, Range to Target is
246 meteres and closing

yams6 (22:02:34): Now we've got that f*cker!
MRhe25 (22:02:35): Bearing 0 degrees-she's
coming right at us!

MRhe25 (22:02:44): Sir, permission to speak?
yams6 (22:02:50):
yams6 (22:02:52): Yes?
MRhe25 (22:03:08): I think the word you are
searching for is
yams6 (22:03:22): What's our max torpedo range,

MRhe25 (22:03:45): max range on high speed
torps is 6 nautical miles, Captain

MRhe25 (22:03:56): we are well within range...
yams6 (22:04:06): Prepare to fire boobs one and
two on my mark.

yams6 (22:04:10): I mean tubes...
yams6 (22:04:19): Three...
yams6 (22:04:21): Two...
yams6 (22:04:23): One...
yams6 (22:04:27): MARK!
MRhe25 (22:04:39):

MRhe25 (22:04:43): ........
MRhe25 (22:04:45): ......
MRhe25 (22:04:50): torps running clean
yams6 (22:04:57): Excellent, Smithers...
yams6 (22:05:06): CotB, Torp update?
MRhe25 (22:05:16): ToT, 3 seconds
MRhe25 (22:05:18): 2
MRhe25 (22:05:20): 1
MRhe25 (22:05:33):

yams6 (22:05:41): Fire tubes 3 and 4 to clean it up
and dive you son of a bitch!

MRhe25 (22:05:50):

MRhe25 (22:05:56): TWO

yams6 (22:06:01): active>
MRhe25 (22:06:08): Sorry to scream in your ear

yams6 (22:06:16): Good shot!
MRhe25 (22:06:21): psccch pscchc 3 and 4

yams6 (22:06:28): We're running silent, you mofo!
MRhe25 (22:06:41): Ummm, you ordered me to
fire, sir

yams6 (22:06:57): CotB, we are in red lights,
please activate same!

MRhe25 (22:07:19): Affirmative
MRhe25 (22:07:30): 3 and 4 torp hits registered!
MRhe25 (22:07:35): All direct!
yams6 (22:07:42): Good job crew, one less threat
to the free world.

yams6 (22:08:07): for valor and 1pt for thinking of this crantabulous

yams6 (22:08:10): >
yams6 (22:08:34): Actions can be enclosed in <>
to denote same.

MRhe25 (22:08:46): The Edgar is no longer
registering on our scopes.

yams6 (22:09:05): heartily>
MRhe25 (22:09:22):

yams6 (22:09:52): Radar, this is Conn. Do we
have any amny boats in this area of the Skaggerat

MRhe25 (22:10:21): Negative.
yams6 (22:10:25): from demi-god.
yams6 (22:10:27): >
yams6 (22:10:48): Switch to normal mode and
take us to periscope depth.

MRhe25 (22:11:04):
MRhe25 (22:11:13): aye-aye
MRhe25 (22:11:33): Running in Normal mode, at
periscope depth, Cpt.

yams6 (22:11:37): Is it coincedence that certain
c*nt left just as the CCCP Edgar settled on the
bottom of the sea?

yams6 (22:11:48): coincidence, rather.
yams6 (22:12:04): coincidents, rather.
yams6 (22:12:14): coinsidents, rather.
yams6 (22:12:25): koensidentz, rather.
yams6 (22:12:39):

yams6 (22:12:54): Mr. F. Nut?
MRhe25 (22:13:00): I doubt it, sir. I would
attribute it to the destructive power of 4 direct
hits with Mark-38 torpedoes.

yams6 (22:13:39): Conn, this is sonar. I have a
Kiev Class Cruiser, I think it's the F*cknut sir!

MRhe25 (22:13:59): Roger your last
yams6 (22:14:43): Have you made contact with

MRhe25 (22:14:51): yes, contact established
MRhe25 (22:15:20): i told dunndee we sunk the

yams6 (22:15:24): Good.
MRhe25 (22:15:39): he knows the drill; we have
done similar before

yams6 (22:15:50): I told him: yams6 (10:15:30 PM): I
don't give a rat's pile of feces whether she's
[WMC] on or not.

MRhe25 (22:15:50): never sunk her tho, obvi
MRhe25 (22:15:56): ha
yams6 (22:16:00): What?
MRhe25 (22:16:16): listen to this horsesh*t
yams6 (22:16:19): Oh, you did anti-war games
yams6 (22:16:22): Ok
yams6 (22:16:44): Why is everything italicized?
MRhe25 (22:16:48): MRhe25 (22:14:15): didn't
see saem
MRhe25 (22:14:20): i have been on since u left
MRhe25 (22:15:07): jek and I sunk the Edgar
specs122 (22:15:25): good work
specs122 (22:15:45): i will give mark harris a point
for taht
MRhe25 (22:16:03): for what/
specs122 (22:16:18): he as the chief swab on the
Edgar, in charge of sabotaage
MRhe25 (22:16:37): that is untrue; besides, that
means he owuld be daed

yams6 (22:17:12): What a f*cker!
yams6 (22:17:17): He is demoted.
yams6 (22:17:26): To sh*tstain, 3rd class.
MRhe25 (22:17:29): we have no lower rank than
feces, sir