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????-Japan,Mayoral elections in Tokushima
????-Samoa,Parliamentary by-election in Anoama East

?? January-Uzbekistan,Indirect Senate election (elected by local councils members)
2 January-Croatia,President 1st round
5 January-Florida (USA),Special election in Lady Lake
6 January-Canada,Reform B.C.Party: Internal leadership election
6 January-Kerala (India),Council of States by-election
7 January-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Barringo Ward
8 January-Puntland (Somalia),President (by the Parliament)
9 January-Palestine,President
10-11 January-United Kingdom,Indirect House of Lords by-election for 1 seat
11 January-Florida (USA),Special election in Cutler Ridge Area
11 January-Oklahoma (USA),Special elections
11 January-Malawi,Parliamentary by-elections
12 January-Abkhazia (Georgia),Rerun of the presidential election
15 January-Zimbabwe,ZANU-PF Party: Internal parliamentary primary elections
15-16 January-France,Green Party: Internal leadership election
16 January-Croatia,President 2nd round
17 January-Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago),Local assembly election
18 January-Alabama (USA),Special election in the Shelby county
20 January-Northern Cyprus,Parliament
22 January-Maldives,Parliament
23 January-Japan,Gubernatorial elections in Yamagata and Gifu Prefectures,
municipal assembly elections in Osaka and Okayama prefectures
and local plebiscite in Kurashiki
23 January-Russia,Gubernatorial election in Nenets Autonomous Okrug 1st round
23 January-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Vendee #4 
23 January-Italy,Socialist Party: Internal leadership election
23-24 January-Italy,Senatorial by-elections in Bari and Rovigo
24 January-Maharashtra (India),State assembly by-elections for Nagpur 135-south and
for 215-South Solapur assembly constituencies 
24 January-Rajastan (India),State assembly by-election for 186-Luni assembly constituency
25 January-Tokelau (New Zealand),Island council election
25 January-Alabama (USA),Special election for the House
district #65 and Senate district #24 and special runoff primary election for
the House district #82
25 January-Florida (USA),Special election in Ormond Beach 1st round
26 January-South Africa,Municipal by-elections
27 January-Palestine,Municipal elections 2nd stage in the Gaza Strip
29 January-Louisiana (USA),Special primary election for Dist. #96
29 January-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Municipal elections in Baramulla and Kupwara
30 January-Iraq,Parliamentary and provincial council elections
30 January-Kurdistan (Iraq),Local assembly election
1 February-Idaho (USA),County elections
1 February-Florida (USA),Special election in Bonita Springs and primary election
in Longboat Key
1 February-New Hampshire (USA),Special primary election for House Strafford county district#3
1 February-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Municipal elections in Srinagar and Jammu
3 February-Haryana State (India),State assembly elections
3 February-Bihar and Jharkhand States (India),State assembly elections 1st phase
4 February-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of the Primorskii Krai 
5 February-Texas (USA),Special election for State House #121
6 February-Thailand,Parliament
6 February-Baja California Sur State (Mexico),
Gubernatorial,local assembly and municipal elections
6 February-Guerrero State (Mexico),Gubernatorial election
6 February-Russia,Gubernatorial runoff election in Nenets Autonomous Okrug
6 February-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Municipal elections in Anantnag and Pulwana
7 February-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Municipal elections in Jammu and Kathua
8 February-Denmark,Parliamentary and local elections
8 February-Greece,President (by the Parliament)
8 February-Washington State (USA),Special election
8 February-Indiana (USA),Special elections in Warsaw #4,Cambdridge City and Montezuma
8 February-Florida (USA),Special elections in Indialantic,Punta Gorda,Inverness
and primary elections in Cooper City,Dania Beach,Winter Park and
local election in Marathon,Palm Beach,Ocean Ridge,Dunedin
8 February-Ohio (USA),Special referendums in 36 municipalities about bonds issues,
tax issues, municipal income tax, funds for schools
8 February-Oklahoma (USA),Special elections
8 February-Pennsylvania (USA),Special election for House #189
10 February-Yukon (Canada),Municipal by-election in Whitehorse 
10 February-Saudi Arabia,Municipal elections in Ryad 1st round
10 February-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Municipal elections in Srinagar and Budgam
12 February-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Municipal elections in Doda and Udhampur
12 February-New South Wales (Australia),Local council by-election in Camden 
13 February-Honduras,Presidential and mayoral primary elections
13 February-French Polynesia (France),Assembly by-elections in Tahiti and Moorea
14 February-Brazil,PT Party: Internal elections 1st round
15 February-Florida (USA),Special elections in Blues Creek, Duval County and Jacksonsville
and local election in Golden Beach 
15 February-Wisconsin (USA),Non partisan county primary elections
15 February-Bihar and Jharkhand States (India),State assembly elections 2nd phase
16 February-Florida (USA),Local election in Sopchoppy
16 February-South Africa,Municipal by-election in KwaZulu-Natal
17 February-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Municipal elections in Poonch and Rajouri
17 February-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of the Tyumen Oblast
18 February-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of the Vladimir Oblast
18-19 February-Uganda,FDC Party: Internal leadership and presidential primary elections
20 February-Portugal,Parliament
20 February-Schleswig-Holstein (Germany),State elections
20 February-Spain,Referendum on the European Constitution
20 February-Quintana Roo State (Mexico),Gubernatorial,
local assembly and municipal elections
20 February-Hidalgo State (Mexico),Gubernatorial and local assembly elections
20 February-Tuscany (Italy),Regional primary elections
21 February-Anguilla (UK),Parliament
22 February-Illinois (USA),Municipal and township primary elections
22 February-California (USA),County primary elections
22 February-Florida (USA),Special election in Les Chales and runoff in Ormond Beach
22 February-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of the Kurks Oblast
23 February-Bihar and Jharkhand States (India),State assembly elections 3rd phase
24 February-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 2 seats
24 February-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial elections of the Amur Oblast and Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous Okrug
25 February-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of the Jewesh Autonomous Okrug 
25 February-Togo,RPT Party: Internal leadership and presidential primary election
26 February-Louisiana (USA),Special election for District #96
26 February-Western Australia (Australia),State elections and referendum
about the retail trading hours
from 26 February to 1 March-Kenya,NARC Coalition Parties: Internal regional elections
27 February-Tajikistan,Parliament 1st round
27 February-Kyrgyzstan,Parliament
27 February-Santiago del Estero (Argentina),Gubernatorial and provincial assembly elections
27 February-Switzerland,Cantonal elections
27 February-Costa Rica,PUSC Party: District primary elections
28 February-French Polynesia (France),Internal prime minister election (by the Parliament)
28 February-Burundi,Referendum on the new Constitution
28 February-Canada,Municipal by-election in Calgary council ward 10 (AB)
?? March-Samoa,Parliamentary by-election in Anoama West
1 March-Burlington (Vermont,USA),Referendum on adopting instant runoff
voting for future mayoral elections
1 March-California (USA),County elections
1 March-Kansas (USA),City primary elections
1 March-Florida (USA),Local elections in Keystone Heights,Sanibel,Williston,Largo,
Welaca and 1st round in Aventura and primary elections in Cape Coral and Fort Myers
1 March-Oklahoma (USA),Municipal primary elections and special elections
1 March-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in Elkins and Belington
2 March-South Africa,Municipal by-elections
3 March-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of the Saratov Oblast
3-6 March-Italy,RC Party: Internal leadership election
5 March-Saudi Arabia,Runoff of the Municipal elections in the eastern and southwestern regions
5 March-Louisiana (USA),Special primary elections for the districts #29,#36 and #66
5 March-Florida (USA),Local election in Eatonville
5 March-Switerland,FDP Party: Internal elections
6 March-Moldova,Parliament
6 March-Lower Austria (Austria),Local elections
6 March-Hong Kong (China),District council by-elections in Nam Cheong and Fort Street
7 March-Connecticut (USA),Municipal primary elections
7 March-West Virginia (USA),Municipal primary of the 14/6 election in Marmet
8 March-Micronesia,Parliament
8 March-New Hampshire (USA),Township elections and special election for
House Strafford county district #3 and special primary election for
House Sullivan county district #4
8 March-Alabama (USA),Special election for the House district #82
8 March-Oregon (USA),County elections
8 March-Los Angeles (USA),Mayoral primary election
8 March-California (USA),US Special election congressional district #5
8 March-Missouri (USA),Municipal primary elections
8 March-Florida (USA),Special election in Hamilton County and Local county elections
8 March-Washington State (USA),Special election
8 March-New South Wales (Australia),Local council by-election in Greater Hume
8-9 March-United Kingdom,Indirect House of Lords by-election for 1 seat
11 March-Micronesia,President (by the Parliament)
11 March-Ireland,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Kildare North and Meath constituencies
11 March-Maharashtra State (India),Assembly by-election for 1 seat
11 March-Kenya,NARC Coalition Parties: Internal leadership elections
11 March-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial elections of the Evenk and the Yamalo Nenets Autonomous Okrugs
11 and 13 March-Liechtenstein,Parliament
12 March-Latvia,Municipal elections
12 March-Malta,Local council elections in Valletta, Isla, Zebbug, Zejejtun,
Balzan, Dingli, Fontana, Gajnsielem, Ghasri, Iklin, Kirkop, Marsa, Mellieha,
Mqabba, Nadur, Pembroke, Qrendi, San Giljan, San Pawl il-Bahar, Santa Venera,
Ta'Xbiex, Xewkija and Zurrieq
13 March-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Hauts de Seine #6
13 March-Macedonia,Municipal elections 1st round
13 March-Central African Republic,Presidential, Parliamentary 1st round
and municipal elections
13 March-Kyrgyztstan,Runoff of the parliamentary elections and
1st round of the elections in the Tong district -delayed for clashes-
13 March-Chiba Prefecture (Japan),Gubernatorial election
15 March-Georgia (USA),Special elections
15 March-Alabama (USA),Special primary election House #46 1st round
15 March-Florida (USA),Local elections in Inglis,Jupiter Island,St.Cloud,
Interlachen and runoff in Aventura
16-17 March-Tonga,Parliament
17 March-Ontario (Canada),Provincial by-election for 1 seat in Dufferin-Peel-Wellington-Grey 
18 March-Maharashtra State (India),Local council by-election in Parbhani-cum-Hingoli constituency
19 March-West Virginia (USA),Municipal election in Ceredo
19 March-Australia,Parliamentary by-election in Werriwa
20 March-Russia,Legislative elections in Voronezh and Vladimir Oblast
20 March-Russia,Mayoral election in Chelyabinsk
20 March-Hong Kong (China),District council by-election in Ap Lei Chau
20-21 March-United Kingdom,Indirect House of Lords by-election for 1 seat
22 March-Florida (USA),Local election in Bonifay and runoff of the
8/3 election in Hialeah Gardens,Belle Isle
22 March-West Virginia (USA),Municipal primary of the 7/6 election in Dunbar
22 March-Virginia (USA),Special election for State House #63
23 March-Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda),Local council elections
24 March-Tajikistan,Parliament 2nd round
25 March-Russia,Indirect presidential election of the Republic of Tatarstan
27 March-Macedonia,Municipal elections 2nd round and rerun of the 1st round
in some municipalities due to irregularities in the first round
27 March-Russia,Mayoral elections in Surgut and Omsk 
27 March-Russia,Legislative elections in Amur Oblast and in
Yamalo-Nenets autonomous Okrug
27 March-Saratov City (Russia),Referendum on whether the city's mayor should
continue to be directly elected
29 March-Florida (USA),Local election in Gainesville 1st round and special runoff elections
in Duval County and Jacksonsville
30 March-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of the Tula Oblast
31 March-Zimbabwe,Parliament
1 April-San Marino,Indirect elections of the two Capitani Reggenti (Heads of the State)
2 April-South Korea,URI Party: Internal leadership election
2 April-Louisiana (USA),Special elections for the districts #29,#36 and #66 and municipal primary elections
3-4 April-Italy,Regional and municipal elections 1st round
4 April-Moldova,President (by the Parliament)
5 April-California (USA),County elections
5 April-Illinois (USA),Municipal and township elections
5 April-Oklahoma (USA),Municipal and special elections
5 April-Kansas (USA),City elections
5 April-Nevada (USA),City primary elections
5 April-Wisconsin (USA),Non partisan county elections
5 April-Missouri (USA),Municipal elections and special elections for the
State Senate #16 and #22 and State House #38
5 April-Florida (USA),Local county elections
and 1st round in Plant City
5 April-Pennsylvania (USA),Special elections for Senate #16
5 April-West Virginia (USA),Municipal primary of the 7/6 election in Barboursville and of
the 14/6 election in Wellsburg 
and of the 14/6 elections in Follansbee and Keyser
5 April-Dominica,Parliamentary by-election in Grandbay
6 April-Iraq,President (by the Parliament)
6 April-Florida (USA),Local election in Reddick
8 April-Curacao (Netherlands Antilles,Netherlands),Referendums about the status to Netherlands and to the Netherlands Antilles
8 April-Sint Eustatius (Netherlands Antilles,Netherlands),Referendums about the status with  Netherlands and about
splitting from the Netherlands Antilles
8 April-Djibouti,President
10 April-Colima State (Mexico),Gubernatorial election
10 April-West Virginia (USA),Municipal primary of the 12/6 election in Vienna
10 April-Macedonia,Municipal elections 2nd round held in the municipalities which had held the 1st round on 27/3
12 April-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections 1st round
12 April-California (USA),County elections
12 April-Florida (USA),Local elections in Alachua,Fernandina Beach 1st round
and in Miami Shores,Coral Gables,Pasco County,DeFuniak Springs and runoff
of the 8/3 elections in Pinella County,Sarasota,Maitland and Winter Garden
12 April-New Hampshire (USA),Special election for House Sullivan county district #4
12 April-West Virginia (USA),Municipal primary of the 14/6 elections in Hinton and Williamson
and of the 7/6 election in Saint Albans
13 April-Jamaica,Parliamentary by-election in Kingston Western 
14 April-Switzerland,Cantonal elections
14 April-Alaska (USA),Local elections in Kokhanok
15 April-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of the Koryak Autonomous Okrug
17 April-Northern Cyprus,President
17 April-Basque Regions (Spain),Parliament
17 April-Japan,Mayoral elections in Yuzawa,Ota and Hino and Gubernatorial and municipal assembly elections in Akita Prefecture
17 April-Cuba,Municipal elections 1st round
17 April-Krasnodar Krai (Russia),Referendum  on the question of merging the krai
with the Taimyr and Evenk autonomous okrugs
17-18 April-Italy,Regional and municipal elections 2nd round, provincial election
in Viterbo and 1st round of the regional elections
in the region of Basilicata
18 April-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of the Chelyabisnk Oblast
19 April-Florida (USA),Local elections in Gainesville (2nd round)
and in Lynn Haven, Mexico Beach, Panama City, Parker and Springfield
18-19 April-Vatican City,Indirect elections of the Pope
(Chief of the State) -elected by Cardinals
20 April-Tonga,PDP Party: Internal leadership elections
20 April-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of the Kemerovo Oblast
20 April-South Africa,Municipal by-elections
21 April-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of the Kostroma Oblast
21 April-Saudi Arabia,Runoff of the Municipal elections in the northern and western regions
21 April-Orissa (India),State assembly by-election for the 135-Sundargarh Constituency
21 April-Ghana,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Asawasi
23 April-Louisiana (USA),Municipal elections
23 April-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of the Orel Oblast
24 April-Togo,President
24 April-Japan,Parliamentary by-elections in Fukuoka  #2 and Miyagi #2
and mayoral elections in Nagoya and Toyama
24 April-Cuba,Municipal elections 2nd round
24 April-Andorra,Parliament
24 April-Voralberg (Austria),Local elections
24-25 April-Basilicata (Italy),Regional runoff elections
26 April-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections 2nd round
26 April-Alabama (USA),Special primary election House #46 2nd round
26 April-Florida (USA),Local elections in the Gadsden County,White Springs,
Pomona Park
and 2nd round of the 4/5 elections in Alachua and Bay Harbour Island
26 April-Washington State (USA),Special election
26 April-West Virginia (USA),Municipal election in Morganton
26 April-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of the Samara Oblast
30 April-Niue (New Zealand),Parliament
30 April-Lesotho,Local government elections
30 April-South Korea,Parliamentary by-elections for 6 seats,
mayoral,gubernatorial and local council elections in 31 localities
30 April-Maharashtra (India),Council of State by-election for 1 seat
?? May-Christmas Island (Australia),Parliament
?? May-Cocos Islands (Australia),Parliament
1 May-Tasmania (Australia),Local council elections
2 May-Connecticut (USA),Municipal elections
2 May-West Virginia (USA),Municipal election in Beverly and New Martinsville
3 May-Virginia (USA),Township election in Vienna
3 May-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in Thomas and Milton
3 May-Mississippi (USA),County primary elections 1st round
3 May-Ohio (USA),Municipal primary elections and special elections
3 May-Florida (USA),Local election in Cedar Key,North Miami Beach,St.Lucie
and runoff election in Plant City and Miami Springs
5 May-United Kingdom,Parliament
5 May-England (United Kingdom),Local council elections in 34 counties,3 unitary authorities
-Bristol (1/3 of the councillors), Isle of Wight and Stockton- and mayoral elections in
Doncaster,North Tyneside, Stoke-on-Trent and Hartlepool
5 May-Northern Ireland (United Kingdom),Local government elections for 582 council seats
5 May-Scotland (United Kingdom),Local council elections
5 May-Dominica,Parliament
5 May-Tonga,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Niuas and Tongatapu
6 May-Palestine,Municipal elections 3rd stage mainly in West Bank and for few council in Gaza Strip
7 May-Texas (USA),Special election for House #78
7 May-San Antonio(Texas,USA),Mayoral election
7 May-Western Australia (Australia),Local government elections
7-8 May-Italy,Provincial,mayoral and municipal elections in the regions of Trentino Alto Adige and Aosta Valley 1st round
7-8-9-Sardinia (Italy),Provincial,mayoral and municipal elections
8 May-Uruguay,Municipal elections
8 May-Central African Republic,Presidential and parliamentary runoff elections
8 May-Tunisia,Municipal elections
8 May-Hong Kong (China),Village representative by-elections
9 May-Bangladesh,City elections in Chittagong
9 May-West Virginia (USA),Municipal election in Piedmont
9 May-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in the city of Woodstock 
10 May-New Hampshire (USA),Township elections
10 May-Oklahoma (USA),Special elections
10 May-Florida (USA),Local elections in Port St.Joe,North Miami,Sweetwater
and special election in Highlands County and runoff election in North Miami Beach
and Fernandina Beach
10 May-West Virginia (USA),Municipal election in New Cumberland
11 May-Cayman Islands (UK),Legislative Assembly election
11 May-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 4 wards
11-17 May-Ethiopia,Parliamentary and regional assembly elections
14 May-Tamil Nadu (India),State assembly by-elections in 26-Kancheepuram and
in 15-Gummidipundi
14 May-Taiwan,National (Constituent) Assembly election
14 May-Chile,RN Party: Internal presidential primary election
14 May-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of the Penza Oblast 
15 May-Saitama (Japan),Mayoral election
15 May-North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany),State elections
15 May-Croatia,Municipal and regional elections
15 May-Sicily (Italy),Referendum on the direct election of the President of Sicily Region
15-16 May-Sicily (Italy),Municipal elections
17 May-Los Angeles (USA),Mayoral election
17 May-Mississippi (USA),County primary elections 2nd round
17 May-Pennsylvania (USA),Municipal primary elections and special elections for Senate
#4 and #42
17 May-Oregon (USA),County elections
17 May-Washington State (USA),Special election
17 May-Florida (USA),Local election in North Miami 2nd round
17 May-British Columbia (Canada),Provincial elections and Referendum on Single Transferable Vote
18 May-South Africa,Municipal ward by-election in Merafonf City ward#3
20 May-Bougainville (Papua New Guinea),Local presidential and assembly elections
and referendum on the autonomy plan
21 May-Louisiana (USA),Special primary elections for Senate district #3
21 May-Mozambique,Parliamentary by-election in Mocimboa da Praia 
21 May-Costa Rica,UP Party: Internal presidential primary election
22 May-Mongolia,Presidential election and Referendum on dividing the country into four provinces
22 May-North Rein-Westphalia (Germany),State elections
22 May-Italy,Runoff of the Provincial,mayoral and municipal elections in the regions of
Trentino Alto Adige and Aosta Valley
22 May-Montenegro (Serbia and Montenegro),Municipal elections in Budva
23 May-Connecticut (USA),Municipal runoff elections
24 May-Idaho (USA),County elections
24 May-Florida (USA),Local election in Sweetwater 2nd round
24 May-Kentucky (USA),Special election for State House #59
24 May-Canada,Parliamentary by-election in Labrador 
25 May-Suriname,Parliament
25 May-Egypt,Referendum on the Constitutional changes like allowing multicandidate presidential elections
25 May-Saint Helena (UK),Referendum on new a new constitution introducing ministerial government
25 May-West Virginia (USA),Municipal election in Bruceton Mills
26 May-West Virginia (USA),Municipal election in Charles Town
28 May-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of the Lipetsk Oblast 
29 May-Lebanon,Parliament 1st round -19 seats in Beirut
29 May-France,Referendum on the European Constitution
29-30 May-Italy,Local Referendum in the municipality of
San Michele al Tagliamento
on switching from the Veneto Region to the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region
30 May-Germany,CDU Party: Internal PM primary election
30 May-Philippines,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Cebu #5
1 June-Netherlands,Referendum on the European Constitution
1 June-Indonesia,Local election in Kutai Kertanegara
1 June-West Virginia (USA),Municipal election in Lewisburg
1 June-Saskatchewan (Canada),Mayoral by-election in the city of Estevan 
1 June-Tuvalu,Parliamentary by-election for the island of Nui
2 June-Kuwait,Municipal elections 
2 June-West Virginia (USA),Municipal election in Paden City
2 June-India,Assembly by-election for 1 seat in Karnataka State 21-Shimoga constituency
2 June-India,State assembly by-elections for the local assemblies in the following States:
Andra Pradesh: 166-Penuconda, Goa: 11-Taleigao, 14-Cambarjua, 28-Benaulim,
30-Margao and 40-Poinguinim, Haryana: 29-Kiloi, 67-Tosham and 74-Hissar,
Karnataka: 81-Chamrajapet,
Kerala: 9-Azhikode and 14-Kuthuparamba, Uttar Pradesh: 162-Hainsarbazar,
227-Varanasi North, 261-Allahabad West and 344-Kheragarh
3 June-India,Council of State by-elections for 1 seat in Kerala and 1 in Jharkhand
3 June-Burundi,Local government elections
4 June-Louisiana (USA),Special primary elections for Senate district #6
4 June-Canada,Yukon Liberal Party: Internal leadership election
5 June-Malaysia,PAS Party: Internal leadership election
5 June-Lebanon,Parliament 2nd round -23 seats in the south
5 June-Switzerland,Referendums about joining the Schengen and Dublin Protocols
and about have participation in co-ordination policing and crime fighting
6 June-California (USA),Municipal runoff election in Long Beach
6 June-Chad,Referendum on allowing the president to stand for more than two terms
6-7 June-Hungary,President (by the Parliament)
7 June-California (USA),County elections
7 June-Mississippi (USA),County elections
7 June-Nevada (USA),City elections
7 June-New Jersey (USA),Gubernatorial and county primary elections
7 June-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections 1st round
7 June-Alabama (USA),Special election House #46 1st round
7 June-West Virginia (USA),Municipal election in 21 municipalities
7 June-Burundi,Rerun of the local elections in Bujumbura due to violence
8 June-North Ossetia (Russia),Indirect presidential election
8 June-South Africa,Municipal ward by-elections in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and North West
9 June-Zambia,Parliamentary by-election in Kalulushi
10-11 June-Colombia,Liberal Party: Internal leadership election
12 June-Lebanon,Parliament 3rd round -35 seats in the Mount Lebanon
12 June-West Virginia (USA),Municipal election in Vienna
12 June-Nova Scotia (Canada),Provincial by-election in Chester-St. Margaret's
12-13 June-Italy,Referendums on the fertility law
13 June-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal by-elections in 12 constituencies
14 June-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in 123 municipalities
14 June-Virginia (USA),Gubernatorial primary elections
14 June-Florida (USA),Local election in St Marks and 1st round in Hawthorne
14 June-Oklahoma (USA),Special elections
15 June-Tuvalu,Parliamentary by-election for the island of Nanumea
15 June-Canada,Town of Fort Good Hope (NT),Plebiscite
on Banning Alcohol for One Year
16 June-Hong Kong (China),Internal Chief Executive election (by the Assembly)
17 June-Iran,President 1st round
17 June-Japan,Mayoral elections in Akita and Chiba
18 June-Northern Territory (Australia),Legislative assembly elections
18 June-Zimbabwe,Parliamentary by-election in Mudzi East
19 June-Lebanon,Parliament 4th round -28 seats in the north and 23 seats in the east
19 June-Nagorno Karabakh (Azerbaijan),Parliament
19 June-Guinea Bissau,President 1st round
19 June-Galicia (Spain),Regional elections
19 June-Samara (Russia),Referendum on dismissing Mayor Georgii Limanskii
20 June-Indonesia,Gubernatorial and mayoral elections 1st stage
21 June-Georgia (USA),Special elections
21 June-South Dakota (USA),Municipal 1st round,school board elections and runoff
of the municipal elections of June 7th
21-22 June-United Kingdom,Indirect House of Lords by-election for 1 seat
23 June-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-election in Exploits 
23 June-United Kingdom,Delayed parliamentary election for 1 seat in the 
constituency of Staffordshire South
23 June-Northern Ireland (UK),UUP Party: Internal leadership election
24 June-Iran,Presidential runoff election
25 June-Bulgaria,Parliament
25 June-Botswana,Parliamentary by-election for the Tsau council (Ngami constituency)
25 June-West Virginia (USA),Special election
26 June-Indonesia,Mayoral elections
27 June-Indonesia,Gubernatorial and mayoral elections 2nd stage
28 June-Florida (USA),Local election in Hawthorne 2nd round
28 June-South Carolina  (USA),Special primary election for State House #121
28 June-Nova Scotia (Canada),Plebiscites on Permitting Liquor Stores in the towns of
Cambrige,Maitland and Tidnish
30 June-Indonesia,Regional elections 
3 July-Albania,Parliament
3 July-Mauritius,Parliament
3 July-Mexico State(Mexico),Gubernatorial election
3 July-Nayarit State (Mexico),Gubernatorial,local assembly and municipal elections
3 July-Tunisia,Indirect Senate elections
3 July-Japan,Metropolitan assembly election in Tokyo and gubernatorial election in Kyodo Prefecture
3 July-San Marino,Referendums on:1-limiting the choice of 2 candidates per list in the elections,
2-on having a part of the Council of State be elected from outside the Council itself,
3-on validating the referendum only if the participation to the poll is 40% or above
4 July-Burundi,Parliamentary elections (lower house)
5 July-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections 2nd round
6 July-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Eastern Cape Buffalo City and KwaZulu Natal Mbonambi
9 July-Louisiana (USA),Special election for Senate district #6 and Special primary election for Rep District #87
9 July-New South Wales (Australia),Local council by-election in Moree Plains
9 July-Botswana,BNF Party: Gabarone West-North By-election primary election
10 July-Kyrgyzstan,President
10 July-Luxembourg,Referendum on the European Constitution
10 July-Paraguay,Municipal by-election in Pedro Juan Caballero
10 July-Moldova,Local by-elections in 14 municipalities
12 July-Florida (USA),Local election in Horseshoe Beach,Perry and Freeport
12 July-Oklahoma (USA),Special elections
12 July-West Virginia (USA),Municipal election in Kimball
14 July-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Cheadle constituency
14 July-India,Council of State elections in Goa,Gujarat and West Bengal
14 July-India,Karnataka (India),State assembly by-election
14 July-Tonga,Noble representative by-election for Legislative Assembly
15 July-Zambia,MMD Party: Internal leadership election
16 July-Taiwan,Nationalist(Kuomitang) Party: Direct leadership election
18 July-Northwest Territories (Canada),Territorial by-election in North Slave (NT)
19 July-Burundi,Senate elections
19 July-Suriname,President (by the Parliament)1st attempt -failed
19 July-Florida (USA),Local elections in La Belle,Bescom
21-23 July-Botswana,BDP Party: Internal leadership elections
23 July-Chile,DC Party: Senatorial primary elections
24 July-Guinea Bissau,Presidential runoff election
24 July-Thailand,Parliamentary by-election in Udon Thani #2
24 July-Moldova,Repeat of the 10 July local elections in some municipalities due to irregularities
25 July-Costa Rica,PUSC Party: Internal Presidential primary election
26 July-Suriname,President (by the Parliament) 2nd attempt -failed
26 July-San Diego (CA,USA),Mayoral primary elections
27 July-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 14 municipalities including Johannesburg City
28 July-Uganda,Referendum on allowing a multiparty system
31 July-Chile,Socialist party: Presidential primary election
31 July-Japan,Mayoral elections in Otama,Sendai and Nara
31 July-Mexico,PRD Party: Internal presidential primary election
31 July-Paraguay,Municipal by-election in Atyra
?? August-Tuvalu,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Nanumaga
2 August-Idaho (USA),County elections
2 August-Ohio USA),US House special election for the district #2 and local referendums
2 August-Florida (USA),Local election in Chiefland
3 August-Suriname,President (elected by the Regional Assemblies) 3rd attempt
7 August-Venezuela,Municipal and district elections
7 August-Gabon,Parliamentary by-election in Moanda district
8 August-Mindanao (Philippines),Local government elections
9 August-Florida (USA),Local election in Altha
9 August-Oklahoma (USA),Special elections
11(?) August-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of the Altai Krai
13 August-New South Wales (Australia),Local council by-election in Wollondilly 
14 August-Costa Rica,PUSC Party: Parliamentary primary elections
16 August-South Carolina  (USA),Special election for State House #121 and Special Republican primary election for House #24 1st round
18 August-Pakistan,Provincial elections 1st stage
19 August-Burundi,Indirect presidential elections -by the Parliament
19 August-Kazakhstan,Indirect election of 1/2 of the Senate (elected by provincial and local officials)
20 August-Queensland (Australia),State assembly by-elections for 2 seats in Redcliffe and Chatsworth
21 August-Ethiopia,Delayed parliamentary elections in the Ogaden Region,
Rerun of the polls for 31 seats for fraud allegations and regional elections
21 August-Japan,Municipal assembly elections in Gifu and Kani Prefectures
25 August-Pakistan,Provincial elections 2nd stage
25 August-Jammu and Kashmir (India),State assembly by-elections in 15-Pattan and 50-Zanskar
27 August-Singapore,President
28 August-Turrialba (Costa Rica),Referendum on allowing  the construction of a dam in the Pacuare River
29 August-Mayotte (France),Special election for a representative in the French Parliament
30 August-Florida (USA),Local election in Jacob
30 August-Georgia (USA),Special election for House district 106 1st round
30 August-Massachusetts (USA),Special state primary election for Middlesex #2 Senatorial district
30 August-Minnesota (USA),Special primary election for Lake County #3
30 August-South Carolina  (USA),Special Republican primary election for House #24 2nd round
30 August-Ghana,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Odododiodoo
31 August-Bhutan,Local elections
31 August-Saint Helena (UK),Parliament
1 September-Nepal,Nepali Congress Party: Internal leadership election
1 September-Mexico,PRI Party: Internal leadership election
2 September-Costa Rica,PLN Party: Parliamentary primary elections
4 September-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Meurthe et Moselle #1 1st round
6 September-California (USA),County elections
6 September-Florida (USA),Primary elections in Macclenny,Glen St. Mary,Apalachicola,
Carrabelle and local elections in Starke (1st round),Arcadia,Sneads,Bronson,
Winter Heaven,Oviedo
6 September-UK Virgin Islands (UK),Territorial by-election for 1 seat
7 September-Egypt,President
7 September-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 12 constituencies
8 September-Jamaica,PNP Party: Internal leadership election
10 September-Queensland (Australia),Local council by-election in Chandler
11 September-France,Parliamentary by-elections for 3 seats in Meurthe et Moselle #1 2nd round and 1st round in Nord #4 and Oise #4
11 September-Japan,Parliamentary election (Lower House)
11 September-Ibaraki (Japan),Gubernatorial election
11 September-Mexico,PAN Party: Internal presidential primary election
12 September-Norway,Parliament
13 September-New York (USA),Democratic Party: Mayoral Primary elections
13 September-Iowa (USA),School board elections
13 September-Florida (USA),Local elections in Hampton,Clewiston,Malone,
Sunny Isled Beach (1st round),Virginia Gardens,Callahan
and primary election in Palm Coast
13 September-Oklahoma (USA),Special elections
13 September-Minnesota (USA),Municipal and School primary elections
13 September-Connecticut (USA),Municipal primary elections
13 September-California (USA),Special election assembly district #53
13 September-Montana (USA),Mayoral and mayoral primary elections
15 September-Tennessee (USA),State assembly elections
17 September-New Zealand,Parliament
17 September-New South Wales (Australia),State assembly by-elections in Marrickville,Maroubra and Macquarie Fields
18 September-Germany,Parliament
18 September-France,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Nord #4 and Oise #4 2nd round
18 September-Afghanistan,Parliamentary and provincial elections
18 September-Armenia,District elections in 10 constituencies of Yerevan 1st round
18 September-Kyrgyzstan,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Bishkek constituency #1
18 September-Brazil,PT (Worker)Party: Internal leadership election 1st round
20 September-Armenia,Local elections
20 September-Georgia (USA),Special elections
20 September-Oregon (USA),County elections
20 September-Washington State (USA),State primary elections
20 September-Florida (USA),Local elections in Macclenny,Glen St. Mary,Campbellton
and Local runoff election in Starke,Carrabelle and Apalachicola
20 September-West Virginia (USA),Municipal primary of the 15/11 election in Parkersburg
20 September-Japan,DPJ Party: Internal leadership elections
23 September-Aruba (Netherlands),Parliament
23-25 September-New Brunswick (Canada),New Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
24 September-Northern Territory (Australia),Municipal by-election in Alice Springs
25 September-Coahuila State (Mexico),Gubernatorial,local assembly
and municipal elections
25 September-Poland,Parliamentary and Senate elections
25 September-Switzerland,Referendum on joining free 
25 September-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Val de Marne #7 1st round 
25 September-Armenia,District elections in 10 constituencies of Yerevan 2nd round
25 September-New Brunswick (Canada),New Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
25 September-Macau (China),Parliament -party direct and partly indirect elected
27 September-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Municipal elections 
27 September-Florida (USA),Local primary election in Saint Petersburg
27 September-North Carolina (USA),Partisan municipality primary elections 1st round
27 September-Georgia (USA),Special election for House district 106 2nd round
27 September-Massachusetts (USA),Special state election for Middlesex #2 Senatorial district
28 September-India,Parliamentary by-elections in Haryana 5-Rohtak and West Bengal 38-Asansol
28 September-Uttaranchal (India),State assembly by-election in 29-Kotdwar
29 September-Palestine,Municipal elections 4th stage in West Bank
29 September-Algeria,Referendum about offering an amnesty to the rebels
who committed no major crimes in the civil war
29 September-Somaliland,Parliament
29 September-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election in Livingston
29 September-Scotland (UK),Parliamentary by-election in Glasgow Cathcart and local government election in Auchtertool and Burntisland East
29 September-Gambia,Parliamentary by-elections in four constituencies
1 October-San Marino,Indirect elections of the two Capitani Reggenti (Heads of the State)
1 October-Bulgaria,SDS Party: Internal leadership election
2 October-Germany,Parliamentary election delayed in Dresden-1 due to the death of a candidate
2 October-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Val de Marne #7 2nd round
2 October-Corrientes (Argentina),Gubernatorial election 1st round
2 October-Guerrero State (Mexico),State assembly and municipal elections
2 October-Styria (Austria),State and local elections
2 October-Congo Brazzaville,Indirect elections for 1/2 of the Senate 1st stage (elected by district, local and regional councils)
2 October-Mauritius,Municipal elections
3-6 October-Ethiopia,Indirect Senate (Council of Federation) election
they could not be held in 2002 for security reasons
4 October-Iowa (USA),City primary elections
4 October-Utah (USA),Local primary elections
4 October-Florida (USA),Local primary election in Homestead
4 October-Alaska (USA),Local elections
4 October-South Carolina (USA),Special election for State House #24
4 October-California (USA),US Special primary election congressional district #48
6 October-Pakistan,Provincial council elections in 110 districts (delayed from August for irregularities)
9 October-Brazil,PT (Worker)Party: Internal leadership election 2nd round 
9 October-Poland,President 1st round
9 October-Portugal,Municipal elections
9 October-Luxembourg,Communal elections
9 October-Burgenland (Austria),State elections
9 October-Russia,State Duma by-election in Rostov Oblast
9 October-Congo Brazzaville,Indirect elections for 1/2 of the Senate 2nd stage (elected by district, local and regional councils)
11 October-Liberia,President 1 st round,Parliament and Senate elections
11 October-Oklahoma (USA),Special elections
11 October-Florida (USA),Local elections in Volusia County and Newberry
and 2nd round in Sunny Isles Beach
11 October-North Carolina (USA),Nonpartisan primary and primary municipal elections
11 October-Arkansas (USA),Special Primary election for House district #39 1st round
12 October-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Western Cape and Kwazulu Natal 
13 October-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Local assembly by-elections for 2 seats
15 October-Iraq,Referendum on the new Constitution
15 October-Louisiana (USA),State primary elections
15 October-Botswana,Parliamentary by-election in Gabarone West-North
16 October-Estonia,Local elections
16 October-Italy,Ulivo Coalition Party: Direct Primary and leadership elections
17 October-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Withecourt 
18 October-Bihar (India),State assembly elections 1st stage
18 October-Florida (USA),Local election in Ocala 1st round
18 October-North Carolina (USA),Partisan primary  municipal elections 2nd round
19 October-Jersey (UK),Senatorial elections
21 October-Bihar (India),Delayed State assembly elections in Gaya District
for 4 seats: 229-Belaganji,231-Gaya Mufassil,232-Gaya Town and 235-Bod Gaya (SC)
21 October-Russia,Indirect gubernatorial election of Chukotka
22 October-Fiji,Municipal elections 1st stage -throutout the country except Suva and one
ward of Lautoka
22 October-New South Wales (Australia),Local council elections in Liverpool Plains and Guyra
23 October-Poland,President 2nd round
23 October-Argentina,Renewal elections for 1/2 of the Congress, for 1/3 of the Senate and
provincial deputees elections
23 October-Corrientes (Argentina),Gubernatorial runoff election and provincial and
muncipal elections
23 October-Tucuman and Neuquen Provinces (Argentina),Local Constituent assembly elections
23 October-Vienna (Austria),State and local elections
23 October-Russia,Local referendums in Kamchatka Oblast and the Koryak Autonomous Okrug
about the merger of the two federation subjects
23 October-Brazil,Referendum on banning the sales of firearms
23 October-Japan,Senate by-election for 1 seat in Kanagawa ,Mayoral elections in Kobe,Kanagawa and Kawasaki and Gubernatorial election in Miyagi
23 October-Hong Kong (China),District council by-election in Kwun Tong
24 October-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal by-elections in 6 constituencies
for a total of 7 seats
24 October-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-election in Charlottetown 
25 October-Florida (USA),Local election in Yankeetown
26 October-Bihar (India),State assembly elections 2nd stage
26 October-South Korea,Parliamentary by-elections
27 October-Tasmania (Australia),State legislative elections
29 October-Bihar (India),Delayed State assembly elections in 95-Samastipur, 96-Sarairanjan, 98-Dalsinghsarai,
143-Kadwa,144-Barsoi, 162-Karagapur and 169-Surajgarha
29 October-Bulgaria,Mayoral elections in 8 cities including the capital Sofia 1st round
30 October-Zanzibar (Tanzania),President,Parliament and local elections
30 October-Thailand,Parliamentary by-elections for 3 seats in Satun #2,
Sing Buri #1 and Uthai Thani #1
30-31 October-Italy,Local Referendum in the municipality of
Lamon on switching from the Veneto Region to the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region
31 October-Thailand,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Phichit #3 constituency
1 November-Colorado (USA),Local elections
1 November-Minnesota (USA),Special primary election for State Senate #19
1 November-Florida (USA),Local elections in McIntosh,1st round in Homestead
and Miami Beach and primary election in Hialeah
1 November-Arkansas (USA),Special Democratic Party Primary runoff election for House district #39 1st round
5 November-Northern Marianas (USA),Gubernatorial, parliamentary and Senate elections
5 November-Bulgaria,Mayoral elections 2nd round
6 November-Azerbaijan,Parliament
6 November-Quebec (Canada),Municipal elections 
6 November-Bolzano (Italy),Mayoral election
8 November-United States,Mayoral elections in several towns:New York,Boston,Houston,Miami,Detroit,
Austin,Santa Barbara,Atlanta,
Minneapolis,Atlantic City,San Francisco,....
8 November-New Jersey(USA),Gubernatorial and county elections
8 November-Georgia (USA),Local 1st round and special elections
8 November-Virginia (USA),State House assembly,Gubernatorial,judicial and county elections
8 November-Washington State (USA),State elections
8 November-Utah (USA),Local elections
8 November-Pennsylvania (USA),Municipal elections
8 November-Idaho (USA),County elections
8 November-Texas (USA),Referendums on 9 issues and Special election for State House #143 1st round
8 November-Ohio (USA),Municipal elections and local referendums about bonds issues, taxes,charter changes, electric and gas installation and zoning amendments
8 November-Oregon (USA),County elections
8 November-Missouri,Special elections for State House #94 and #150 and for State Senate #29
8 November-California (USA),County elections and 4 special referendum elections on:
a)to make teachers waiting for 5 years instead 2 before being confirmed,
b)to require public employees unions to have
consent of members before
making political contributions,
c)to put limits on state spending,
d)to make the drawing of constituency borders the job of retired judges
e)to require doctors to give parents 48 hours'notice before carrying out
abortion on a girl under 18
8 November-San Diego (California,USA),Mayoral by-elections
8 November-Connecticut (USA),Municipal elections
8 November-Indiana (USA),Special election in Winfield
8 November-Florida (USA),County elections
8 November-Iowa (USA),City elections 1st round
8 November-North Carolina (USA),Partisan and nonpartisan municipal elections
8 November-Oklahoma (USA),Special elections
8 November-Maine (USA),Referendums about sex orientation discrimination,
bond issues and law amendments
8 November-Massachusetts (USA),Mayoral and City elections
8 November-Minnesota (USA),Municipal and School elections
8 November-Montana (USA),Mayoral elections
8 November-Liberia,Presidential runoff election
9 November-Egypt,Parliament 1st stage
9 November-Israel,Labor Party: Internal leadership elections
10 November-Ngaraard (Palau),State election
12 November-Louisiana (USA),State elections
12 November-Fiji,Municipal elections 2nd stage -in Suva and one ward of Lautoka-
12 November-New South Wales (Australia),Local council elections in Tenterfield and Berrigan
13 November-Burkina Faso,President
13 November-Bihar (India),State assembly elections 3rd stage
13 November-Hidalgo State (Mexico),Municipal elections
13 November-Germany,SDP Party: Internal elections
13 November-Geneva (Switzerland),Cantonal elections
13 November-Mexico,PRI Party: Presidential primary elections
13-15 November-Canada,Quebecois Party: Internal leadership election
14 November-New Brunswick (Canada),Provincial by-election in Saint John Harbour 
15 November-Denmark,Regional and municipal elections
15 November-Greenland (Denmark),Parliamentary and local elections
15 November-Florida (USA),Local election in Bristol and runoff election in Ocala
and Miami Beach
15 November-West Virginia (USA),Municipal election in Parkersburg
16 November-Bihar (India),Delayed 3rd stage of State assembly elections for 15 assembly
constituencies in West and East Champaran, Sitamarhi and Madhubani districts
16 November-Ascension Island (Saint Helena and Ascension, United Kingdom),Island council election
17 November-Sri Lanka,President
17 November-Falkland Islands (UK),Parliament
18 November-India,Parliamentary by-elections for 1 seat in Kerala 20-Trivandrum P.C.
18-19 November-Canada,Alberta Alliance Party: Internal leadership election
19 November-Bihar (India),State assembly elections 4th stage
19 November-India,Parliamentary by-elections for 1 seat in Maharashtra 8-Mumbai North West P.C.
19 November-Maharashtra (India),State legislative by-election in 3-Malwan A.C.
19 November-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal elections
19-20 November-Canada,Green Manitoba Party: Internal leadership election
20 November-Egypt,Parliament 2nd stage
21 November-Kenya,Referendum on amending the Constitution
21 November-Yukon (Canada),Territorial by-election in Copperbelt 
22 November-Florida (USA),Local elections in Everglades City and Miami
22 November-Minnesota (USA),Special elections for State Senate #19 and #43
23 November-Jersey (UK),Deputees elections 
24 November-Algeria,Parliamentary by-election in Kabylie
24 November-Jamaica,Local by-election in St. Ann South West
24 November-Ontario (Canada),Provincial by-election in Scarborough-Rouge River 
from 25 November-Palestine,Fatah Party: Parliamentary primary elections
26 November-Zimbabwe,Senate elections
26 November-Slovakia,Regional elections 1st round
26 November-Victoria (Australia),Local council elections in 54 municipalities
26 November-New South Wales (Australia),State assembly by-election in Pittwater
26 November-Ghana,NDC Party: Internal leadership elections
26 November-Ngchesar (Palau),State election
27 November-Honduras,Presidential,Vice-presidential,parliamentary
and mayoral elections
27 November-Gabon,President
27 November-Armenia,Referendum on amending the Constitution
27 November-Chechnya (Russia),Parliament
27 November-Moldova,Municipal elections 
27 November-Japan,Mayoral elections in Osaka
27 November-Switzerland,Referendum on a proposal to ban all genetically modified
crops for a five-year period
27 November-Kiso (Japan),Mayoral election 
27-28 November-Italy,Mayoral and Municipal elections in Messina 1st round
28 November-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Plebiscite on Electoral Reform
29 November-Georgia (USA),Local runoff elections
29 November-Minnesota (USA),Special election for Pipestone County #2
29 November-South Carolina (USA),Special election for State House #31
1 December-Egypt,Parliament 3rd stage
2 December-Uttar Pradesh (India),State assembly by-elections for 231-Aurai A.C and 399-Nagal (SC)A.C.
3 December-Venezuela,Parliament
3 December-Taiwan,County commissioners,Mayoral and township governors elections
4 December-Kazakhstan,President
4 December-Moscow City (Russia),Duma elections
4 December-Moscow Oblast (Russia),State Duma by-election for 1 seat
4 December-Iowa (USA),City elections 2nd round
4-5 December-Sicily (Italy),Ulivo Coalition Party: Direct regional primary elections
5 December-United Kingdom,Tory Party: Internal leadership elections (previous stages
of party elections held on Oct 18th,20th and 25th)
5 December-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Perth-Andover,Dieppe
and Dieppe ward#3
6 December-United States,US House by-election for 1 seat in California #48
6 December-New Hampshire (USA),Special  election for Grafton County District No.6
6 December-Florida (USA),Local elections in Waldo,Trenton,Fort Pierce,Bell 1st round,
Lawtey,Astatula,Bayshore Gardens,Biscayne Park,Sumter county and special election in Trailer Estates
and runoff of the 8/11 election in Palatka
6 December-Kelantan (Malaysia),State assembly by-election for 1 seat in Pengkalan Pasir
7 December-Florida (USA),Local election in Otter Creek
7 December-Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Parliament
7 December-Switzerland,President (by the Parliament)
10 December-Mizoram (India),State assembly by-elections for 2 seats
in 28-Phuldungsei (ST) A.C. and 26-Kawrthat A.C. 
10 December-Andhra Pradesh (India),State assembly by-election for 1 seat in 199-Makthal A.C.
10 December-Louisiana (USA),Delayed State elections in Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu,
Jefferson Davis and Vermilion
10 December-Texas (USA),Special election for State House #143 2nd round
10 December-Slovakia,Regional elections 2nd round
10 December-Montenegro (Serbia and Montenegro),Municipal elections in Cetinje
11 December-Chile,President 1st round,Parliament and Renewal of 1/2 of the Senate
11 December-Moldova,Rerun of municipal election in Chisinau
11 December-Transdniestr (Moldova),Parliamentary and local elections
11 December-Mauritius,Village Council elections
11-12 December-Italy,Mayoral runoff election in Messina
12 December-Quebec (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Outremont and Vercheres
12 December-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Mannville 
13 December-Manitoba (Canada),Provincial by-election in Fort Whyte 
13 December-Florida (USA),Local election in Fort Pierce 2nd round
13 December-Oklahoma (USA),Special elections in Oreg
13 December-Arkansas (USA),Special election for House district #39
13 December-Wisconsin (USA),Special primary election for State House #33
14 December-Tanzania,President,Parliament and local elections
14 December(?)-Zanzibar (Tanzania),Rerun of the parliamentary election for 1 seat for irregularities
15 December-Iraq,Parliament
15 December-Palestine,Municipal elections 5th stage in West Bank
17 December-New South Wales (Australia),Local council election in Hunters Hill
18 December-Bolivia,President,Parliament and provincial governor elections
18 December-Congo Kinshasa,Referendum on the new Constitution
18 December-Guinea,Municipal elections
19 December-Israel,Likud Party: Leadership election
20 December-Florida (USA),Local elections in Waldo,Trenton,Ocean Breeze Park
and Bell 2nd round
20 December-New Hampshire (USA),Special primary election for Rockingham County District No.3
24 December-Pitcairn Islands (UK),Island council and island magitrate elections
27 December-Minnesota (USA),Special elections for Senate #15 and House #15b districts
29 December-Montenegro (Serbia and Montenegro),Municipal elections in Mojkovac
30 December-India,BJP Party: Internal leadership elections